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“Meminisse sed Providere” (Remember but Look Forward)
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About us

24 OCT 2019

The Clan MacNicol Society has established a world class website and Learning Resource Center (MacNicol Learning and Research Center or MLRC) where you may locate the MacNicol Heritage Site (lots of new bells and whistles). There is a wealth of information at your disposal, including a library that may eclipses those of antiquity (we could hope!). As you set out on your journey be forewarned that you will not always be happy about the history you uncover as our hearts beat human as did theirs but the reward is great nonetheless.

Three tragedies that struck at my heart are, a MacNicol watching his family papers dashed on the rocks of an angry sea, local folk using family papers to start cooking fires, and finally, an ancient cemetery of philosophers, poets, priest, warriors, and Kings washing out to sea.

All these and more are yours to find and this is just a little taste. So buck up and enjoy the ride as our sails have caught a good wind!

Yours in Kinship,


A Gift from the Clan and the good men and women who make her go!:

21 FEB 2013

Clan MacNicol geographical project began.