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Project Results:
Test results from our two original participants confirm that they are genetically linked--they matched exactly on 36 of the 37 markers tested.

Our two original participants also matched with other individuals who have had the FTDNA 37 marker test--one traces back to James Sloan who married Mary Justice, and who was a son of John Sloan and Eleanor (surname unknown). Another match is a descendant of a Henry Hall (apparently the great-grandson of a John Hall--believed to be a son of Thomas Hall--an early Pigg River settler). The Hall family was also near neighbors of the Mullins in the counties of Lunenburg, Halifax, and Pittsylvania (later Frankin). The ancestors of all of our matches are found at about the same timeframe and close geographic location (Pittsylvania County--later Franklin Co., VA) to the Mullins. Based on the comparison of the test results of these 4 men, we now believe that all share a genetic Y-chromosome link to each other that MAY converge with a common male ancestor living in the mid-1600's. It is possible that this common ancestor had the surname of Atkinson, and it is hoped that additional participants and further testing may firm-up this possibility. All of the men who match the Booker Mullins descendants are also undergoing a SNP test (an additional test to further refine their haplogroup--test results are now (8/8/05) suggesting that all are members of Haplogroup I1b) . This additional test may also help in understanding our shared genetic past.

Lastly, all of the men who match with the descendants of Booker Mullins also match an individual who apparently descends from one Henry Atkisson (a.k.a Atkinson or Adkin/Atkins) born circa 1687, and died circa 1730, who was living in one of the parent counties of Lunenburg, and who apparently had at least two sons who (it is believed) resided in Pittsylvania Co., VA. This individual (who was tested with a similar Y-DNA test from Relative Genetics) matched exactly on 20 comparative markers, but was not tested for 13 markers that the FTDNA test routinely uses in their 37 marker test. Despite all efforts, this individual has not responded to our inquiries, and so at present, remains a dead-end for further research.

Comparisons of the test results of 29967 & 30210 with other Mullins descendants who (it is believed) descend from the same ancestral lineage were made (and are continuing to be made). Results of a comparison with a known descendant of a son of William Mullins (originally thought to be the father of Booker) indicate no Y-DNA genetic match to Booker Mullins. This descendant (kit # 25909) of Ambrose Mullins SR (son of William and Elizabeth Mullins) DOES however match several other Mullins men who have also been tested and appear to descend from ancestors who have been linked to William through independent genealogical research. With this information in hand, we have made some tentative conclusions that further testing will be able to confirm:

Kit# 25909 appears to represent the Y-DNA of the Mullins who descend from the immigrant ancestor--he matches exactly with two other test results in the database representing descendants of Mullins men who have been independently identified as descendants of the immigrant;

Test results from (kit# 29967 & kit# 30210) appear to confirm the 1936 letter indicating that Booker Mullins was genetically (on the male, or Y-chromosome) NOT a Mullins;

Currently (July 2005) we are waiting for test results from two other participants. One is a descendant of John Mullins (b. ca. 1754--d. ca. 1849), son of William and Elizabeth Mullins of Franklin Co., VA. If results from this participant (kit# 38298) match those from kit# 25909, then the Y-DNA string that we believe represents evidence of the immigrant Mullins ancestor will be strengthened. If, on the other hand, they do not match, then we may be looking at representation of branches of this family who are not genetically linked by the Y-chromosome.

We are also waiting results from test kit# 37871. This participant is a descendant of another son of Booker Mullins, and his results will confirm the implied genetic break in the Y-DNA of the Booker Mullins line--IF he matches the test results of kit# 29967 & kit# 30210.

Additional July 2005 updates:
–waiting on SNP test results for kit # 8172(testing for Y-HAP-I1b);
–waiting on further? SNP testing for kit # 27753 (currently showing as suggested I haplogroup);

August 8, 2005--SNP test results for kits # 29967 & 30210 now indicate that their suggested haplogroup is I1b. The same is true for kit #27753 (haplogroup is now listed as suggested I1b). Their results were expected since Y-HAP-I1b results came back on July 25th for kit # 8172 confirming that he is an I1b. There is some belief that all of the above are more likely to be a sub-group of I1b known as I1b2, but FTDNA currently does not do a SNP test for this sub-group. I1b2 represent a sub-group of I1b, and migrated into western Europe during the Neolithic era. Descendants of this sub-group include many Welsh and Basque populations. This sub-group was firmly in place in Europe long before Celtic and Germanic groups.

August 29, 2005--updates:

Kit #30152 has joined the project and his 12 marker test results have been posted. He has ordered the additional testing (37 marker) and it will be interesting to see if his test results continue to match with members of Group 2 (Mullins men who have a paternal genetic link to the immigrant Matthew Mullins). Kit #30152 's most distant known paternal ancestor was Archibald MULLENS (born circa 1804 in NC?). This member was removed from the project January 2015.

Results are in for kit# 38298 and we were surprised to see that he does not match kit# 25909 (a direct descendant of Ambrose Mullins SR) as we had predicted. Kit # 38298 does not match any of our test participants, but does match over 10 Y-DNA tests whose participants fall under the surname Lawson. So, it appears that we are looking at yet another Mullins descendant who, as a result of an event outside of marriage, has a paternal genetic ancestry that is non-Mullins. (UPDATE) Kit #38298 has opted to take himself out of this project.

Kit # N7476 has also joined the group and his 12 marker test has been posted. He does not match any of our current group members but does match three test results in the Y Search database. Two of the tests he matches closest have had the 37 marker test, and we recommend that he consider upgrading his Y-DNA test to the 37 marker, and to contact the closest test matches he links to in the Y Search datbase. Only through further testing will he know whether he closely matches these apparent matches to his 12 marker test. One of his matches (user ID Y2FW8) descends from a Jesse Mullins (1790-8) who was orphaned and raised by his grandparents named Swift. Another 12 marker match (user ID 59UKF--37 marker test) descends from a Thomas Estes (1806 NC) who doesn't match any Estes test results, but whose family has a tradition that they go back to a Mullin ancestor 6 generations back.

We will shortly be joined by our second Atkins/Adkins/Atkinson descendant--(kit # 43115), who descends from Henry Adkins (born circa 1783? in Pittsylvania Co., VA migrated to western NC to SW VA (Wise Co., VA)). We are very interested in seeing his test results to see if he matches any of the Booker Mullins descendants as well as the Hall and Slone men.

In summary, the project is progressing but I feel that we still need additional test participants to join us in helping to determine when, where and who was the common ancestor to the Mullins men (out of Booker), and the Hall, Slone, McGuire and Atkins/Adkins/Atkinson men. We also need additional Mullins men to help us determine the genetic line of the immigrant Mullins ancestor. We really could use additional test participants for all the surnames in the project. We will be sending messages out to the various family sites, and GENFORUMs to plea for additional participants.

August 31, 2005--We have just received the Y-DNA test results for Kit # 37871, (a grandson of Kit # 25909 whose genetic lineage on the y-chromosome goes back to Matthew Mullins [1668-1720—emigrant to Virginia]). Kit # 37871 is a direct male descendant of David Mullins (son of old Booker Mullins) who married Jane Short. I am pleased to announce that Kit # 37871's results (markers 1-12 and markers 26-37--we are still waiting for test results for markers 13-25) match with all our project participants who apparently go back to a common paternal Adkins male ancestor. Kit # 37871’s results are significant, because we now have strong evidence that Sherwood and David Mullins (both sons of old Booker Mullins) were full genetic brothers, and that the "event outside of marriage" that makes the Booker Mullins SR descendants genetically NOT Mullins (on the male, paternal, or Y chromosome level) had to have occurred with the parents of Booker (and not afterwards in the later generations).

October 26, 2005--New Updates! Test results are in for kit # 43115 who is a direct male descendant of Henry Adkins (born circa 1786 in Pittsylvania Co., VA). As predicted, the test results exactly match kits # 30210, 29967 and 37871--descendants of Booker Mullins SR (1768-1864). In addition, he also matches 27753 and 8172 (Hall and Sloan). Based on the test results AND on genealogical research which places the oldest known ancestor of all six men in the same geographical location in roughly the same time period, we can say without a doubt that all six men have a common male ancestor—who was in Virginia, and within the last 300-350 years!

Also--another important milestone has occurred with the test results (1 through 25 of a 37 marker test) of kit # 43177 (a direct descendant of John Mullins SR (1754-1849) who was raised up with Booker Mullins SR and whose father was William Mullins (1720-8--1791). 43177's markers match with 30152 and 25909 (both who descend from William Mullins (father of Ambrose SR, John SR etc.). We predict that markers 26-37 will continue to match with 30152 and 25909--proving that all three descend from William Mullins (1720-8). More significantly, if these three men match 36/37 markers, this will add strong proof to the body of genealogical evidence that indicates that all three share a common lineage back to the immigrant (Matthew Mullins).

The complete 37-marker test results for kit #30152 have been posted and as predicted, we have an exact match with other men who are direct male descendants of William Mullins SR (1720-8).

November 1, 2005 Up-Date: the entire 37 marker sequence for kit #43177 has been posted, and we have an exact match (as predicted) with kits 30152 and 25909--proving that John Mullins SR and his brother Ambrose Mullins SR were full brothers and sons of William Mullins (1720-8).

The 37 marker test results for kit # 41672 are in and have also been posted. Our descendant of William Atkinson (1740's) whose earliest known ancestor died circa 1807 in Brunswick Co., VA does not match with any of our current participants, or at present with any others of that surname in the Y-Search database, and so represents a separate branch of the Atkinson surname. (UPDATE: Kit # 41672 has opted to leave the project)

November 21, 2005--Update:

Haplogroups--Our first six participants listed (kits # 8172, 27753, 30210, 43115, 29967, and 37871 plus N4217 and 38298 are showing up as haplogroup I, or subgroup I1b. Of this group, 4 participants have had the SNP test that confirms haplogroup. Out of the confirmed participants, 8172, 30210, & 29967 have the further refined haplogroup of I1b; kit # 27753 and 38298 are showing the confirmed haplogroup I; 43115, 37871, and N4217 are suggested I1b.

Other participants in the project have a suggested haplogroup of R1b. None of these participants has elected to confirm their haplogroup at present, however, one of the number of R1b matches has committed to have this additional test to confirm his haplogroup (and by implication, his matches). Those participants who are showing up as suggested haplogroup R1b are: N7476, 30152, 43177, 25909, and 41672.

All of our current participants show haplogroups found among European populations--with the R1b group the most commonly found in European populations and descendants today. The I and I1b haplogroup is also found among European populations and descendants but is less common than R1b. These two groups represent different timelines of migration into Europe--with the I and I1b group most represented today in populations of Northern and Eastern Europe and the R1b found most frequently in Western European populations and descendants.

February 20, 2006 update:

Lots of new information to add—FTDNA has added several new features that have helped the Project to better represent our results to date. Test results showing common ancestry are now grouped together and color coded. The Mullins DNA Project has two distinct groups that each go back to a common (but separate and unrelated—at least on the Y) ancestor. Both of these two groups have had additional members added as a result of new test results (discussed below). In addition, we currently have 5 Project members who are unmatched with any others in the group. We have grouped three of the unrelated men who have a suggested I haplotype together. Additionally, we have 1 test participant listed as suggested R1b haplotype that is unmatched now in a separate subgroup. And we have one test participant from Australia whose earliest known Mullins ancestor was John Mullins, b. ca. 1776 in Dorset England, and whose first 12 marker results are in (still waiting for markers 13-37) currently not matching any of our other test results and showing a suggested haplotype E3b (a much more rare haplotype—particularly in the British Isles, and suggesting that his lineage goes back to a Middle East ancestry which may have entered the British Isles during the Neolithic period).

Another new feature to the Project is the addition of a map showing locations of our test participants as well as a map showing location (where known) of their oldest identifiable ancestor is now a clickable feature of the Project.

The test participants of varying surnames that go back to a common ancestry (with a suspected Adkins progenitor, and previously listed as haplotype I, have now been classified as I1b which is a further refinement and based on the deep-clade test results of one of the participants (kit #8172). Test participant #27753 is also undergoing this deep-clade test and we expect his results to also reflect the I1b designation. The I1b participants are showing one, two and three step mutation matches with a number of men whose ancestry go back to the British Isles—particularly Ireland. However, at this time it would only be speculation as to the origin of the common ancestor of the I1b men. Additional refinements to the I Haplogroup, as well as the increase in testing of individuals who may have this ancestry (and thus match with our I1b men), and the possibility of the creation of further sub-clades as a part of that refinement process, may shield light on this ancestry in the future. Since the last update, the related I1b group has had one additional member added (test kit # 42995) who is another descendant of Henry Adkins (b. ca. 1786)—note: that we now have among the members of this group, two descendants of Henry Adkins (1786) descending from two of his sons, and matching our other I1b members exactly. We have also received word that another test participant (another Booker Mullins descendant) who should be a match to this group has returned his kit.

Regarding our test participants who were listed as R1b (those who descend from a common ancestor e. g. Matthew Mullins [1668-1720—emigrant to Virginia])—in the last few days this group’s haplotype has been redefined as sub-clade R1b1. This definition may be transient however, as further sub-clades for R1b are identified. FTDNA will shortly have available a deep-clade test for R1b, and the Project has elected to have one of the R1b1 participants go through this process.

Now, for the BIG NEWS of this update---because many the represented Mullins participants have a long-standing and multi-generational claim of Irish ancestry, As group Administrator, I have enrolled the R1b1 members of this project who all match in another DNA Project—the Irish Heritage DNA Project—see:

This was done for the express purpose of comparing the “core” Mullins 37 markers to others whose surnames and multi-generational claims point to Ireland. This comparison has led me to believe that the “core” Mullins descendants can be secure in stating that the ancient roots of this lineage undoubtedly comes from the Island of Hibernia (modern-day Ireland) and represents an ancient ancestry and continuity of type that may have some additional surprising revelations to come as sub-clades of R1b continue to be created as the refinement continues. My conclusions have been validated by the associated professionals at FTDNA as well as those working with the Irish Heritage DNA Project (with one word of caution—that the Mullins could also directly match with Scottish men with similar surnames or genetic links from a more recent past; this may be because of the common genetic ancestry of many Scots with men from Ireland). Validation of this ancient Hibernian ancestry for the Mullins has not been without some controversy stemming from whether to further link this lineage with the Ui Neill Dynasty (or not). It is hoped that additional attention and further clarification on the part of geneticists involved will settle the issue in the near future. Because of this, I will not discuss this further at this point in time, but do hope to address it in a later update. One further note: any test participant in this Project may wish to consider joining this Irish Heritage DNA Project as a secondary project—if you wish to do so, you may go to your individual test web page and click on the join Icon, and follow those instructions (note: any test participant may join and be members of up to two FTDNA projects without worry).

Since the last update, the related R1b group (now R1b1) has had two additional members added (as a result of their test results). Kit # 45308 is a descendant of James Harmon Mullins, son of John Mullins JR (1784-1859) and his results have enabled the Project to be able to state that John Mullins JR (otherwise known as Holly Creek John) was indeed a biological son of John Mullins SR (1754) and his genetic markers match those of other male descendants of Matthew Mullins (1668). Our other added member (kit # 48753) is a direct male descendant of yet another son of John Mullins JR (1784-1859). This descent (through John’s son Solomon, who married Elizabeth Hall) can now be proved without a doubt, and augments and reinforces the proof of unbroken ancestry that we were able to achieve with kit # 45308.

