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Updated 16 OCT 2017:

Lineage of Robert Byron (Bob) Nichol (Kit # 359366) Email:


1.      JOHN NIC(H)OLL was born in Northern Ireland(Scotch-Irish Protestant “Dissenter”) about 1636, and died in 1708 in Dorchester Co., Maryland Province, British Colonial America.  He married MARGARET ALFORD in Maryland by 1684,daughter of JOHN ALFORD and _____.

2.      BENJAMIN NIC(H)OLL was born about 1690 in Dorchester Co., Maryland, and died in 1740. He married _____ in Maryland by 1717.

3.      BENJAMIN NIC(H)OLL was born about 1717 in Dorchester Co., Maryland and died after 1746. He married DARCUS (DORCAS) WILLIS in Dorchester Co., daughter of JOHN WILLIS and MARY ____ before 1746.

[Here occurs what might be a “missing link”—possibly yet another Benjamin Nichol of Dorchester Co., Maryland.  Y-DNA has proven the following to be descended from JOHN NICHOLL, above]

4.      BENJAMIN NICHOL was born in 1769 in Dorchester Co., Maryland and died in 1843 in Carroll Co., Tennessee, USA. He married Susan____ in North Carolina by 1795.

5.      DAVID NICHOL was born in Davidson Co., Tennessee in 1798, and died in 1850 near Moscow, Hickman Co., Kentucky.  About 1827 he married MARTHA W. MITCHELL of Henderson Co., Tennessee, daughter of WILLIAM PLEASANT MITCHELL and REBECCA COLEMAN.

6.      LISIDIOUS ADOLPHUS NICHOL was born in Carroll Co., Tennessee in 1836, and died in Licking, Texas Co., Missouri in 1877.  In 1859 he married RUAH EVELINE MITCHELL in Licking, MO, daughter of SPENCER STERLING MITCHELL, JR. AND MARY MALINDA LEWIS.

7.      WALTER SCOTT NICHOL was born in Licking, Texas Co., Missouri in 1874, and died in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon in 1938. In1894 he married DORA ARCORA COONS in Houston, Texas Co., Missouri, daughter of CHARLES EDWIN COONS and MELISSA CATHARINE COONS.

8.      BYRON ATLEE NICHOL was born in Hood River, HoodRiver Co., Oregon in 1911, and died in Lexington, Davidson County, NorthCarolina in 1977.  He married DOROTHY HUTCHINSON in 1933 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon, daughter of FRANK GENORA HUTCHINSON and CALIFORNIA JULIA  PRATT.

Additional Detail:


Patrilineage Detail:

Malcolm Nicolson (kit#94107) - email:

1. THOMAS NICOLSON was born Abt. ? , and died Aft. 1761 in Scotland.

2. JOHN NICOLSON was born Abt. 1761 in Scotland, and died about. 184? After 1841 census in Skye Scotland

3. Alexander NICOLSON was born 1800 in SKYE , and died before 1851 census SKYE.

4. Alexander NICOLSON was born , 1843 Inverness-shire Scotland , emigrated to Victoria, Australia on“British Empire” 1857, and died 24 June 1930 in Geelong Victoria.

5. Hector MacDonald NICOLSON was born 1882 and died Port Fairy Victoria 31 July 1954 .

6. Francis Angus NICOLSON was born 17 Jan 1923 in Koondrook Vic and died 30 Sept 1995 inHamilton Vic.

7. Malcolm Francis NICOLSON was born Sept 1950 in Hamilton Vic.

Ron Nichols (kit#162032) email: ronreagan@reagancom

1. THOMAS NICHOLS was born Abt. 1782 in NC, and died Aft. 1860 in Rockcastle or Pulaski County,KY.  He married JEMIMA MOORE March 05, 1805 in Rowan County, NC, daughter of JOSEPH MOORE and NANCY. 

2. THOMAS B. NICHOLS was born Abt. 1810 in KY, and died Bef. 1864 in Rockcastle County, KY.  He married MARGARET CLAUNCH September 21, 1838 in Pulaski County, KY, daughter of JOHN CLAUNCH and SUSANNAH RICHARDSON. 

3. THOMAS JEFFERSON NICHOLS was born April 03, 1842 in KY, and died April 18, 1921 in Rockcastle Co,KY.  He married SARAH ANN FERRELL Abt. 1860, daughter of RODNEY FERRELL and NANCY WILLIS. 

4. THOMAS B. NICHOLS was born March 22, 1864, and died May 04, 1946.  He married PALMYRA F. HARPER January 01, 1883 in Rockcastle County, KY, daughter of WILLIAM HARPER and MARTHA SOUTHARD. 

5. JOHN J. NICHOLS, b.July 1884; d. February 07, 1970, Rockcastle Co., KY; m. MATTIE DYER, Abt. 1884.

Participant # 217296 - c/o Karen Nichols-Rexwall-email:

1. Benjamin Nichols Sr.b. ca 1745 in Frederick, Co., MD; d. ca 1799 in Curry Run, Harrison Co., KY;Spouse: Comfort Vanderbilt

2. Simon Nichols b. 10Oct 1780 in Montgomery Co., MD; d. 15 Jun 1856 in Dry Ridge, Grant Co., KY;Spouse: Margaret “Peggy” Mitts

3. Reuben Nichols b.14Aug 1805 in Curry Run, Harrison Co., KY; d. 07 Dec 1888 in Nichols Homestead,Rural Williamstown, Clark Co., MO: Spouse: Mary Nancy Skirvin

