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“Meminisse sed Providere” (Remember but Look Forward)
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About us

“Meminissesed Providere” (Remember but Look Forward)

To assist in the establishment of the geographic spread of Clan MacNeacail. There have been extensive, largely independent, efforts to map out several lines related to Clan MacNicol, primarily with standard genealogical methods. DNA signatures are an additional key detail that is helping to bridge gaps present in historical records. (And indeed extend back past written records to our ancient tribal migratory past and all the history, myth, and legend that comes along with it.)

A primary goal of the project will be to assist in matching members, and when possible and with member buy-in, provide a forum to share and compare patrilineage (and matrilineage where possible and/or available) to uncover common relatives and re-connect family lines where possible, creating a more comprehensive and complete mosaic.

Please be willing to share any family detail you may have, including any family lore, as it may prove to be helpful in resolving a bottleneck. The welcome email provides detail about proper genealogical format and of course comments can always be posted in the news section of our FTDNA site.

Please visit Clan MacNicol Website for additional history/detail: