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About us

The Montgomery Surname Project is open to men and women who have a documented Montgomery ancestor or suspect through DNA matching they may have a Montgomery ancestor. To participate, men with a Montgomery direct paternal line must take at least a Y37 test, enter their earliest known male descendant and load or enter their tree in MyTree. Upgrading to Y111 and Y700 may be necessary to breakthrough to find common shared ancestors. Family Finder tests are highly encouraged to get the best results and to validate trees created through traditional genealogy research. Autosomal tests from other companies (, 23&Me, and MyHeritage) can be transferred in lieu of taking a Family Finder test. Women and men with Montgomery ancestors are encouraged to join and should load or enter their tree at MyTree. The scope of the Montgomery project includes Montgomery families throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, Ulster, Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, and France. The Project seeks to discover relationships and validate ancestries and ethnic origins for Montgomery families worldwide.