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Mark Montgomery Mark Montgomery
August 13 @ 4:10pm
As of August 13, 2019, the Montgomery Surname DNA Project will be administered by Terri Stern. It has been my pleasure to act as our Administrator these past 10 years, and as we go forward, I hope new advances in DNA science will help break down the brick walls so many of us have. Good luck to all of you in your genealogy research!
Phillip Hunt
August 14 @ 4:40pm
Thanks for your services, Mark. Best wishes to you moving forward.
Terri Stern
August 15 @ 7:42am
Thanks for the great job you've done these past 10 years!
Terri Stern Terri Stern
July 7 @ 3:59pm
Group 1A contains a paper trail descendant of Hugh Montgomery, the first Earl of Eglinton (1460-1545). I changed the group name to 1A: J Haplogroup: Descendants of Alexander Montgomerie, Master of Montgomerie, born abt 1428 since the YDNA Grouping App tool predicts all members are related within 15 generations. The 15th generation back for this member is Alexander born 1428 according to the paper trail. All members of Group 1A are encouraged to work on their paper trail and add their tree publicly so their matches can figure out how Group 1A relationships between the members can be ascertained.
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Kenneth Montgomery
July 8 @ 1:54pm
What, Mary?!!! No I1's???
William Montgomery
July 14 @ 2:48pm
I have a question - I manage my uncle's kit is MK50637. I can see that he perfectly matches at least one kit in the 1A group but his kit is listed in the 1C group that indicates further testing is required. What further testing would that be? How did the other kits that he closely matched get attributed to Group 1A?
Kenneth Montgomery
July 14 @ 10:28pm
William, do you belong to the J2 DNA Project? If not, I suggest that you join it. When you do, you will be placed in your appropriate subgroup. At the top of your subgroup, will be SNP, or SNP Packs recommendations for you to test. But, before doing any further testing, ask for help in deciding which test would be best for you to test, by messaging one, or more, of the admins for the project.
Phillip Hunt
August 5 @ 3:24pm
Hello, Terri, and thank you for your post about the groups. I am one of the group 1B members (N63471) and I have 2 questions, please. I understand that each grouping represents 15 generations and that those within each group are related within that time frame. Would you know the distance estimated between group 1A and 1B? How can that be measured?
Alain Rocher Alain Rocher
July 28 @ 4:37am
Hello I'am french Halogroup J-M 172 I have many matches with the surname Montgomery. Into my very large database I have ancesters from that family from Normandy .
Bob Montgomery
July 28 @ 5:53pm
A very happy welcome Alain.
Kenneth Montgomery
July 29 @ 10:44am
Welcome Alain to the group. Can you name your Montgomerys found on your tree, as well as dates & places where they lived?
Michael Jeffrey Montgomery Michael Jeffrey Montgomery has a question!
December 4 @ 8:20am
Any J-M172 Montgomery's out there that can trace their ancestry to Scotland? I have many Montgomery family Y-67 DNA matches. But unfortunately most can't trace their ancestry passed the US and those that do end up in Ireland. I have had no luck in finding common ancestors with my Y-DNA matches. My ancestors went directly from Islay Scotland to Ontario Canada in 1842 and they appear to have lived on Islay for at least 5 generations. And no I don't do Facebook (LOL) so please don't suggest that.
May 12 @ 3:42pm
...what's the chance they would still have such a close genetic distance of 2?
Michael Jeffrey Montgomery
June 26 @ 2:47pm
Hey cousin, thanks for responding. I actually typed a response a few weeks back but it somehow disappeared so I'll try again. You should be able to see my tree here on FTDNA, here's a link to it just in case: I'm curious who the 3-4 matches are from your known Canadian branches of your tree. I have separated many of my Y-DNA matches into several lines/groups and tried to find common connections. To answer your question, I could be wrong but I believe that a Y match of a genetic distance of 2 is well within the real of possibilities. My understanding is that unlike autosomnal (Family Finder) DNA, Y-DNA only mutates slightly every few hundred years. Although it's a possibility that my Scottish line originated in Ireland, it's unlikely as most migration seemed to go the other way and the Ancient Montgomery line dates back to 1100 in Scotland. My 2nd great grandfathers origins on the island of Islay in Scotland is engraved on his tombstone in Ontario, so that's pretty solid proof that's where he came from.
Arthur Brown
June 27 @ 2:42pm
Michael-I ran a GEDMatch and we are a 4.3 match-small but some kind of connection. Kenneth Montgomery and I are a match as well (higher though). I would be interested in knowing some of your history. The J line in my family were Scots Irish then immigrated to Mercer County Pa. Some of them headed west.
Michael Jeffrey Montgomery
July 2 @ 4:39pm
Hi Arthur, I do have a couple of Brown family Y-DNA matches at the lower marker levels but I don't see you there. My family history is fairly straightforward - there were 4-5 generations on Islay, Scotland where my 3rd great (George) built a distillery named Octomore on his father John's farm. George died young and his wife and children migrated to Ontario Canada in 1842. They named the family farm near Collingwood Ontario Octomore as well. Later generations moved to the Sault Ste. Marie area and then my grandparents moved to Windsor Ontario in the early 1900's. I was born in Windsor. Almost all of my Y-DNA matches trace their ancestors to Ireland so there must have been an ancestor of mine who's child moved there. But exactly whom that is remains a mystery. I believe that the current owner of Octomore farm on Islay is a James Brown. Does any of that fit with the crazy world of Arthur Brown (couldn't resist, I'm a big fan of that bands song 'Fire'). Feel free to email me directly -
William Muir William Muir
June 22 @ 2:30pm
Are there any CONFIRMED descendants of Sir Hugh Montgomerie of Grey Abbey in this project?
Dillon Montgomery
June 22 @ 10:13pm
I have been told by a relative of the present owner of the manor, that his line does not descend directly from the first Montgomery owner of Grey Abbey. The tree of the present owner, William Montgomery, tree can be read here:
Charles Montgomery Charles Montgomery has a question!
October 16, 2018 @ 7:28pm
If my lineage shows up in Group 2, what does that tell me?
Charles Montgomery
December 16 @ 3:28pm
I would like to see group 2 broken down further if possible.
William Muir
January 27 @ 3:23pm
email me at and i'll get a re-organized group 2 out to you pronto.
William Dripps
February 2 @ 9:34pm
I am in Group 2E. However, my Y500DNA matches me with Montgomerys at 8 thru 10 distance. How many years are considered in a generation? I am thinking that unless my closest matches have trees that go back to the beginning of Montgomerys in SCT, I will not find the Common ancestor
William Muir
June 22 @ 2:27pm
in my research i usually assume 30 years per generation unless i have reliable data.
Kenneth Montgomery Kenneth Montgomery
April 11, 2018 @ 1:08am
Here is a post from Bill Wood of the Big-Y Facebook Group: Last year, the price of BiGY was reduced $150 during the DNA Day Sale. From $575 to $425. The sale lasted about 7 days. This year's DNA Day will be on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. It is time to plan if you are going to get BiGY during this sale. It is unknown if FTDNA will provide free STR expansions like they did in December, but we can always hope. Please comment on this post if you are planning to add a BiGY during the DNA Day Sale.
June 19 @ 9:03am
Kenneth Montgomery
June 19 @ 10:09am
Merlin, give the admins a few days. They'll place you soon. Are a member of the "Montgomery Genealogy" on Facebook? If so, you can post questions there.
A Trus
June 19 @ 10:12am
Hi, Kenneth, I am the great grandchild of Rosa L Montgomery. :)
June 19 @ 1:07pm
Dan Thresher Dan Thresher
June 10 @ 11:31pm
uploaded to and the following is listed as a DNA match..Earl of Eglinton. 1460-1545..As i have learned this was the first Earl and a Montgomery i wanted to explore this family. Much of my dna comes from Norway and Sweden including Gotland. J2a1-L26
Kenneth Montgomery Kenneth Montgomery
April 14 @ 11:58pm
Here's an impressive map created by Robin Spencer, that traces one's SNP:
Raymond H Raymond H
February 5 @ 3:58pm
Just uploaded my brother's Y DNA. Kit 799847. My kit is 232658 which is not in the project yet. Will add tonight. Our closest Montgomery is 2nd gg Mary Jane Montgomery m John Cloud Haley - 3 gg her father Alexander Montgomery1813-1895 (Roane Co., TN) his father John - ? Need help from here. Only show autosomal match but would have expected to land in a grouping. Hoping for a definitive grouping. Help anyone?
David Montgomery
March 5 @ 3:04pm
My gg grandfather William Montgomery born 1813 reportedly in NC. I find him in Putnam County TN in 1850 - 1880. Please tell me your Haplogroup? I can't get past this ancestor and when I saw your post, it's interesting that they were born same year and lived real close. Roane and Putnam
Terri Stern
April 6 @ 11:49am
Hi Raymond - Your brother's kit is grouped in Group E: Possible Autosomal Montgomery. Since he doesn't have a direct patrilineal line to a Montgomery ancestor, his kit will not be grouped with the ones who do have a patrilineal Montgomery line. Groups starting with a number (1, 2, 3 etc) are based on direct patrilineal matches (or not in the case of 5-8). Groups starting with letters (A, B, C, etc) are evaluated as being Montgomerys, but not in their direct patrilineal lines. The grouping this way helps since our project encourages all Montgomery to join and learn how they relate to each other, whether the Y or FF test is the one that solves the family tree.
Raymond H
April 8 @ 5:14pm
David Montgomery, my brother's Haplogroup is R-M269. I don't find a William Montgomery back from my Alexander. Once they hit Tennessee, records just stopped. My best luck was that Alexander and his father John married well. Also, lots of chancery court records. Good Luck!