Last, but not least…we have secured the mtDNA testing of a direct descendant of the wife of John Mullins JR (1784-1859) and are awaiting results at present. The Project hopes to be able to prove or disprove the longstanding claim of Native American ancestry coming out of this maternal lineage. (UPDATE—test results of this direct descendant of Ollie Cox Mullins, wife of John Mullins JR have disproved any claim to NA ancestry that would have come out of this maternal lineage; the mtDNA test results shows that Ollie Cox was out of the K maternal haplogroup—rarely found in large numbers in Europe, but with an ancestral origin in the area of the Alps).

2/26/06 Update: The R1b1 Mullins who go back to the common ancestry of Matthew Mullins (1668-1720) have now been classified as descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages (or, more precisely, out the genetic gene pool that Niall was a member of) both by FTDNA and by the Irish Heritage DNA Project--to which they now hold joint membership with. This significant acknowledgement validates what was apparent to us for several weeks now--the "core" Mullins descendants are Irish in their origins and apart of the Ui Neill Dynasty of Irish Kings that ruled Ireland for over 700 years. See:

The identification of the R1b1 members who match each other as inherently "Irish" in their origin also puts to rest another controversy regarding the early Mullins in Virginia--that they were of French Hugenot origin (des Moulins). The Y-DNA evidences says that they were Irish.

March 19, 2006 Update:

We are still waiting for the Deep-SNP test results for kit #27753 (projected results date is 3/27/2006.

One of the R1b1 test participants (kit #259909) who matches with other Mullins men who have a close (recent) shared ancestry has volunteered to have a Deep-SNP test (results of this test should be posted in early May of 2006).

We have been joined by a new project member (kit #N18436) who descends from a Grant Mullins of Pike Co., KY. This participant has only had the 12 marker test at present. Currently, he is listed as a suggested I haplotype, but does not match any of our other members (either the R1b1 group or the I1b group). Because at present we believe that all Mullins descendants from the Pike Co., KY area should be genetically linked (either out of the “core” R1b1 Mullins line, or the I1b1 Mullins who represent an old “event outside of marriage”) this 12 marker test result is likely to also represent an “event outside of marriage,” and underlines the necessity of testing on the 37 marker level in order to have significant matches that could point to the true male genetic ancestry of the test participant. We would recommend that Kit # N18436 upgrade his test to a 37 marker test.

A descendant of Walter Cloyd Mullins, born ca. 1887 in Rockcastle Co., KY (kit # 57878) has joined the project and we are particularly anxious to see if he matches with the core R1b1 Mullins group. No doubt, so is the test participant who has hit a stone wall in being able to identify their ancestor’s lineage further back. We do have historical records that indicate that several Mullins families that should be genetically linked to the core Mullins line migrated into Rockcastle Co.

The Project has received some funding for support of additional tests, and we have indicated on the Mullins and Adkins GENFORUMs that we are looking for male test participants who have identified their ancestry as going back to any of the sons of William Adkins (b. ca. 1689—d. ca. 1774), and any male Mullins descendant who can reasonably prove their descent to any number of Mullins men who descend from William Mullins (1700—1735) or his father Matthew Mullins (1668-1720). Until funds are exhausted, the Project will pay $75. for 2 tests for Mullins men fitting the description above, and $75. for 1 test for an Adkins descendant (again, fitting the description listed above).


• Kit number 8172 (a Slone descendant whose DNA exactly matches with descendants of Booker Mullins tested) has received the test results of a Deep SNP-I test; the test results confirm and firmly cement his haplotype as I1b (the haplotype that was suggested by earlier test results). Since 8172 has a common ancestry with the descendants of Booker Mullins men tested, the inference we can extrapolate is that they too are firmly and undeniably I1b haplotype as well. Because it is always better to have something to compare with in regards to DNA testing and genetics in particular, one of the Booker Mullins descendants (kit number 29967) is also having his markers tested with the Deep SNP-I test (results expected sometime in June 2006). One of the long-range results of the test results of the Deep-SNP tests (as well as further marker testing from 37 to 59) is a continuation of refinement of the test results that (hopefully, one day) will allow geneticists to identify the unique markers that this group who share a common ancestry have as a separate sub-clade of I1b—perhaps representing a smaller group of descendants sharing a common ancestry who hearken back to a particular place and time in history.

• Another of the men who share a common ancestry with the descendants of Booker Mullins is kit number 27753 (a Hall descendant). Some time ago he also had the Deep SNP-I test, but since learned that the testing lab failed to secure enough of the DNA material to properly conduct the test, and is currently waiting a re-testing that is now in process. The assumption is that he too will find his haplotype to be firmly I1b.

• Kit number 25909 (a “core” Mullins descendant through Ambrose Mullins SR—b. ca. 1758) is also began the process of Deep SNP-R1b testing for further refinement of his suggested haplotype R1b. Test results are in and we were quite surprised to find that enough Deep SNP testing had occurred among the R1bs with his particular markers to now identify him as a member of a newly defined sub-clade called R1b1c7—created for men with matching DNA going back to the Ui Neill Dynasty founder Niall of the Nine Hostages—a dynasty of Kings ruling Ireland for over 600 years, whose DNA may be represented in as many as one in five Irishmen or Irish descendants. These results are significant in confirming the core Mullins have an ancient and royal Irish ancestry going back at least 1300 years ago. Since kit numbers 45308, 30152, 43177 and 46753 all match with 25909, they too, by inference, are members of the R1b1c7 haplotype and share the legacy of an old Irish ancestry.

• Kit number 25909 is also waiting test results of the marker upgrade from 37 to 59 markers. Testing of these additional markers will help the geneticists to further refine the R1b1c7 “Niall of the Nine” haplotype. Another hope is that the additional marker will help identify closer genetic matches (either now or in the future) to those whose Y-DNA goes back to the immigrant Mullins ancestor or his Irish Kin.

• Kit number 57878 (Mullins descendant whose earliest known ancestor was in Rockcastle Co., KY) has currently had few matches in the y-search database and none with others in the Project. His two closest matches (currently) when his test results are compared with those in the larger (y-search) database, are men with English surnames and perhaps suggests a British Isles ancestry and a suggested haplotype of R1b.

• 37 marker test results for kit number 50531 (a direct male descendant of David Mullins, son of Booker Mullins) are in and posted and his markers genetically match with the other descendants of Booker Mullins who have been tested. One of the project’s goals is to provide a catalyst for any male descendant of Booker Mullins to be tested and compare results with an increasing database of his descendants.

• Kit number N18436 (Mullins descendant of a Grant Mullins from Pike Co. KY joined the project and ordered a 12 marker test, whose results indicate a suggested I haplotype that appears to be Scandinavian in origin. His test results do not match any others in the project at present, nor any with the surname Mullins in the y-search database and our recommendation is that he up-grade to a 37 marker test in order to get closer matches and thus determine whether his genetic male origins are with another surname.

• One additional kit (63452—who represents a second test for ancestry of a descendant of Alexander Mullins, son of Moneymaking Sol Mullins, born ca. 1781) has been ordered and it is hoped that that test will soon be returned to start the testing process. [update—Kit # 63452 does indeed match with men who descend from John Mullins SR (1754—1849) and with men who descend from Matthew Mullins SR of King and Queen Co. and King William Co., VA].

• We have launched a second sister project for testing mtDNA of both males and females, and currently there are eight members in this project. Many folks have written to ask to join, some have not met the criteria (an female lineage going back to a Middle Appalachian ancestry); others who have met this criteria have chosen not to participate after an invitation to join was sent (possibly because of the cost of the testing). This mtDNA project has tremendous potential to re-write the cultural history of the population of the mountains—but only if there is a significant number of participants, whose test results would give us a better understanding of the genetic make-up of our early mountain (female) lineages.

August 28, 2006 Project up-dates:

Test results have come back for Kit #63452--a descendant of Alexander Mullins, son of Solomon (Moneymaking Sol) and match with those in the project classified as "core" Mullins. Kit # 63452 (with a genetic distance level of 2-3 at the 37 marker) is a genetic match with the subgroup “Common Irish Ancestry” which is made up of what we refer to as the “core” Mullins group of deep ancestry out of Ireland. He is a direct male descendant of Solomon Mullins 1782, son of John Mullins SR. This is welcome news, as we previously had tested another descendant of Solomon Mullins (1782) and his results did not match with the other core Mullins men who descend from Matthew Mullins—immigrant (due to an event outside of marriage).

The mtDNA of Middle Appalachians has really taken off, with membership (currently) at 24 participants. We have recently had our first mtDNA match between two of our members. Both apparently go back to two siblings of a shared ancestor four generations back--until the mtDNA test results showed them to be a high resolution match, they did not know of this shared relationship.

One other test participant has joined the Mullins Project since the last update. Our new participant, Kit #67995-is a descendant of John Mullins SR (1754-1849) through his son (Holly Creek) John Mullins, through his son James Harmon, through his son, Emmanuel, through his son, Samuel Guilford Mullins. Our new test participant is a grandson of Samuel Guilford Mullins. Presently, we only have 12 marker test results back, but 67995 matches exactly 12/12 with another descendant of Emmanuel Mullins. [update—the 37 marker test proves that indeed this line of descend matches with men who descend from John Mullins SR (1754—1849) and with men who descend from Matthew Mullins SR of King and Queen Co. and King William Co., VA].

February 8, 2007 Updates:

Kit # 43078 has joined the project and his test results show him to be a genetic match with the group “Common Adkins Ancestry.” He is a direct male descendant of Bartlett Adkins, born July 25, 1809 in VA. His 67 marker Y-DNA represents what we have titled “The Adkins Modal.” That is to say, that his markers are without the genetic mutations we see in his other matches, and so, are representative of the common Adkins ancestor.

Kit # 68503 has joined the project and his 67 marker test results have helped further prove the “Common Adkins Ancestry” group’s Adkins origins back either to Wm. Adkins (b. ca. 1689--married Elizabeth Parker), or his father, uncles, or male siblings. 68503 is a direct male descendant of Wm. Adkins (1689) via his son Jacob Adkins (1725).

