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Alpine DNA

AlpGen research: Y-DNA paternal, mtDNA maternal
  • 486 members

About us

For everyone with paternal Y-DNA and/or maternal mtDNA from Alpine Area.
Planned FamilyFinder (autosomal and X-DNA) research: min. 1/4 of the ancestry (one grandparent). See further information.

Alpine DNA area map

Information about joining this volunteer project without commercial intentions founded in May 2012:

  • 1. Membership criteria (defined more precisely in June 2015):
    • 1.1 public results (Y, mt): public viewing and sharing of Y and mt groupings is essential for successful research. See here how to change Privacy Settings > My DNA Results to Anyone
    • 1.2 Y-DNA (research focus): Genealogical evidence of paternal lineage ancestry or clear Y-DNA match/es from the Alpine Area. Member of the most informative Y-Haplogroup project/s.
    • 1.3 mtDNA: Genealogical evidence of maternal lineage ancestry or clear FMS match/es from the Alpine Area. Member of the most informative mt-Haplogroup project/s. FMS submission to Genbank.
    • 1.4 FamilyFinder: Genealogical evidence of one grandparent from the Alpine Area. Gedmatch account (please add ID in About Me).
  • 2. Research Area is extended to regions near to the Alps especially for recognizable population migrations and admixture:
    • 2.1 Eastern/Southeastern France,
    • 2.2 Upper Rhine (North and West Switzerland, Alsace, Baden),
    • 2.3 South Germany (Württemberg, Bavaria),
    • 2.4 former Austria-Hungary Empire (Czechia, Slovakia, Balkans),
    • 2.5 North Italy
  • 3. Read FTDNA DNA-Projects FAQ 
Y-DNA research and grouping: The goal is to find clusters with Common Ancestor (see also MRCA) not more then 2,500 years ago. Haplogroup predictions can be higly speculative and can only be made if a 37/67 marker profile is in the group and Matches are publicly available. Please correct errors and send additional information. For fine-grained clustering and optimal paternal discoveries we use the following Projects for your (alpine) Y-DNA Haplogroup: R1b (U152, U106), I1-NCE / I1-M253, E1b-M35 (M2), J (J1/J2)R1a-M198 (R1a-Y), G, I2a-P37.2/I2b-M223/I2b-L38, L, T, Q. For more Haplogroup Projects login to myFTDNA and look here: E (4), G (3), I (11), J (17), L (4), Q (2), R (37), T (2).

Co-Admins wanted: experts except for J2-M172 and R1b-U106 (please contact us)

Related Links: (Website for admixture etc. under construction) , Forum AlpGen Thread

For FTDNA customers with paternal (Y-DNA) and/or maternal (mtDNA) and/or autosomal DNA ancestry (by genealogy) from the Alps: the european mountain valleys stretching from Austria (Österreich) and Slovenia (Slovenija) in the east through Italy (Italia), Switzerland (Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra), Liechtenstein, Germany (Deutschland), France and Monaco in the west.
Core Alpine DNA places: Tyrol (Nordtirol, Osttirol), South Tyrol (Südtirol - Alto Adige), Trentino (Welschtirol), Salzburg, Carinthia (Kärnten - Koroška - Koruška), Styria (Steiermark - Štajerska - Stájerország), Graubünden (Grischun - Grisons - Grigioni), Sondrio (Sunder - Sünders), Ticino (Tessin), Uri, Valais (Wallis), Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Aosta (Aoste - Outa), Savoie (Savouè d’Avâl - Savoia), Hautes-Alpes (Auts Aups).
Border Alpine DNA places: Allgäu, Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern), Upper Austria (Oberösterreich - Horní Rakousy), Lower Austria (Niederösterreich - Dolní Rakousy - Alsó-Ausztria), Carniola (Kranjska - Krain - Krajna), Slovenian Littoral (Primorska - Litorale - Küstenland), Udine (Udin - Videm - Weiden), Belluno (Beilun, Belum, Belùn), Treviso (Trevixo), Vicenza, Verona (Dietrichsbern), Brescia (Brèsa), Bergamo (Bèrghem), Lecco, Como (Còmm), Varese (Varès - Väris), Vercelli (Vërsej), Biella, Turin (Torino), Cuneo (Coni), Alpes-Maritimes (Aups Maritims), Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (Aups d'Auta Provença), Haute-Savoie (Savouè d’Amont), Vaud (Waadt - Vad), Fribourg (Freiburg), Bern (Berne - Berna), Obwalden, Schwyz (Svitto), Glarus (Glaris - Glarona - Glaruna), St. Gallen (Saint-Gall - San Gallo - Son Gagl), Vorarlberg
Rhaeto-Romance minorities (language, old culture): Romansh, Ladins, Furlan. Candidates: Nones/Solandro.
German minorities: Cimbrian (Upper German - Bavarian dialect)/Zimbern/Cimbri in Trentino, Verona, Vicenza, Belluno (Lusern, Roana, Seven Communities, Giazza/Glietzen,...); Bersntolar/Mócheno (Tyrolean dialect) in Trentino; Walser (Highest Alemannic) in Northwest Italy, Italian Carnian Isolates: Plodn/Sappada, Zahre/Sauris, Tischlbong/Timau, Kanaltal/Val Canale.
Slovenes minorities: in Carinthia and Udine
Interesting population history: Saas Valley (isolated alemann settlers?), Anniviers (Hungarian roots?), Valdôtains (border situation, Arpitan in Italy).
Romance /French: Franco-Provençal/Arpitan/Romand, Occitan. Italian dialects: Gallo-Italian, Venet. Upper German dialects: Southern Bavarian, Central Bavarian, Low- High and Highest Alemannic, Swabian)
Religious minorities/migrants: Anabaptists (Hutterites and also Mennonites & Amish)
Alpine Diaspora: Puerto Tirol (Argentina), Colonia Tirol (Brazil), Tirol (Romania), Villa General Belgrano (Brazil), Oxapampa (Peru), Swabian (South German) emigration to  Transylvania/Siebenbürgen - see Danube Swabians.

Joining other relevant geographical projects is very useful: Switzerland, North Italy, Ladinia, Slovenia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, German Language area, Italy.

Y-DNA Surname projects and pages with Alpine origin/distribution

  • Baumgartner different Haplogroups with origins in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
  • Bertschinger R1b incl. Persinger from USA. Origins in Eastern Switzerland / Graubünden?
  • Hauri yDNA Project @FTDNA G2a-L140 incl. Haury from CH, FR, DE and Howery, Howry, Howrey from USA, originating in Beromünster, Luzern, Switzerland in the early 1300s
  • Holiger Y-DNA J2a-L25 incl. Hullinger from USA with ancestor Henri Holiger of Boniswyl, Aargau, Switzerland, born in 1425. 
  • Gavanesche Y-DNA E1b-L609 with origin in Montafon Valley, Voralberg, Austria
  • Rottensteiner Y-DNA. Rottensteiner from Tyrol, Salzburg, Lower Austria. Oldest line arround 1530 in South Tyrol.
  • Zelger Y-DNA. L-M317 Zelger from Tyrol, Switzerland, USA.

LInks concerning Alpine DNA: