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The Oxfordshire Dual Geographic Project aims to identify DNA that can be associated with the English county and its surnames. There are some rules that should be met before DNA results are accepted. A person’s direct male or female line of ancestry should include documentation of the following: • residence in the English county of Oxfordshire over several generations, preferably including the earliest confirmed ancestor, and • the known association with the county should precede 1900. In addition, the following should be provided as a minimum: • the name and supporting life dates of the earliest known ancestor who lived in the county, • a place of residence in the county for this ancestor, and • if contributing autosomal DNA results, as much information as possible about all ancestral Oxfordshire family surnames. The administrators of the project reserve the right to hold a prospective member of the project from full participation until these conditions are substantially met. For the DNA tests: • you should have internet access, • at least 37 STR markers should be completed for Y-DNA testing, • at least both HVR1 and HVR2 for mtDNA so that some discrimination of haplogroup is possible, and/or • standard FTDNA autosomal (Family Finder). See the public website for information on joining this project or continue below.