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McHarg and its variations is an uncommon name, apparently Gaelic in origin though sources differ on the meaning. Traditionally it has been found in Scotland and Ireland but was more numerous in Scotland. Today McHargs are found in Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In 18th century Pennsylvania there were about 12 McHargs and a few were found in New York and Virginia. Late in the 18th century, descendents of Alexander Meharg/McHarg (c. 1709-1789) of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania established their name as McHargue with one line establishing it as Mehargue. Mehargs from the southern states believe that they descend from a McHarg of South Carolina and there are McCards of Georgia whose oral history says they were McHargues prior to the Civil War.

Scottish McHargs are found almost entirely in southwest Scotland where there is evidence of their existence since the 16th century. Early records show McHargs living in Ulster (Northern Ireland) in counties Antrim and Down with the earliest, a McHarge, in 1669 on Rathlin Island off the north Antrim coast. Very few McHargs of that name exist in Northern Ireland today where Meharg is the variation more commonly found. McIlhargey is also thought to be a derivative of the ancient Gaelic version of the same name though that hasn't been proven yet.

For two thousand years Celts have emigrated back and forth between Ireland and Scotland. Where did we originate and were we from the same family? YDNA has found the answer.

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