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About us

This project hopes to further identify and sort out the descendants of the many branches that go back to the Virginia immigrant (in the case of the "core" Mullins lineage) , and, in the case of the I1b* group, to identify the surname of their common ancestor. Ultimately, our hope is to be able to link to individuals who descend from a common ancestry who did not immigrant to the New World (who remained in Europe) thus presenting an opportunity to further our collective genealogy back to a common denominator in our genetic past.

Another of this project's goals is to confirm the descent of the various branches of the Mullins and associated lines, and where breaks in the genetic string have occurred, identify the genetic surnames associated with those breaks, and come to some understanding of where and how these breaks may have taken place. An example follows:

Two of our original participants both descend from Booker Mullins (b. ca. 1767--d. ca. 1864) through two of the sons of Sherwood Mullins (1790-1881), son of Booker. Although by all accounts (of existing records, and family history) Booker Mullins appears to be a member of the family of William and Elizabeth Mullins of Pittsylvania Co. (later, Franklin Co.) Virginia, a letter written in 1936 by a grandson of Sherwood Mullins (son of Booker) cast doubts on this relationship from a Y-DNA standpoint, and indicates that the genetic father of Booker Mullins was an Adkins. Our two original participants (kit # 29967 & kit # 30210) hope to find evidence that will either confirm or deny this.