Kit # 75475 has joined the project and his 37 marker test results have proven his line of descent from William Bandy Mullins SR (born circa 1804—married Elizabeth Stanley), a son of William Mullins (b. ca. 1784 Patrick Co., VA). He matches with the sub-group “Common Irish Ancestry,” who it is believed all go back to Matthew Mullins SR of King and Queen Co. and King William Co., VA.

Kit # 75362 has joined the project and his 37 marker test results have been posted. His line of descent is via Abner Isaiah Mullins (born ca. 1848 in Carroll Co., MO), a son of Abner P. Mullins (b. ca. 1808 Buncombe Co., NA), who is believed to be a grandson of David Mullins (b. ca. 1744 Charlotte Co., VA—married Althaliah Boyd). As such, 75362 should be matching with the sub-group “Common Irish Ancestry.” but that is not the case. At present, he only matches with one other individual well—kit # 75964 who is also a project member.

Kit # 75964 has joined the project and his 37 marker test results only match 75362. His oldest known direct male ancestor is a Hiram Mullins, 1806 Boyle Co., KY; d. 1891 in KS. At present, we have not been able to tie 75964 to 75362 via existing records.

Kit 76149 has joined the project and his 67 marker test results confirm his ancestry back to Ambrose Mullins JR, son of Ambrose Mullins SR (1758), a son of William Mullins ( 1700-28) VA, d. ca. 1791 VA. He is now a member of sub-group “Common Irish Ancestry,” who it is believed go back to Matthew Mullins SR of King and Queen Co. and King William Co., VA.

Kit # 80954 is a direct male descendant of Patrick Mullins (b. ca. 1699) via his son Valentine Mullins, born ca. 1725. [see the November 2007 update]

Kit # 80984 is a direct male descendant of Joshua Mullins (b. ca. 1756 and died in 1851 in Knox Co., KY.). Joshua is believed to be a grandson of John Mullins (b. ca. 1718) thought to be a son of William and Catherine Mullins. [update--the DNA results have proved that the Joshua Mullins line is NOT genetically (on the paternal) connected to the line of Wm. Mullins--see the November 2007 update, which discusses the formation of a new group]

Kit Numbers 19690, 19691 and 31466 have joined the project and are all descendants of “Isaac Mullins b. 1814 m. Polly Wireman.” This Isaac Mullins is believed to go back to Ambrose Mullins JR (son of Ambrose Mullins SR, b. ca. 1758), but this group of 3 do not match with other members of the project who descend from either Ambrose JR or SR. At present, we have assigned them their own sub-group we call “Isaac Mullins 1814.”

New Updates – November 5, 2007

The project now houses the test results of 38 men with two more pending. The project has 5 identified groups--the two most recent being 1) the group I have titled “Com. Mullins Anst. I” is made up of men who apparently descend from John Mullins, born ca. 1718 (John being the oldest identifiable historical figure that this groups has common ancestry with) and 2) our newest group, consisting of men whose common ancestry appears to connect back to Thomas Mullin (or Mullins) 1710 (who married Ann Malone), and titled at present “Common Mullins Ancestry II.”

NOTE: I have not been able to tie any of this set of Mullin/Mullins with the set of Mullins that go back to the immigrant ancestor mentioned in the Project Background notes. One very good source for additional information on THIS line of Mullins is:

You can also find good sound genealogical research on the various Mullins families at Cornelius Carroll's main website:

The John Mullins 1718 group (“Com. Mullins Anst. I”) shows common ancestry between men who descend from Joshua Mullins (1756-1851 Knox Co., KY--see Kit # 80984), and men who descend from David Mullins (1744 Charlotte Co., VA, who married Althaliah Boyd--see Kit # 75632), and men who descend from Joel Mullins ( VA; lived in Lincoln Co., TN—see Kit # 85377); additionally, the group houses test results from Kit # 75964 who descends from Hiram Mullins, 1806 Boyle Co. KY; d.1891 KS. Contrary to what we had believed, this group and their individual oldest known direct male ancestors do NOT tie into the group that descends from Matthew Mullins SR of King and Queen Co. and King William Co., VA. John Mullins, b. ca. 1718 is the oldest known ancestor of any of the men in this group, but at present, we are unsure if all the members of this group descend from this John or not.

The newest group, which we have titled at present “Common Mullins Ancestry II” have an apparent common ancestry back to Thomas Mullins (b. ca. 1710-14) who married Ann Malone, currently consists of 3 test participants—one, (Kit # 101170) with clear descent from Clement Mullins (1750 NC to GA to MS by 1829 or earlier), who is believed to be a son of said Thomas, and the other participant (kit # 80837), who MAY descend from John Mullins (b. ca. 1743), who was a brother of Clement (however, at this time the test participant can only go back to a Bushrod Washington Mullin, born circa 1823 in Bibb Co., GA), and our third participant (kit # 20311), who descends from Bud Mullins, born circa 1758 in NC (believed to be a son of Thomas and Ann Malone Mullins). One of the Y-Search matches with the men in this group is showing up as R1b1c2, and several matches show an English ancestry for this genetic line.

