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Members are asked to supply a more specific geographical location (town, village name) in Oxfordshire for their surnames in their FTDNA surnames list and to communicate known locations to surnames to the Administrators.

Listing of surnames with a Y-DNA association with Oxfordshire

Baughan (Chipping Norton), Field, Hadland (Little Compton), Harris (Asthall/Eynsham), Harris (Minster Lovell), Harriss (Burford), Lankshear, Merry (Freeland,/Eynsham/Hanborough), Smith, Sulston/Selstone (Ambrosden, Piddington), Woodward (Hanborough)
, Wing (Banbury)

Listing of surnames with a mitochondrial DNA association with Oxfordshire - earliest identified female line ancestor


Listing of Oxfordshire surnames from members' autosomal (Family Finder) listings. 

The aim of this is to develop a listing of Oxfordshire surnames and their associated geograpical locations.

Alden (Oxford)| Aldworth | Blagrove (Eynsham)| Bolton| Brice (Hanborough| Broadest (Eynsham) | Buckingham (Freeland)| Carpenter (Adderbury)| Churchill | Cole (Adderbury)|Compton (Bodicote)| Edmonds (Bampton)| Field | Gardiner | Goffe (Hook Norton, Banbury)| Green (Deddington)| Hayward (Adderbury, Banbury) | Herbert (Burford) | Hewens (Adderbury) | Hewlett | Heynes | Hunt (Cumnor) | Keate| King (Oxford)| Knight | La(u)nchbury (Coombe) | Long (Hanborough, Oxfordshire) | Merry (Freeland, Eynsham) | Morrey (Adderbury, Bloxham) | Rawlings | Saunders (Eynsham) | Selstone (Ambrosden) | Shackleford (Oxford) | Sheldon? | Spencer | Sulston (Piddington) | Titterton (Oxford) | Wakelyn (Ambrosden) |Webb (Woodstock) | Wyatt

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