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Kenneth Montgomery Kenneth Montgomery
April 14 @ 11:58pm
Here's an impressive map created by Robin Spencer, that traces one's SNP:
Raymond H Raymond H
February 5 @ 3:58pm
Just uploaded my brother's Y DNA. Kit 799847. My kit is 232658 which is not in the project yet. Will add tonight. Our closest Montgomery is 2nd gg Mary Jane Montgomery m John Cloud Haley - 3 gg her father Alexander Montgomery1813-1895 (Roane Co., TN) his father John - ? Need help from here. Only show autosomal match but would have expected to land in a grouping. Hoping for a definitive grouping. Help anyone?
David Montgomery
March 5 @ 3:04pm
My gg grandfather William Montgomery born 1813 reportedly in NC. I find him in Putnam County TN in 1850 - 1880. Please tell me your Haplogroup? I can't get past this ancestor and when I saw your post, it's interesting that they were born same year and lived real close. Roane and Putnam
Terri Stern
April 6 @ 11:49am
Hi Raymond - Your brother's kit is grouped in Group E: Possible Autosomal Montgomery. Since he doesn't have a direct patrilineal line to a Montgomery ancestor, his kit will not be grouped with the ones who do have a patrilineal Montgomery line. Groups starting with a number (1, 2, 3 etc) are based on direct patrilineal matches (or not in the case of 5-8). Groups starting with letters (A, B, C, etc) are evaluated as being Montgomerys, but not in their direct patrilineal lines. The grouping this way helps since our project encourages all Montgomery to join and learn how they relate to each other, whether the Y or FF test is the one that solves the family tree.
Raymond H
April 8 @ 5:14pm
David Montgomery, my brother's Haplogroup is R-M269. I don't find a William Montgomery back from my Alexander. Once they hit Tennessee, records just stopped. My best luck was that Alexander and his father John married well. Also, lots of chancery court records. Good Luck!
Lisa Kossel  (Schmitzer) Lisa Kossel (Schmitzer)
April 3 @ 5:41pm
Hello to everyone! I apologize that I haven't been on here yet. I was sent a list of things to complete and cannot find that list now. My full mitochondrial sequence is I1a1e. My grandmother is Phyllis D Montgomery 1936-1994. Her parents are John Montgomery 1900-1953 and Ethel Anderson 1908-1976. John's parents are Silas Montgomery 1875-1959 and Jane Jackson 1876-1965. Silas' parents are John Montgomery 1852-1928 and Hannah M. Elswick Cantrell 1856-1887. John 1852-1928's parents are Silas Montgomery 1822-1910 and Agnes (Aggie) Sizemore 1824-1916. Silas 1822-1910's parents are John Montgomery 1793-1870 and Sarah Flannery 1796-1847. John 1793-1870's parents are John Montgomery 1764-1845 and Susannah Porter 1763-1802. John's parents are Alexander Montgomery 1738-? and Martha Walker 1747-1842. If I have this correct, his father is Alexander Montgomery 1705- 1768. From here I am unsure if his father is John Montgomery 1668-1741 or a Hugh Montgomery. I just ordered the Montgomery books from the Maggofin Historical Society a few weeks ago, really hoping that helps me figure out my lineage. I also ordered the Howards of Eastern Kentucky and Sizemore books. My FTDNA kit number is MK53556. Hoping to meet some family in the group.
Kenneth Montgomery
April 4 @ 11:14pm
Your line belongs to the I1 Montgomerys. Lou Sherburne & Suzanne Antippas are very familiar with this line. I descend from John Montgomery, 1764-1845, but, through his son Alexander Montgomery, born 1786-1822.
Kenneth Montgomery
April 7 @ 1:21pm
Lisa, would you mind sharing your info on the John Montgomery 1668-1741 & Hugh Montgomery, you have as possible father for Alexander, 1705-68?
William Galloway William Galloway
February 8 @ 4:32pm
Thank you for the add. My mother's mother was Montgomery.
