North Italy

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About us

North Italy has parted ways from the other Italian regions several times in history. It is the ideal link between Southern and Central Europe. 

I would like to encourage all the members of this group to join Vincent Vizzacchero's Italy DNA Project as well. 

Some of our members' ancestors might have changed their surnames when they migrated to another country. In order to make genealogical researches easier, I think it can be useful to note such alterations occurred in time: Bacigalupo (Liguria) - Bacig; Burri (Trentino-Alto Adige) - Berry; Campione/i (Istria) - Champion; Carmeloni (Emilia-Romagna) - Ignazio; Pagan (Veneto) - Pagani; Regna (Lombardy) - Rainey; Zanotto (Piedmont) - Zanotti;