North Italy

Y-DNA and mtDNA with origin in North Italian territory
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About us

North Italy has been historically the link between Central Europe and the Central Mediterranean World. 

Please join overlapping geographical projects like Italy DNA, Alpine Y/mt-DNA and as well Haplogroup projects of relevance. Y-DNA Haplogroups Projects: R1b (U152U106Basal (incl. Z2103)L21DF99DF27), J2-M172G (L497), I1-M253I2-P37.2I2-M223E1b-M35 (V13), R1a-M198, LT, (see ISOGG Wiki)

Some of our members' ancestors might have changed their surnames when they migrated to another country. In order to make genealogical researches easier, I think it can be useful to note such alterations occurred in time: Bacigalupo (Liguria) - Bacig; Burri (Trentino-Alto Adige) - Berry; Campione/i (Istria) - Champion; Carmeloni (Emilia-Romagna) - Ignazio; Pagan (Veneto) - Pagani; Regna (Lombardy) - Rainey; Zanotto (Piedmont) - Zanotti; etc.