The 37 marker test results from Kit # 80954 matches with men in the project who descend from William Mullins (1700—1735 of Hanover Co., VA). Kit # 80954 is a direct male descendant of Valentine Wilkes Mullins (1774), whose father was believed to have been Richard Henery Mullins (1745). Richard is believed to be a son of Valentine Mullins SR (1725), who in turn is thought to have been a son of Patrick Mullins (1695). The test results are compatible with existing data and the independent research of myself and Cornelius Carroll. We had both identified Patrick (1695) and William 1700) as probable sons of Matthew Mullins—the immigrant. A second test participant (kit # 104875) from this line back to Patrick has recently ordered a test (when results are in, we will update here). (UPDATE: The test results of Kit # 104875—who is a descendant of Durrell Mullen, son of Matthew, son of Richard, son of Valentine Mullins SR (1725) are in, and he matches exactly with the other Valentine Mullins SR descendant (as well as the entire group of men who descend from Matthew Mullins—Immigrant).

Kit # 85324 has joined the group and his test results are in. He is a direct male descendant of John Mullins SR (1754—1849) via John’s son Solomon. His line of descent from Solomon is as follows: Eli Mullins, b.1804 to James Mullins, b.1829. His results are an exact match with men who 1) go back to John Mullins SR and 2) men who go back to the immigrant ancestor Matthew Mullins.

Kit # 87373 has joined the project and represents the ancestry of Irish Jim Mullins of Hawkins Co., TN. Currently, he has only been tested at the 12 marker level, but it is hoped that additional testing will take place in the not to distant future. His test results do not match with any others at present in the project, however, they do match with other men tested that also have identified ancestry back to Irish Jim.

Kit # 92421 has joined the project and test results are in. He is a direct descendant of Solomon Mullins (1782-1858) son of John Mullins SR, and his results are consistent with that of other men who descend from Solomon and/or male siblings. In addition, the test results match with men who descend from William Mullins (1700—1735) of Hanover Co., VA—son of the immigrant Matthew Mullins.

Kit # 93730 has joined the project and test results are back. He is a direct male descendant of Smith Mullins 1809 (son of Wm. Mullins, born circa 1784 in Patrick Co., VA, and married Judith Stanley. Smith died 5/25/1859 in Pike Co., KY. His test results match with other men who descend from William Mullins (1700—1735) of Hanover Co., VA—son of the immigrant Matthew Mullins.

Kit # 104875 has ordered a 37 marker test. He is a direct descendant of Durrel Mullen (born circa 1810 in Rutherford Co., NC) a son of a Matthew Mullen who is believed to be a son of Richard Henery Mullins, who it is believed was a son of Valentine Mullins, son of Patrick. We are currently awaiting his test results. [see update above for test results].

A test (Kit # 105929) has been ordered for this descendant of Marshall Mullins (b. ca. 1825-8) who married Ollie Blaylock. This Marshall is believed to be a son of William (Chunky) Mullins (b. ca. 1796 in Burke Co., NC), who has been placed as a son of John (Chunky) Mullins (b. ca. 1770 in Pittsylvania Co., VA). [see update dated 2/25/08].

Among others, the Project is still searching for any direct male descendants of Matthew Mullins (b. ca. 1715 who married Mary Maupin), or Richard Mullins (b. ca. 1713), or his probable son Henry (1745) who married Mary Terry.

Any male with either direct Mullins ancestry (or associated surnames found among our identified groups within the project) with ties to early Virginia is invited to join the Project by ordering a 37 marker test—(the criteria for joining this project).

February 25th, 2008 UPDATE:

The project currently has 43 members who have been tested and whose test results are housed in the Y-Results section of the public website.

Our newest members are:

Kit # 14900—whose family tradition places his direct male ancestor w/surname Estes as a (natural) son of Jesse Mullins, b. ca. 1790 in Wilkes Co., NC. Test results of his 37 marker test do not match with any of the men in the project already in groups (with common ancestry). However, Kit # 14900 does match (on the 12 marker level) with another project member (kit # N7476), whose earliest known male ancestor was a William Franklin Mullin (no other information). The Project Administrators recommend that N7476 upgrade to the 37 marker test to see if the match with 14900 continues.

Kit # 105929 is a descendant of Marshall Mullins, who was born circa 1826 in Virginia and died in Wyoming Co., West Virginia. He married Ollie Blalock (born circa 1825 in KY). Test results from this project member match with the men who descend from old Booker Mullins (1768) as well as all the men who descend from a common Adkins (or Atkinson) male ancestor. Previously, it was believed that this Marshall Mullins was the probable son of William Mullins known as Chunky Bill) who married Temperance Blaylock in NC. It seemed to be particularly likely since Temperance Blaylock Mullins was living in the same house as Marshall and Ollie Blaylock Mullins in 1860—see the 1860 Wyoming Co., VA Census (having parted company from her husband William Mullins, known as Chunky Bill). However, there is compelling evidence that would place William Mullins, known as Chunky, as a son of John Chunky Mullins(b. ca. 1770), and both as sons of William Mullins JR (who married Jane Stanley and died in Franklin Co., VA), and if this is correct, (unless there was a break in the line through an event outside of marriage) all male descendants of Wm. Chunky and John Chunky Mullins should match with the Y-DNA of all the men in the project who descend from Matthew Mullins (immigrant). Either Wm. Chunky is not out of the Wm. Mullins JR line, or there has been a genetic break via an event outside of marriage, or Marshall is not a son of Wm. Chunky Mullins.

