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This Mullins Surname Y-DNA Project began by focusing on a particular group of that surname that appears to descend from one family whose progenitor arrives in Virginia in the late 1600s. To date, 5 males have been identified as probable sons of the immigrant--positive proof has only been established for one of these males (William Mullins--1700-1735), who died young and left four sons and two daughters. We have now expanded the project to include any male descendant of any Mullins lineage (or any of the additional surnames listed in the Project) with family origins in Virginia, East Kentucky, Western North Carolina, or WVA, we hope you will consider joining this project. E-mail Gary M. Mullins ( or Joe Mullins (e-mail: if you have additional questions. We would encourage all participants to test at the 37 marker test level. The Adkins (and all name variations) surname also included in this project is the result from an offshoot branch of the Mullins due to an event outside of marriage. The project's second goal is to further our knowledge of this branch's connections to others with the surname Adkins (and variants).