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The Montgomery Surname DNA Project includes 13 haplogroup divisions which include at least 2 men with the Montgomery surname. These are named Group A through Group M and each of these lines have members who have 95% probability of sharing a common ancestor within 15 generations of each other if the surname of their direct male ancestor was originally Montgomery. The very best way for men to find their place in the big Montgomery family is to take at least a Y37 test, validate your first 5-7 generations using autosomal DNA, and then consider upgrading to BigY to further narrow down your common Montgomery ancestor. 

Y700 groupings show the members who have taken the Y500 or Y700 tests and have terminal SNPs within the J, R, and I haplogroups.

No Matches Yet category includes members with the surname Montgomery or Montgomery in their direct paternal line who have no matches.

Other Surnames category includes men with surnames other than Montgomery who have no match to a man with the Montgomery surname at their level of YDNA testing.