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William Galloway
February 12 @ 7:32am
Kenneth, my mother has a book (binder actually) that comprises the work of Sarah Moore Lindley. I cannot tell you how far back it goes or what all it entails. I can get back to my 3rd great grandfather with names and even graves, but after him it becomes a shadow to me. My wife has been doing the thing and she hasn't started on that line past my Great grandpa and Great grandma (yet). According to the Clan Montgomery genealogy site my Family ID is F21779. I hope that helps answering your question. I really wish I had a better information.
Kenneth Montgomery
February 13 @ 12:02pm
Thanks William. Where is your Family ID found, where I may look at the info, or tree? Is the above Sarah Moore Lindley related to you?
William Galloway
February 14 @ 8:02am
Sarah is related to me. My grandmother was Roberta Montgomery, her dad was John A. Montgomery, His dad was Thomas Montgomery and his dad before him was George A, Montgomery. I think Sarah is related though Thomas. The family ID I referenced is from the database stored and preserved by the Clan Montgomery Society International.
William Galloway
February 14 @ 8:04am
Keep in mind, there are three Robertas listed. My family is from Pontotoc, MS.
Arthur Brown Arthur Brown
February 12 @ 6:27am
I am on my father’s (Arthur Brown) account and had his family finder dna tested. He is a J-M172 match with numerous Montgomerys and a R-M269 match with one. The J-M172s are from his father’s side and the R-M269 is from his mother’s side. Marian Montgomery Brown Shope
William Dripps William Dripps
February 2 @ 9:38pm
Why would I not have Origins on my block chart of my Y500
Charles Montgomery Charles Montgomery has a question!
October 16 @ 7:28pm
If my lineage shows up in Group 2, what does that tell me?
William Muir
December 6 @ 11:42am
Group 2 is huge. i see at least 6 subgroups within it. a third of the members of it don't share a common ancestor within the last 2000 years with the other 2/3rds. i'd be happy to break that thing down a bit this winter if anyone is open to that.
Charles Montgomery
December 16 @ 3:28pm
I would like to see group 2 broken down further if possible.
William Muir
January 27 @ 3:23pm
email me at and i'll get a re-organized group 2 out to you pronto.
William Dripps
February 2 @ 9:34pm
I am in Group 2E. However, my Y500DNA matches me with Montgomerys at 8 thru 10 distance. How many years are considered in a generation? I am thinking that unless my closest matches have trees that go back to the beginning of Montgomerys in SCT, I will not find the Common ancestor
Leif Magne Meling Leif Magne Meling
January 28 @ 4:51am
Hi, My name is Leif Magne Meling, born in Stavanger in 1955. My family (the Meling and Lunde families) has for many years has for many years build a family tree by using Geni and My Heritage. The tree has become complicated and I started to use FTDNA become large and complicated and have now Started using FTDNA. The family tree includes priests and bishops and other nobilities, some very close and some more distant. On my Danish side I have Identified that the Søfren Jenson belonging to the to the Løvenbalk family from Denmark. He is mentioned in the archives. He became very wetly by using his position as the Major of Bergen to acquire properties: in Bergen, Rogaland and elsewhere. My family inherited part of the Mosterøy Monastery. I have Several matches from the Montgomery clan and the Cook family My challenge is to link the Lunde, Meling, Montgomery and the Cook family and hopefully update our family three and. I need a strategy to do so My mail Happlogroup is JPF7413 and mtdna V17.
Kenneth Montgomery
January 28 @ 6:26pm
Interesting Leif. Do your Montgomery matches have a tree? It's possible that, someone here might connect to one of your matches. If so, then, you might have a connection to one of the Montgomery lines in North America.
Leif Magne Meling
January 29 @ 10:21am
Hi, I will be very happy if you are able to identify an Montgomry ansestor
Terri Stern
January 29 @ 3:51pm
Hi Leif. I think it would be quite the challenge to find the common ancestor since you've taken the Y111 and the only ones you match who are in the Montgomery Project are a distance of 1 at 12 markers. The TIP report gives you only a 68% chance of having a common ancestor with them at 24 generations. I did notice that you have a zero distance match at 12 markers to another Montgomery man who is not in the Project. You have a 94% chance of having a common ancestor with him at 24 generations. Maybe you can talk him into joining the Montgomery Project so more work can be done to figure this out. I recently worked on grouping the J2s in the project and put you in Group 1C: J Haplogroup, requires further testing or analysis.
John Montgomery John Montgomery
January 26 @ 6:30pm
Are there, in this project, any descendants of Alexander Montgomery, Sr. b. about 1725, County Monaghan, Ireland, d. 1810 Oswego, N.Y. m. Sarah Lockwood? I have one FTDNA match at a distance of zero, at 67 markers, but he has not responded to my attempts to make contact through the channels provided here. So, I thought I would post this query here to see if I get any nibbles.
heather montgomery
January 26 @ 10:23pm
Are you a member of the "Montgomery Genealogy"on Facebook? If not, join. They discuss more genealogy related stuff there, than on here. Here's their web page:
Arthur Stovall Arthur Stovall
January 10 @ 4:27pm
Hopefully someone can assist me to further my tree. My father’s maternal grandfather’s line is Montgomery. The advanced match for Montgomery for my Dad shows a male 5th cousin that has taken the Y-DNA111 with J-M172. This person responded and stated that his tree hasn’t been worked on yet. Can I assume that my Dad’s Montgomery line would also be J-M172 ? I know this web link is a DNA group, but if someone has any Ancestral information earlier than James Montgomery BIRTH 24 JUL 1754 • Charles County, Maryland, USA D-1810 • York County, South Carolina, USA. His father may be Hugh Montgomery b 1727 Ireland d 1785 South Carolina with no info on wife or a James Sr. I would appreciate some help. I know our Montgomery family lived in York, SC and have copies of deed info. FYI- my father is 96 yrs old, Arthur Bell Stovall. Thank you. Laurie Stovall Lichaa.
Arthur Stovall
January 11 @ 10:04am
Dad’s GED match T192462
Marian Montgomery Brown Shope
January 16 @ 8:45pm
My 4th great grandfather, James Montgomery was born in Charles County, Md on July 24, 1754 but he died in Bryantown, Charles County.
Michael Jeffrey Montgomery
January 23 @ 2:10pm
Hi Laurie, my Gedmatch ID is T182699. I do match your dad on 4 different segments, but only for short strands - less then 4 cm. The only way to be really certain of your dad's Y Haplogroup would be for him or one of his known male descendants (i.e. one of your brothers) to take the test. A fifth cousin is fairly distant and could be related to you via many different lines. Now if you knew for certain, that your dad and that 5th cousin are descended from a common male ancestor on a direct male line, then you could say with some certainty that your dad is a J-M172. I am a J-M172 and most of my Y-DNA matches also have the Montgomery Surname, especially those that have taken the Y-67 or higher test and are of a genetic distance of zero. I just checked my Y DNA matches and don't see anyone with the Stovall surname. If you tell me the name of your 5th cousin, I can check to see if they are a Y-DNA match to me. Hope this helps!
Lance Ramsey
January 25 @ 7:24am
Mrs. Lichaa, I have seen your father's name in my matches. My Montgomery family is from Broad River District in York County from the 1800s and my branch settled in the town of York in the 1900s We are from the same lineage definitely. My ggf was James Franklin Montgomery, his father John Harvey Montgomery, his father Richard F Montgomery, and I'm stuck at Benjamin Montgomery from Maryland 1786-1860. I purchased an autosomal transfer to FTDNA from 23andme, but I had FTDNA delete that transfer and I'm currently waiting on results from my FTDNA FF test, due within the next two weeks. So if you don't see me in your FF results, that's why. I have kits at Ancestry and 23andMe, and my ancestry gedmatch kit is A794293. My father Lawrence Ramsey, whose mother was Ola Montgomery Ramsey, has a FF kit here. His gedmatch kit is T812405. Although my Montgomery lineage is maternal in nature on my father's side and my Y-DNA results won't help anyone here, I'm here to learn more about the Montgomery lineage. Admins, would a mtDNA test on my dad help in anyway with this group?