4. William Henry Nichols b. 12 Oct 1836 in Dry Ridge, Grant Co., KY; d. 04 Jul 1907 in Williamstown, Lewis Co., MO; Spouse: Amelia Price

5. William Elbert Nichols b. 07 Dec 1879 in Nichols Homestead, Rural Williamstown, Clark Co., MO;26 Feb 1954 in Benton, Knox Co., MO; Spouse: Lydia Florence McClain

6. Cecil Everett Nichols b. 24 Apr 1911, in Williamstown, Lewis Co., MO; d. 21 Apr 2000 in Mt. Pleasant,Henry Co., IA; Spouse: Mildred Fountain

7. Robert Eugene Nichols b. 05 Jan 1937 in Williamstown, Lewis Co., MO; d. 09 Aug 1995 in Mt. Pleasant,Henry Co., IA; Spouse: Luizete Fernandes de Aguiar

8.Michael A. Nichols b. in Brazil


Gilbert McNichols (Kit#268490) email:

1. Samual L McNichols,b. before 1770 in Scotland; d. 1846 in Montgomery County, TN. (wife unknown).

2. William M McNichols,b. 1825 Montgomery County, TN; d. 1874 in Massac County, Illinois (married:Amanda Cummins 1852 in Johnson Co. Illinois).

3. James W McNichols, b.1860 Massac County, Illinois; d. about 1900 (married: Sarah Jane Payne 1881 in Massac Co. Illinois.

4. Jesse Alex McNichols,b. 1894 Massac County, Illinois; d. 1967 (married: Fleecie Inez Henderson 1917in Massac Co. Illinois).

Douglas Nichols(kit# 285484) email:

1. Richard Nichols b. Abt. 1624 in the UK (location unknown but possibly Uxbridge, Middlesex) and d.22-NOV-1624 in Reading, Massachusetts.  He emigrated from the UK to Ipswich, Massachusetts at some point around 1640.

2. James Nichols, b.25-JUL-1658 in Ipswich,Massachusetts, d. 12-JAN-1745 in Reading, Massachusetts.

3. Jonathan Nichols, b.22-FEB-1691, d. 28-MAY-1773

4. Benjamin Nichols, b.4-NOV-1723, d. Abt. 1793.

5. Joseph Nichols b.13-APR-1752 in Reading,Massachusetts, d. 21-MAY-1802 in Hillsboro, New Hampshire.

6. Jonathan Nichols b.4-FEB-1794 in New Hampshire, d. 28-JAN-1836

7. Andrew Jackson Nichols b. 1834 in New Hampshire, d. 1914 in Owasa, Iowa.

8. Oliver Delbert Nichols b. Abt. 1859 in Iowa, d. unknown.

9. Owen Delbert Nichols b. 22-APR-1895 in Owasa, Iowa, d. 31-AUG-1982 in Sturgis, Michigan.

Dan Nichols (kit# N113193) email:

Paternal  Y-DNA Lineage Chart:
1) Daniel Alan Nichols (kit# N113193) b. May 17, 1952 Oklahoma City, OK
2) Henry D. Nichols 10/9/1918-8/11/2004 Ada, OK-Phoenix, AZ + 2nd wife Doris Maurine Catron
3) Clarence E. Nichols 11/13/1892-8/16/1987 Leon, Love, OK-Phoenix, AZ + 1st wife Tina Julia Simmons
4) Andrew J. Nichols 7/25/1860-5/27/1935 AR-Como, TX + 3rd wife Sarah "Sallie" Corbin
5) Willis Nichols 1/6/1831-1/10/1884 MS-Black Oak TX + Mary Ann Wood
6) Lewis Nichols 1800-1860? Blade County, NC-Ouachita County AR + Mary Nichols?
7) Elias Nichols 1770-2/?/1852 NC-Columbus NC + Sarah "Sally" Lewis
8) Wm. Coleman II (PS DAR) Nichols 1755-5/?/1825 Bladen NC-Columbus NC + Martha Pearce
9) William Coleman Nichols 1712-1758 New Kent VA-NC + Edith Coleman
10) (unconfirmed) William H Nichols 1690-1716 New Kent VA- + ?
11) (unconfirmed) William Nichols 1660-1692 VA- + Huldah Nichols?
12) (unconfirmed) Andrew Nichols 1640-1664 Ireland-Ireland + Mary Felt
13) (unconfirmed) Andrew Nichols 1619?-5/1/1655 Ireland-VA + Elizabeth Nichols?
14) (unconfirmed) William Nichols 1580-1619 Ireland-Ireland + ?
Maternal mtDNA lineage chart:

1) Daniel Alan Nichols (kit# N113193) b. May 17, 1952 Oklahoma City, OK
2) Doris Maurine Catron 3/18/1921-  Luther, OK-  + 1st husband Henry D. Nichols
3) Vida May Briscoe 11/30/1896-11/28/1992 Neodesha, KS-Okla City, OK + George L. Catron
4) Hettie Edwina Vickers 12/2/1876-12/3/1963 Piqua, OH-Luther, OK + Robert Austin Briscoe
5) Inez Nancy Muchmore 1854-1920 OH-? + James W. Vickers
6) Mehitabel Hetzler 4/10/1821-8/12/1902 OH-KS + Elias Guerin Muchmore
7) Sarah M. Mann 5/20/1797-3/?/1828 OH-OH + Jacob Hetzler
8) (unconfirmed) Mehitabel Witham 7/14/1775-10/29/1840 York, ME-Hamilton Co. OH + John R. Mann
9) (unconfirmed) Rachel Miller 1748-1817 ME-Hamilton, OH + James Witham
10) (unconfirmed) Mehitable Bolt + Robert Miller