Based on a DOB of 1828--from the 1860 Wyoming Co, VA Census, he could be a son of Wm. Mullins (known as Cuddy Bill, and later, as Lame Hand). This Wm. Mullins was a son of old Booker Mullins and could have fathered Marshall (the times and ages would be compatible). It is also possible that Marshall could be a son of either Joshua Mullins who married Polly Johnson, or John Mullins who married Mary Hamilton – all sons of old Booker Mullins SR. However, out of these three identified sons of old Booker, only the children of William (Cuddy Bill) Mullins move into the West Virginia Co. of Wyoming. Hence, at this point in time, At present, I have tentatively placed Marshall Mullins as a son of Wm. Mullins (Cuddy Bill) and his wife Elizabeth Roberts Mullins. Additional direct male descendants of this line and the other possible lines of Mullins would help in confirming this current theory on Marshall’s parentage. But the current Y-DNA evidence leaves no doubt that his genetic paternal ancestry was through old Booker Mullins and as such, is inherently Adkins (Atkinson) in it’s older origins.

Kit # 111014 has been tested (at the 37 marker level) and his test results have come in. This participant’s oldest known direct male ancestor was George Washington Mullins, born circa 1840 in Bedford Co., Tennessee (died in Hopkins County KY in 1880). However, the test participant has some reason to believe that he descends from Matthew Mullins (born circa 1715; married Mary Maupin) who is believed to have been another son of Matthew Mullins (the immigrant, who is found in the Virginia counties of King and Queen and King William during the later part of the 17th Century and early part of the 18th Century). There are some compelling reasons to consider this possibility:

John Mullins, son of Matthew (b. ca. 1715, who married Mary Maupin) was born circa 1740 and married Sarah/Sally Ballard. This family lived at one time in Giles Co., VA. Among the children of John Mullins (1740) was 1) Matthew Mullins (born ca. 1779) who (we believe is the same Matthew Mullins who died in 1853 in Bedford Co., TN), and 2) John Mullins (who has been more difficult to find records on). It is this John Mullins that our Kit # 111014 believes is the ancestor of his George Washington Mullins.

Among the children of Matthew (1779) was a John Mullins, born ca. 1806 (wife Elizabeth—surname unknown) who had among HIS children a George Washington Mullins, born circa 1840—this certainly shows that among the descendants of John Mullins (1740) the name ‘George Washington Mullins’ shows up multiple times in the various lines of descent. Records have been found which link this John to a Mullins family who moved from Giles Co., VA to Bedford Co., TN, and who descend from one of the sons of John Mullins 1740.

At present, we can say with certainty that the records that exist point to the migration into Bedford Co., TN by some of the descendants of Matthew Mullins (1715). There is a nearly 100% probability that Kit # 111014 is a descendant of this Matthew Mullins; additionally, the DNA evidence of his test results (combined with the existing records) is compatible with this probability. Kit # 111014 directly matches all men in the project who descend from the immigrant ancestor Matthew Mullins. His Mullins line can be proven to go back to Bedford Co., TN where we know some of the descendants of Matthew Mullins (1715) removed to. The project needs other men who descend from Matthew Mullins (1715) and his male descendants to come forward to be tested.

We also hope to find (or be found by) other Mullins men who may descend from some of the missing Mullins male descendants of several early Virginia Mullins families. We would encourage any male Mullins who believes his family may have connections to some of the identified lineages in this project, and we would encourage Mullins males who have already been tested and are in other projects to look at the test results section and see if your markers match with any of our members, and to consider contacting this project to request membership. Anyone interested in being tested please contact the Project Administrators—we only recommend getting the 37 or 67 marker Y-DNA test.

Among others, the Project is still searching for any direct male descendants of Matthew Mullins (b. ca. 1715 who married Mary Maupin), or Richard Mullins (b. ca. 1713), or his probable son Henry (1745) who married Mary Terry.

Any male with either direct Mullins ancestry (or associated surnames found among our identified groups within the project) with ties to early Virginia is invited to join the Project by ordering a 37 marker test—(the criteria for joining this project).

02/22/2012 Update--

Kit 174713 is a descendant of Dorcas Mullins-Kelly-Roberts who lived 1794-1880 and an unknown Mullins male (outside of marriage). Dorcas was the daughter of Ambrose Mullins Sr (son of William and Elisabeth Mullins of Pittsylvania, Henry and Franklin Co.s, VA); Kit 174713's test results match with all of the tested men in the project who descend from Matthew Mullins--17th century immigrant to Virginia. 

Kit # 142858 is a descendant of James Mullins(1790) oldest son of Booker Mullins SR (old Booker Mullins); his test results match with all of the men in the project that either descend from Booker Mullins SR or his male descendants, as well as all of the men in the project that descend from William Adkins who married Elizabeth Parker. The test results also confirm that James Mullins, 1790 fathered children with a second wife that he did not marry until he was in his seventies!

01/10/15--All updates (other than the basic results charts) going forward will only be housed in our new website: