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Full information on, and interpretation of, the Clan Gregor DNA results is found on the website of the Clan Gregor Society. The URL for the Clan Gregor Society webpage is Make sure you check out the updates which are issued about every year. The hotlinks to the updates are at the top of main DNA page. The last update was January 2017 and it contains a general discussion of the surname group results to that point. The next update will appear in January 2019. Most of the currently submitted genealogies are given below. Any updated genealogies for any participant please to SUBMITTED GENEALOGIES as at January 2018 NB some more brief first ancestor data can be found on the Y results chart. Please also see the Clan Gregor DNA blogspot:   (copy and paste URL into your browser) for DNA updates annually in January (latest 2017, to be updated in January 2018).

Kit No:

7587 and 7183 descend from James MacGregor who married Maria Scott (possibly in 1853 at Wakefield) and emigrated to the US, and believed to descend from John (Mc)Gregor and Ann Dunn in Bankfoot Auchtergaven (son James who married Grizal or Grace Davidson).

27811 descends from James Grigor born in 1771: his parents may have been John Grigor and Janet Duff of Monidie, but it is difficult to connect, with certainty, from one generation to the next in the old parish registers. In 1804 James married Rebecca Richardson in the neighbouring parish of Redgorton. They had 5 children: John (1805), Isabell or Bell (1807), Jannet (1811), Gregor (1814) and Joseph (1818) all baptised in Monidie. James died in 1818 before the birth of Joseph. In 1839 Gregor married Jane Young in Auchtergaven. For most of his life, Gregor McGregor was gamekeeper at Dunkeld for the Duke and Duchess of Athol. At first the family lived in Dunkeld in a cottage called Tully Mully.

2726 is descended from Alexander MacGregor who fought in the Revolutionary Wars in the US. This is probably also the ancestor of 138485 who is described as follows 'Alexander McGregor, who died in 1838 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, USA. The place of his birth seems to be shrouded in mystery, one census book has him listed as born in Scotland in approximately 1755 but his death certificate lists his father as being born in the US. There is also a family tradition that he was a soldier in a highland regiment in the Revolutionary War who deserted and joined the American forces'. [Comment: the DNA correspondence between 27811 and 2726 suggests that they share a common ancestor, presumably the father of Alexander MacGregor ancestor of 2726 or one of his immediate ancestors].

Greer/Grier (Scots?)
10589 descends from Nathaniel Hunt Greer born 1802 d1855 (?descended from Thomas Grier d. Pennsylvania 1790). Greer/Grier Viking

8339 descends from Alexander Greer bo. 1780 North Carolina (and may descend from James Grier bo. 1708 Co Antrim Northern Ireland).

Kit 45402 Greer Robert John Greer born 1805 County Cavan, Ireland and immigrated to Canada btw 1823 & 1826 wife Matilda Henderson Son: George Greer born 1845 Pot Hope, Durham co., Canada son of Robert John Greer & Matilda Henderson Other Siblings: a. Brother John Robert Greer b. 1830 Millbrook, Durham Co. Canada b. Sister Maria Greer b. 1834 Ontario, Canada c. Brother William R. Greer b. 1837 Calvin Twp., Peterborough Co., Canada d. Dawson Greer b. 1842 Victoria, Canada e. Sister Susan Greer b. 1848 Ontario, Canada

See also The Greer Project for further information about families at:

81282 Earliest known ancestor is John Gragg(Gregg) born in 1690,county of Antrim,Ireland. He died in 1758 in Augusta ,Virginia. He married Nancy Ann Wood in 1717 in Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania. They had five known children- Thomas, Margaret, John F, Robert, and William Obediah. My family branch descends from Robert Gragg.

9690 descends from Thomas Greig 1753-1833 Aberdeenshire (Rathen parish). The father of Thomas was Alexander Grig (Born 12 Apr 1712) and his father was Andrew Grig. This family has branches in the US, Scotland and England.

14973 descends from George Gregg 17(3)0-c1786 (blacksmith)Scotland m Agnes Sloan in Barr Old Cumnock 1761 and 2nd Agnas Couper, Barr Ayrshire1772. This family is now in the US.

99546 descends John Gragg born Antrim, Northern Ireland, c1690 6979 is descended from Thomas Gregg c1805-1871 Co Tipperary, Ireland. This family is now in the US

45360 Greig 1. James Greig, b. 1794 - 1807 in Scotland, d. 10 Mar 1865 in near Riverton, South Australia, occupation Farmer, immigrated Oct 1839 on ''Dumfries'' into Port Adelaide, resided 1839 in Brownhill Creek, Hackham, Adelaide, South Australia, cause of death Decay of brain and general decay . James GREIG (S,32, agricultural labourer) and Catherine COCK (S,21, dairy maid) applied on the "Register of Emigrant Labourer applying for a free passage to South Australia" April 10 1839. On the same register were John COCK (S,28, wheelwright) and Betsy Flockhart (S,20,dairy maid). All 4 were from Pathhead. [source: Reel 874 AJCP] There was no record on the register of any of the 4 embarking in Australia. This was often the case as people would register for free passage but either not be eligible or they would not take up the offer. The ''DUMFRIES'' sailed into Port Adelaide on 10 October 1839 with Mr & Mrs GREIG disembarking. [Source Manifests of ships Vol2 p.37]. There was no record of John COCK or Betsy Flockhart on the ''Dumfries''. Baby Thomas was aboard the ship coming out, but there is no formal register that he was aboard. James was born aboard ship on the way out [as per his birth registration]. James and Catherine did not formally marry until 2 Feb 1854 in St John''s Adelaide. He married Catherine Cock, married 2 Feb 1854 in St John''s Church, Adelaide, b. c1814 in Scotland, d. 4 Jul 1887 in Cairn Hill, near Riverton, South Australia, cause of death Senile gangrene. Children: 2. i Thomas Greig b. 1836. Born Scotland? 3. ii James Greig b. 23 Jun 1839. b. on board the “Dumfries” 4. iii William Greig b. 28 Mar 1842. b. BrownHill Creek, SA iv Elizabeth Greig, b. 31 Mar 1844. v Catherine Greig, b. 3 Oct 1846, d. 20 Mar 1864 in Cairn Hill, near Riverton, South Australia, cause of death Phihisis. Cause of Death: Pthihisis. 5. vi Ellen Greig b. 28 Oct 1848. 6. vii John Greig b. 19 May 1850. viii Robert Greig, b. 31 Mar 1852 in Brownhill Creek, Hackham, Adelaide, South Australia. ix Alexander (Sandy??) Greig, b. 20 Oct 1854 in Brownhill Creek, Hackham, Adelaide, South Australia.

Kit number 235978 descends from "John Craig, more properly John Greg, immigrated to South Carolina in 1772 with a large number of Ulster Scots Presbyterians aboard the ship Lord Dunluce from the port of Larne in the county adjacent to County Down, County Antrim (in present-day Northern Ireland) along with his father Ninian Greg and two other yet-to-be-determined family members (possibly John's mother and sister since I have found no valid mention of brothers), along with several other Greg-surnamed families.  Ninian Greg was illiterate and, while his surname was correctly shown on his initial Royal grant of 250 acres on branches of Turkey Creek in present-day York County, SC, by the time his deed was issued in 1775 it was in the name of "Ninan" (Ninian) Crage.  His son, John, also illiterate, emerged from his wartime service known as John Craig, thought to be the family surname since".

See also the Grigg project for more information on different families at:

30977 descends from Charles Gregory born c1719 Northampton, North Carolina 1961 descends from Richard Gregory about 1580 from London

8100 descends from James Gregory born c1700 in Scotland Note these two individuals are almost certainly related – both families are now in the US.

82049 descends from Charles Warrick Gregory born April 17, 1824 in either South Carolina or Alabama and died January 24, 1898 in Springtown, Parker County , Texas . It is not known who Charles W. Gregory's parents were. Family history says that at some point in time the surname of the family was changed from McGregor to Gregory or Gregorie. Charles Gregory married Mary Elizabeth Parks in Chambers County Alabama November 5, 1849 . Charles and Mary Gregory had six children all born in Alabama : William O. Gregory born 1851, Fannie Gregory born 1853, John H. Gregory born 1855, Sara Gregory born 1857, Charles W. Gregory born 1858, and Christopher Gregory born 1862.

179191: John Gregory, b. 1790 in Buckingham Co. VA.,d. 1859 in Callaway County, MO married ELIZABETH FUQUE (Fuqua), of Virginia,and they had Hopson, James H., John D. (a physician), Granville L., Thomas M.,Eliza, Sarah and George W. They migrated and settled in Callaway County MO in1832. Elizabeth Fuqua died and John married ELIZABETH MILLER, but died leavingno children by her. His brother was William Gregory, b. 1788 in VA., d. 1859 inMontgomery County, MO. William married NANCY FUQUE (Fuqua)(unknown relation to John’s wife) , by whom he had John B., Richard F., Wilson and Martha. Nancydied in VA and William then married NANCY ROBINSON, by whom he had Thomas J.,William, Mary and Sarah. Together they migrated to Callaway County, MO in 1835.According to a biographical sketch printed in the “History of Montgomery County, Missouri” printed in 1858, our branch “descends from James Gregorie(Gregory), b. 1638, who was the minister of Drumoak in Aberdeenshire … a representative of which early settled in the colony of Virginia.” James Gregory(1638-1675) was the first in a long line of mathematicians and doctors who were posted as professors in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, England, Ireland, and Europe.James, being the first, developed the “Gregorian Telescope.”

See also the Gregory project on different families at:

Irish connected
7874 is descended from John Grier born Parton Dumfries 1714. This family currently lives in Australia.

4715 is descended from Patrick McGregor born 1768/69 in Ireland, died 1841at Mains Dundee (through son Francis). This family has remained in Scotland.

2944 descends from Hugh McGregor (or Graham) and Jean Johnston in Perthshire/Stirlingshire in the 1830s/40s

44083 McGregor George McGregor (some have his middle name as William others no middle name known) Was born March 8, 1823 married Sarah Ann McIntosh b. 12 Oct 1826 in Allendale, Wabash, Illinois m. on 17 May 1847. George died 4 Nov. 1858 Lawrance Ill. Their children were: William Henry b 13 July 1849 d. 26 Sept 1909 Annie Eliza b 29 Oct 1851 George Harrison b 10 May 1854 d. 13 Jan 1891 Wabash Co., Illinois Twins born and died June 3&4, 1856 Samuel Elhanon b. 1858 d. 5 Jan 1926 (he had 21 children by two wives) Annie married Vet Walker two children Sadie and Sam. George had two daughters one named Florence Rebecca no marriage shown

33323 descends from Robert Kinnay (Kinney) GRIERSON, b. 26 Nov 1854 Dalbeattie, Scotland. His Father was James Stewart Grierson, b. 11 Apr 1830 Castle Douglas, Scotland. The family history has it as three brothers immigrated to Maine in 1880, but it was more than likely The father (James), two sons ( Robert and William Kinnay GRIERSON), and a son-in-law (Joseph Baum) with Wife and Daughter (Wife; Mary GRIERSON and Daughter; Margaret Isabella BAUM). A third son (George Cartney GRIERSON) was supposed to come with them, but he injured his hand working at Craignair Quarry and couldn''t come. The next son in line was too young to travel with them. They came over with a friend whose last name was Craven or Caven who owned his own boat. They worked at quarry at Clark''s Island, Maine which is part of St. George, Maine and earned passage for the rest of the family for the following year. In July 1881, the rest of the family arrived in Portland, Maine. The Mother; Margaret GRIERSON nee KINNA (KINNAY, KINNEY, MCKINNEY, MCKINNA) wife of James Stewart Grierson was introduced to a banana for the first time. Not seeing one before, she ate the whole banana peeling and all. Of course not liking it, she never ate another again. James father William GRIERSON, c. 21 Feb 1795 Buittle, Scotland born at Corbieton Farm. He married Mary DOUGLAS b. bet. 1800 - 1802 Kirkpatrick Parish, Kelton, Scotland. His father was also named William who married Isabel PAPLE.

4715 descends from Matthew Stranahan pr Strannigan who came to Scotland before 1850 and settled in Ayrshire. He was probably from County Down.

136599 descends from Hugh Black b: April 09, 1845 in Belfast, Ireland we believe as the family had a farm where the airport in Belfast is now. His death is listed as November 09, 1897. On March 01, 1864 he married Jane Harkness Megarry b: May 28, 1841 in Killead, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Their children... 1) James Robert Black b: January 23, 1865 Belfast 2) Annie Marie Black b: April 24, 1866 Belfast 3) John Black b: September 01, 1867 Belfast 4) William Black b: August 22, 1870 Belfast 5) Harriet Black b: April 20, 1872 Belfast 6) Hugh Black b: January 31, 1874 Belfast The participant's father father told him that they were Clan McGregor.

MacGregor (Ian Cam)
Kit no. 108707 descends from: Robert McGregor b. 22 May 1774, Stevenston (? this birth date is not certain) d. Bef 1863 (not listed in 1841 census) & Barbara Mackie b. 1 Sep 1794, Irvine d. bef 1863 m. 28 Feb 1815, Irvine By Reverend James Henderson.  Adam McGregor  b. 8 Dec 1815, Irvine  d. Bef 1873 (poss before 1861) & Elizabeth McTaggart | b. 18 Feb 1825, Irvine  d. 21 May 1873, Glasgow, Rose Street, 50  m. 4 Aug 1845, Parish Of Dundonald

24029 descends John McGregor, born 1766, died Nov 1847; and his wife Anne Lang, born 6 May 1766, died 22 Jan 1840. Their youngest son Alexander, born 9 April 1805 was my immigrant ancestor who came first to Ontario in 1842, later to USA. The earliest information about John McGregor came from a letter written by his grand daughter Eliza McGregor McKenzie in 1931 and later published in American Clan Gregor Society’s 1932 Yearbook: ‘My grandfather on my father’s side was John MacGregor, who was born in Scotland in 1766. On June 1, 1788, he married Anne Lang. Eight children were born to them: John bo. 1790 James. bo. 1792, Robert bo. 1794 (died when a baby), Robert 2nd bo. 1796, Mary bo. 1798, Jessie bo1800, Annie bo1802, Alexander bo. April 9, 1805, at Renton, Scotland 64981 descends from Donald MacGregor (b1760 - buried in Scotland) married Jan 20, 1781, Kenmore, Scotland to Janet Campbell (d fall of 1848 or winter 1849) in Canada and is buried in Breadlabane Cemetery, One of their sons was: Alexander McGregor (b1811 -d. Apr.28, 1875 native of Perthshire) he married Margaret Carscadden (b. 1807 - d. 1871)one of their sons: Thomas MacGregor (b. 1853 d. Dec.28,1929) married Ellen Jane Smirle (b.1856-d. Nov.20, 1941) One of their daughters was. "Mc" changed to "Mac" in the early 1900s . All the siblings made the change at the same time. AND Donald MacGregor (b. 1760 & Janet Campbell (d. 1848 or 49)etc. One of their daughters, sister to Alexander McGregor (see above)was:- Isabella MacGregor (b.1809 d.1888) married her first cousin John MacGregor (b. 1792 d.1883) ( he was apparently previously married to a "Margaret"). One of Isabella and John''s sons was- Peter MacGregor (b.1821 -d. May 10,1882) on Jan. 10, 1862 he married Susanna Cumming of Perthshire, Scotland,(b. Apr.30,1838 - Feb. 27, 1889.) One of their sons was: Peter Alexander MacGregor (b.Oct.21,1870 d. Mar.26,1959 ) was married on Feb. 26, 1896 to Agnes Feeley (1870 -1943 ).

10897 descends from Alexander MacGregor who married Margaret MacFarlane in 1847 in the Gorbals, Glasgow. Members of this family are now in France. This is almost certainly a Glencarnoch family (i.e. of the Chief’s line).

N3589: Around one hundred years ago a great uncle of this family, John Knox Bain, wrote his autobiography and in it he stated that his Bain ancestors came from Scotland due to their religious beliefs. He said that the three Bain brothers were Charles, Peter, and George and that he was the great grandson of Peter. Peter settled in Virginia sometime before 1770 and was the father of Robert Edwin (Edward) Bain. Edwin moved to South Carolina and had a large family. One of his sons, Peter, moved to Tennessee and was the father of John Knox Bain and my GGG Grandfather, Henry David Bain. Henry was the father of Peter (Elonzo?) Bain and the grandfather of Atlas Bain. They moved to Arkansas in the 1880s and Peter and Atlas later moved to Oklahoma in 1918.

20123 descends from Angus MacGregor born c1850 in Fort William. This family subsequently emigrated to the US.

1774 is descended from the MacGregors of Glengyle (2 generations earlier than Rob Roy’s branch). This family lives in the UK.

10454 descends from Donald ruadh McGregor (married to Margaret McGregor, nee McGregor), apparently born and married in Loch Rannoch, Perthshire, Scotland.  Donald ruadh had a son, Baptist Deacon Donald McGregor, born 1806 in Perthshire.  The latter emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1832, per his obituary.  The deacon’s sister “Ishbel” McGregor, emigrated to settle in South River Lake, Antigonish Co.,Nova Scotia as well, where she died unmarried.  The deacon died in So.River Lake, Antigonish Co., Nova Scotia, Canada in 1892, having survived his sister who had owned the adjacent farm.  The deacon’s mother’s McGregor relatives (MacGregor cousins in Springfield NS) in the area were Presbyterians,unlike Baptist Deacon Donald.  Donald became a Baptist back in Scotland at age 16, again per his obituary.  Descendants of the deacon’s family reside profusely in Ontario and western Canada, as well as in middle and easternUnited States.  Perhaps more in Canada than in the USA.  Due to an ancient and unknown Scottish born ancestor, we are called “the Red Rock MacGregors.

71565 is believed to descent from Coll (son of Rob Roy) through a son Gregor (bo 1715) married Catherine McIver (but this would have to be at the age of 14). Children include Duncan (Drummond) born 1742 who married Catherine Mailer 1760 in Auchterarder, their son John born 1762 Muthill parish married Elizabeth Gardiner in 1785 in Kilmadock parish.
187511 descends as per 71565, albeit with the difficult link through the supposed Gregor.  Perhaps time will confirm or refine, with collaborative research, just what/who the link was.

4714 this family is believed to descend from Duncan McGregor in Fortingall parish married to Chirsty Cameron in the late 18th century. This family now lives in England.

24470 descends from JAMES MACGREGOR bo. about 1760 in Muthill parish m. Katherine McNabb of Callander Parish July 2nd 1793 Children 1) Margaret bo. about 1795 m. Capt Donald Fraser - 1816 in Montreal, Canada; 2) Edward bo. ? in war of 1812 - 14. battle of Lundys Lane death ??; 3) Duncan b. 1800 d. 1884 at Fournier, Ontario. The Family emigrated to Canada in 1800 to the Toronto area and owned 400 acres at Markham. They moved in 1823 to Glengarry area, reason unknown. Duncan m. Catherine Fraser from Glengarry cty, of Glen Roy

9290 this MacGregor family using the alias Stirling descends from Robert Stirling born 1668 at Gateside of Glassingall, Dunblane parish to William Stirling (?d1688). Robert died in 1747. The family now lives in New Zealand with branches still in Scotland.

12511 descends from John MacGregor born 1827 in Scotland, emigrated in1852 to the US (New York).

44327 McGregor John McGregor, date and place (assumed to be Forfar) of birth unknown, probably because of name change after the proscription was lifted. Married Agnes McGregor (nee Keith) • John McGregor, blacksmith born 6/2/1791 at home in Forfar, Scotland. Married Susan McGregor (nee Ogilvie, a.k.a Ogilvy) •David McGregor, born between 1835-1838 at home in Kirriemuir, Forfar, Scotland. Married to Ann McGregor (nee McLean). David McGregor, a woodman, and his wife Ann McLean lived in a house (long gone) in the Glengate where his son, was born 3346 descends from James born 1760 in Weem parish and married at Jean Stewart in 1782 at Dull parish. This family still lives in Scotland.

25633 descends from William McGregor who was a weaver/tailor in Glasgow, known as William The Weaver bo 1791 in Perthshire, Scotland and d. 1871 in Peterboro, Ontario, Canada. Married 3 August, 1817 in Campsie, Stirling, Scotland Margaret Elizabeth [?] Taylor bo. 24 May, 1790 in Campsie, Stirling, Scotland d. 1892 in Peterboro, Ontario, Canada. They had four [4] sons and one [1] daughter. The sons were all apprenticed to a brother in Glasgow to serve as coopers. In the late 1800''s the family emigrated to Peterboro, Ontario, Canada. William continued as a weaver/tailor but the sons all became farmers and emigrated from Canada to the United States.

3346 has descent as follows: Robert MacGregor dob 08 February 1742 at Balquidder James MacGregor 11 May 1760 at Weem, Perthshire (m 1782 at Dull) James MacGregor 02 November 1789 at Dull, Perthshire Robert MacGregor 14 May 1806 at Perth James MacGregor 28 February 1846 at Perth

Kit 131269 (and 146413 even though there is 3 marker difference): The earliest known McGregor ancestor is thought to have been James Henry McGregor believed to have been born 1765-1770, no evidence of where. We have only oral traditions to confirm his middle name "Henry" and his marriage to Elizabeth is presumed to have taken place prior to coming to America. Her maiden name is assumed to have been "Love" based upon a son's middle name James Love McGregor and a supposed brother to Elizabeth listed as James Love on a ship's manifest. That same manifest does not identify him as a brother, but does indicate that a sister accompanied Elizabeth with no name given. On the manifest she (Elizabeth) appears to be the lead person rather than James Henry; speculation has been that he was ill. James and Elizabeth were found on a Passenger/Baggage Manifest of the ship "Nancy" which embarked from Londonderry and landed at the Port of Philadelphia 26 Oct 1802. That search came about as the result of a Bible note indicating they had come to America from Scotland around 1800. Oral tradition it has been that they lived in Lancaster Co. PA, however, no evidence of them in PA has been located in the 1810 or 1820 census takings. The Bible note also stated that a child had accompanied them but had died on board ship. James and Elizabeth were known to have 4 additional children (we have no birth records only Bible entries and census takings): 1) James Love McG b. 1803 PA m. Thankful Thompson 1824 Belmont Co. OH d. 1877 IA buried in the McG Cemetery Hancock Co. IL 2) Henry V. McG b. 1805 PA m. Luanna Church 1827 in Belmont Co. OH d. 1861 IL buried in the above mentioned McG Cemetery 3) Eliza "Liza" McG b. 1807 PA m. first John Carnahan and second Oliver Wilson both in Belmont Co. OH d. 1851 OH buried in Trenton Cemetery in Delaware Co. OH and 4) Mary McG b. 1811 where unknown m. Francis McConnell 1827 in Belmont Co. OH d. 1845 in Belmont Co. OH and buried in the Lansing Cemetery that same county

Update: This kit matches SNPs with 108707 and a genealogy update has been sent:

I have found in the Naturalization records for 1809-10, files in the Philadelphia Historical Society, along with Philadelphia City Directories an appropriate James McGregor, Sea Captain with Philadelphia addresses at times 3 of the children were born. 

This info has convinced me the Sea Captain is my ancestor. He came to America in 1798 according to the Naturalization papers.  

Further, a previously known family in Scotland that I now believe to be his father.  That family was Alexander McGregor b. 1733 with a James born 1771, and siblings to that James being John and a Robert of the appropriate age to be Robert McGregor's (kit #108707) ancestor.  The family is located in North Ayrshire County, the city of Stevenston

2124 is descended from the MacGregors of Glencarnoch (Chief’s line).

2909 is descended from possibly Peter/Patrick (son Hugh Evan) who were from the late nineteenth century resident in Jamaica.

133637 is confirmed as a MacGregor from the Roro branch by a strong paper trail. James (born 13 August 1821) was the eldest son of Captain Charles McGregor, Tacksman of 'Delavorar' who served in the 1st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots) and was a Justice of the Peace for Banffshire. His mother was Janet Fleming (born 25 December 1794, died 15 March 1889). Captain Charles McGregor (born 25 August 1779, died 31 March 1831) was the eldest son of Robert Grant McGregor (born c 1737, died 30 October 1816) and Ann(a) Grant (born c 1740, died 12 August 1829). Charles had at least 12 siblings (in order of birth - Marjory, Barbara, Isobel, Helen, [Charles himself], Peter, Anna, Mary, Andrew, John, James, Robert and Jane). Charles died when James was about 10 and 'Delavorar' passed to his only surviving brother Robert. His brother Andrew died as a child and the three others predeceased him. The earlier history of this family who were associated with Delavorar in Kirkmichael Banffshire is as follows: John Dubh of Drumacharrie and Stronfearnan in Perthshire had a son Gregor who married Christian McWilliam, they had a son John (he had brothers) born about 1635 married 1658 Elizabeth Farquharson ( his patronymics are likely John McGregor Vc eanduy Vc allaster). They had at least 5 boys and a girl. Gregor (oig) b c 1668 d 1717 who married Marjorie Grant and had issue; James who was a witness in 1682 but no other information; John born 1670 (about) known as Scorrach and married to Grant,; Alexander a witness in 1697 and dead by 1767, married to Janet Farquharson, Patrick (alias Gordon) born c1678 - no wife known but his son Robert (Grant) McGregor who appears to have had children by three women (Isobel Grant, Janet McGregor and his wife Ann Grant), William Gordon the minister of Alvie born 1687 died age 100, had two wives, no issue, eldest daughter Anne (c 1662 married William Farquharson). The names of the other daughters are unknown. Robert Grant McGregor is the father of Captain Charles. The history of this family is detailed at length in Aemilia Murray MacGregor's 'Clan Gregor' Vol 1 1898 and Vol 2 1901

16858 descends from Malcolm McGregor born c1812 in Fortingall, he married Catherine Kennedy in Clunie parish and the family emigrated to the US.

18760 is descended from Peter McGregor from Fowlis Wester (born c 1800) who married Elizabeth Muller or Miller and the family subsequently emigrated to the US.

38027 Stirling This is the same family as above descended from Robert farmer in Glassingall by his son James. This branch of the family passed on the tradition that they were Glenstrae MacGregors. James Stirling in the Dowrie and Janet Gardner had several children but one, Patrick Stirling, settled in Pendreich in Logie Parish and married Ann Kidston. A son, James Stirling farmed in Inverallon of Lecropt. His son James farmed in Mid Lundie in Kilmadock and eventually came to Bannockburn, where he died.

13429 descends from John McGregor 1828-1895 born Balnaguard, Dull parish. The family still lives in Scotland.

2125 is believed to descend from Patrick Malloch or MacGregor who had a son John in Kenmore parish in 1729. This family is now in the US.

22187 is believed to descend from Patrick McGregor or Stirling born c1700, married Janet Fergusone: variously in Balquhidder/Callander/Kilmadock parishes. This family is now in England.

5356 descends from Alexander McGregor born 1818 Pennsylvania 12596 is descended from John McGregor born 1807 in Paisley, Renfrewshire (to parents John McGregor and Ann Watson), died 1871. This family is still in Scotland.

129554 descends from Alexander McGregor, born 1783 in Auchtar, Perthshire, baptised in Fortingall. Alexander was the son of Patrick/Peter McGregor & Christian McGregor who were married in Fortingall in 1774. From the Fortingall OPR we know of other children born to this couple: Janet (1777), Donald (1779), William (1781), Archibald (1786) and another William (1787). Auchtar was in Glen Lyon, south of the Lyon River approximately 1.50 miles west and south of Fortingall. The old maps reveal various spellings: Achtarr, Auchterr, Achtar; at one time there was both Wester Auchtar and Easter Auchtar. Alexander McGregor (1783 - c. 1865) married Ellen McGibbon (c.1792 - 1860), of Fortingall Parish, in 1812. In 1817 they emigrated to Canada, settling in Cote St. George, Soulanges County, Quebec (very close to & part of the larger Glengarry community in Eastern Ontario). They had the following children: Peter (1813 - 1817), Betty (1815 -1895), Christy (1817 - ?), Peter ( 1820 - 1894), Margaret (c. 1822 - ?), Janet (c. 1824 - ?), Finlay (1827 - 1908), Donald (1829 -1903), James (1832 - 1904), William (1835 - 1914). Our direct ancestor is their son James McGregor (1832 - 1904). He and wife Jessie Morrison (1841 - 1932) raised their family in Huntingdon, Quebec where James was Principal of Huntingdon Academy and later Inspector of Schools. Their children were: Ellen (1862 - 1940), married to James Swail, Lusanna (1864 -1964) married to Norman McCrimmon, Norman (1866 - 1940) married to Clara Adams, Margaret (1869 - 1959) married to Archibald Snowdon, Mary ((1872 - 1937) married to James Fulton, James (1876 - 1946 ) married to Agnes McConnell, Jennie Edith (1878 - 1968) married Frank Hurst, Jessie ( 1881 - 1979) and William (died at 3 days old in 1884). The individual tested for this DNA project is a grandson of Norman MacGregor (1866 - 1940), and son of James Elton MacGregor (1898 - 1953) and therefore a great-great-grandson of our most distant ancestor Alexander McGregor (1783 - c. 1862). The spelling of the surname was changed to “MacGregor” when Norman emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1900. Today, Norman’s descendants live in the US; descendants of Norman’s siblings live in Canada.

17990 descends from Alexander McGregor who married Janet McGregor. They came from Lochearnside and moved in the early 18th century to Drummond Moss in central Scotland which was being drained at the time. This family is now in North America.

108052 descends from John McGregor born 1859 in County Tyronne, Ireland. His parents were Malcolm McGregor and Jane McIntyre. (Malcolm went to Ireland to be the Head gardner to Sir Gerald Aylmer). Their eldest son was Gregor McGregor, born 18 Oct 1848 in Kilmun.

94875 descends from Duncan McGregor (born around 1750) in Perthshire, Scotland. · Duncan’s son, Donald, was born in Scotland around 1796. · Donald’s son, James, was born in Perthshire, Scotland in 1826. · The Donald and Margaret McGregor family immigrated to Quebec in 1836 (another source 1832). They settled in “Upper Canada”, present-day Ontario about five years later. · James’ son, Franklin James, settled in Michigan with his second wife.

120679 The earliest ancestor is Alexander McGregor b 1769 d 1822. He was a weaver living in Balhaldie, Perthshire. His four children were all baptised in Dunblane.

116621 Great grandfather was b. in Kenmore in 1842 and m. Margaret MacFarlane of Comrie in Glasgow 19 Oct 1863. His father was Hugh MacGregor and b. in Kenmore in 1804 at Stroncomry and his mother was Janet MacDougall. His father was Alexander MacGregor b.c.1775 ( Fortingall ) and m. Christian Walker in 1800 in Weem. His prob, father was Hugh MacGregor b. 1739 in Dull and m. Mary MacGregor in Fortingall in 1765. Beyond that the probable lineage goes back to Dull and Kenmore but is so far uncorroborated.

12162 MacGregor MacGregor, Janet dau of Ranald son of Rob Roy b. Abt 1743, Scotland d. Bef 1803, Scotland married: 1. Alexander MacGregor,(this is the Y chromosome line) b. 1735, Scotland 2. Duncan MacGregor b. Abt 1762, Rannoch, Perthshire, Scotland d. Abt 1840 m. Kennedy, Margaret b. Abt 1770, Scotland 3. MacGregor, Duncan b. 1811, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada d. 2 Jun 1866, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada m. Dalzell, Jean b. 1817, Dumfries, Scotland

16798 is descended from John McGregor who married Ann Stobie in Monzie in (1826). (John was the son of John Row? McGregor and Mary McDonald). This family is now in Australia.

26174 also descends from the same. A John McGregor and his wife Anne (Stobbie, daughter of Mary Graham and John Stobbie from her death Cert.) were married in Monzie Perthshire 14th June 1826. They had a daughter Elizabeth born 1827 Newrow, mother''s name given as Janet, (as she was with them on the ship to Australia we can assume that this was an error), Mary born 1829 at Newrow, Monzie, Catharine baptized at Crieff 1831, John baptized Glassworks, Alloa, 1833, and William born 1836 (his birth or Baptism we cannot find). They all sailed for Australia on the ''John Barry'' which left Dundee March 1837 ,and arrived in Port Jackson 13/7/1837. Mary died at sea of fever and was buried at sea 27th May 1837. On the ships passenger list John gives his age as 33 and occupation as Grieve. We don''t believe that this was his correct age as men lowered their age to get passage on the ship and every document we have gives him a different age. We believe that his birth would have been c1790. He also states that all the family were born in Monzie.

13165 descends from Alexander McGregor who was born in 1820 in the US (Michigan), but emigrated to Beverly, Ontario around age 9 and lived there all his life.  And we know of his Aunt, Janet McGregor who is said to have come from Scotland as a "young girl"...  How young, I don't know.  She was born in 1800.  She was married to the illegitimate son of James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, James Laidlaw Hogg.  Father Duncan?

13621 a Stirling MacGregor shares the same ancestor as 38027 and 9290 above. Some of this family are in Scotland,others branches in Australia. Further notes on the Stirlings: This McGregor family using the alias Stirling descends from Robert Stirling in Gateside of Glassingall parish of Dunblane. Robert''s occupation bet 1693-1647 was as farmer in Gateside of Glassingall He Died 22 May 1747 at Gateside of Glassingall,buried 24 May 1747 Dunblane Cathedral Churchyard in the Stirling lairs which are now under grass. Robert was an Elder and Treasurer of Dunblane Kirk,his son John was also Treasurer of the same Kirk Kits 13621,38027 and 9290 have the same ancestor, 13621 and 38027 descend from James,where as kit 9290 descends from Henry last child of Robert. Miltary Service. Robert's son James fought on the Jacobite side at Sheriffmuir the ancestor of 13621,38027. James was in the Duke of Perth''s men who failed to charged,so he charged with Alexander Drummond of Balhaldie (MacGregor} his relative,with the MacGregors, James was also at the battle of Prestopans in the 1745

Kit No 206956:  surname Neely: Most distant ancestor with a paper trail is Robert Neely born Derry/Donegal 1821, assumed furthest back was William Neely 1620 within about four miles also Derry/Donegal. No Neely records prior to that. Ydna seems to differ from the main American Neely project more than the 10-12 generations that had been expected. Joining the McGregor project as a result of a 37 marker exact match with kit 2124 and one other MacGregor.

Kit No 191228: Alexander McGregor bo c 1790 d 1817 ?Lanark. Son Daniel bo Waterloo Lanark 1815 died W. Australia 1898

M(a)cGregor distant
19304 from Daniel McGregor born 1819, married Elizabeth MacLachlan and connected to Kilmun parish, Argyllshire (family emigrated to the US).

15199 descends from Gregor MacGregor believed to be born 1776 at Stronyre in Balquhidder parish. His parents would be Duncan McGregor and Janet McNaughton. Duncan may be the son of Effie McNicol and Duncan McGregor. The family emigrated to Canada and the US.

28296 is desended from Donald McGregor (alias McComas), born about 1720, probably in Brig o' Turk/Duncraggan in Callander Parish, Perthshire. The farm of Easter Brig o' Turk belonged to the Glengyle McGregors and Donald seems to have been a tenant. At least half a dozen McComas families lived in or near Brig o' Turk in the 18th century and (re)adopted the name McGregor after the prosciption was lifted. In the 1730s a Thomas McComas sponsored the baptism of an illegitimate child of one of the Glengyle family. Donald McComas m. Janet Ferguson - 29/11/1744 - Callander Parish. Lived in Brig o' Turk, then Duncraggan. William McComas b. 3/11/1755 - Duncraggan. William McGregor m. Catherine McLaren - 26/12/1782 - Callander Parish. Lived in Duncraggan. Moved to Aberfoyle after 1801. His son Donald and a number of daughters continued living in Brig o' Turk/Duncraggan until after 1851. Duncan McGregor b.c. 1789. m. Janet Ferguson - 29/12/1812 - Aberfoyle Parish. d. 22/9/1857 - Drumlean Farm - Aberfoyle. With his eldest son, William, signed acknowledgement of MacGregor Chief - 1822. Dougald McGregor b. 24/2/1827 - Glashart Farm - Aberfoyle. m. Janet Dewar - 26/9/1853 - Comrie Parish. d. 2/5/1884 - Old Kilpatrick. Duncan McGregor b. 2/5/1858 - Fintry. Emigrated to Australia in the 1880s. m. Margaret Dennehy - 8/8/1888 - Sydney. d. 15/8/1905 - Sydney.

94589 descends from Charles McGregor born Clackmannanshire c1795/6, possibly the son of Hugh McGrigar and Isobel Dawson. He died 1877 (no wife given) and was the father of Robert who married Jane Thomson.

17711 is descended from John MacGregor (bo. 1825) at Milnathort, Kinross and he married Johanna Susan Healey from near Dublin Ireland - all his biological children were from her. His second wife was Susanna Nauffts of Halifax, Nova Scotia John was son of Mary MacGregor (and ?Duncan, a carter). This family is now mainly in Canada.
Updated information has been sent on this family December 2011:

b: about 1759 (info from old parish Records on Clan Gregor site)

+ Janet MacFarland b: about 1765 in Duntanlich.

 1  Alexander MacGregor b: 1781 in Duntanlich.

 1  John MacGregor b: 1783 in Duntanlich.

b: 1785 (Duntanlich, Perthshire, Scotland). (info:Perth Library census records).
. + Mary Katharine MacLaren b: 1796 (Fortingal, Perthshire, Scotland) (info:Perth Library records).
.. 2 b: December 1826 (twin) (Conichern, Kenmore Parish, Perthshire, Scotland)
.. + Johanna Susan Healey b: about 1832, (Tipperary, Ireland) Died 13 November, 1868 in Bermuda.
. 2 Janet MacGregor b: December 1826 (twin) (Kenmore Parish, Perthshire, Scotland)

. 2 Archibald MacGregor b: Autumn 1831, (Conichern, Kenmore Parish, Perthshire, Scotland)

. 2 Susan MacGregor b: 1833, (Conichern, Kenmore Parish, Perthshire, Scotland)

. 2 Peter MacGregor b: 1837, (Laurncroil.Kenmore Parish, Perthshire, Scotland). 

. 2 Donald MacGregor b: 1840, (Laurncroil.Kenmore Parish, Perthshire, Scotland) died soon after birth.

2363 and 4151 descend from John Callum married 1735 to Christian Harriwood in Keith Banffshire. The family (re)adopted the name McGregor in 1778. This family now lives in England.

99676 descends from Duncan MacGregor who was born on the 28th Feb 1805 Shornland of Kinlochewe, Gairloch d St Vigeans 1887. His death certificate details his parents as Alexander MacGregor & Katherin McDonnald. Duncan''s first marriage was to Anne Matheson (1828 Lochalsh) and his second marriage was to Ann Christie (1834 Arbroath). This second marriage was a bigamous marriage for which he went to prison (records exist). Children were Donald 1830 Lochalsh, Duncan 1840, John 1842, William 1844 all born Arbroath.

Kit 85272 The earliest known ancestor for this branch is in the 1841 census for Lochbroom at Carnoch Alexander McGregor aged 60 therefore born abt 1780 Married to Margaret McDonald aged 57 They were married in Lochbroom 28 Feb 1805 Angus McGregor, son, aged 28 (christened at Lochbroom 18 Nov1810) Mary McGregor, daughter, aged 20 Another son living next door Duncan McGregor married to Janet McDonald Unfortunately both Alexander and Margaret died before 1851 or more precisely 1855 as their death certificates would have provided parents names etc which would have been most helpful. Alistair McLeod, at the Inverness library first told the submitter this story, and it is generally accepted in the Lochbroom area, that these McGregors came from Torridon area about the beginning of the 19th century – a place by the name of Baden Mhughaidh which is a few miles east of Shieldaig. They were brought up to Carnoch by John McDonald a tacksman who later went to Lewis. It is possible that they were descendants of McGregors settled in the Torridan area by Alexander McKenzie of Coul, half brother of Roderick McKenzie of Castle Leod ie tutor of Kintail. Roderick paid heavy fines for sheltering McGregor refugees after the King outlawed the name in the 17th century.

Kit no. 158870 descends from: Donald McGrigor [born about 1765 somewhere in Ross-shire, possibly near Gairloch and died Cape Bretton Island, Nova Scotia , Canada died 1855 Son: Donald McGregor [name changed from MacGregor to McGregor sometime after arrival in NZ in 1852.] Born 1793 in Gairloch, Scotland - Died Whangerai Heads, NZ on June 15,1878. Son: Capt Kenneth McGregor Born St Ann's Glen, Cape Bretton Island, Nova Scotia on May 1st,1829 - died Whangerai Heads, NZ on 22nd July, 1897 Son: Alexander John McGregor Born Whangerai Heads, NZ October 2nd,1863 - died Auckland, NZ , May 15, 1939

Kit 164124 descends from Dougal who had a son John McGregor who was born on October 17, 1745 in Tibbermore, Perthshire;

95193 descends from James McGregor (age 70+ in 1841) (poss. shoemaker) who married Margaret Geddes (d1856) in Rathven Banffshire. Family at least three brothers John d 1881, James d 1899 (both married Benzies women) and Duncan [William Gordon] (d 1910) m Catherine Ross, all living in Keith. John''s descendants moved to Petty, Invernesshire.

20630 descends from David Alexander Macgregor, born in Scotland in 1852 from Edinburgh via Carlisle with his father, James Ross Macgregor in 1854 The father, an engraver and experienced book binder, tried to expand his business in the US by engraving Christmas cards. James'' father, David, was an Edinburgh artist whose paintings of ships hang in several museums including the art museum in Edinburgh. David''s (James'' father) wife was apparently a Mackenzie, the neice of Captain Donald Mackenzie, the celebrated soldier from the Crimean War and the Sepoy Rebellion

29834 descends from the Rev William McGregor, purportedly from a place called Glen Ossian in Scotland, one of a band of brothers – Bartlett, John , Andrew and Alexander (Kit 84081 is from the same line.

Kit 100843 descends from Alexander McGregor born c1760. Family history states he was a soldier in the Gordon Highlanders, serving in Egypt around 1800. He married Ann Ross (born c1783 Creich, Sutherland) sometime before 1809, and settled in Lairg, Sutherland. In 1821 he took over the tenancy of the inn at Inchnadamph, Assynt, Sutherland. His children were Alpin (no birth record but born c1803 in Creich from census records), Bess (b 1809), Isabell (b 1810), David (b 1812), Malcolm (b 1814), all born Lairg; Alexander (b 1818) & John (b 1820) at Kincardine, Ross & Cromarty), then Ann (b 1822) and Margaret/Marion/Peggy (b 1826) born at Inchnadamph. According to the 1841 census, Alexander's place of birth was not Sutherland. He died at Inchnadamph in 1848, aged 88 (according to gravestone). Alexander's son Alexander married a 'distant cousin', Isabella McGregor of Laggan, Inverness-shire in 1849 and emigrated to New Zealand in 1850.

45763 MacGregor Rev. John Fraser MacGregor 1829 - 1907 = Anne Wright of Tongue b. 1836 [son] Francis Alexander MacGregor 1865 - 1936 = Annie Wilson Horn 1880 - 1955 This family comes from Alvie near Aviemore in Speyside

7783 descends from Andrew McGregor (c1840 Fossoway-1903, married to Helen Taylor in 1861) the son of John McGregor (a cellarman) and Mary Whyte. This family now lives in England. NB this is not believed to be the same family as kit 17711, although the similarity of name and place is striking

98515 descends from James Grigor, son of Donald Grigor and Janet McGlashan. Born Feb. 26, 1810 in Luncarty, Redgorton Parish, Perth Christened March 1, 1810 in Redgorton Married March 23, 1832 in Ardrossan, Ayr to Elizabeth Bryan (as McGregor). Died April 21, 1868 at 91 Eglinton St., Glasgow.

13403 descends from John McGregor born 1759 in the Highlands -c1823 (and married to Mary McMillan) who became a soldier and went to Canada where the family still lives

75529 descends from Alexander MacGregor died 06 Dec 1828 in Liverpool. His father was John MacGregor and the proposed descent is: James DRUMMOND & Janet EWEN (His second marriage). George Drummond & Margaret McFarlane (His second marriage). John McGrigor Drummond & Ann Wood. Alexander McGrigor (MacGregor) (see below) & Helen Thomson. (Both second marriages). Alexander MacGregor was a Merchant & Banker. He was appointed as an Agent for the Bank of England in July 1826 to open the Manchester Branch which was the first branch outside of London. The branch opened on 21 September 1826 at 35 King Street, before moving to new premises designed by C R Cockerell in King Street 1847. Alexander McGregor left on Oct 16th 1828 and was paid £1,000. He had 4 sons; Alexander, James, William and Walter Fergus and 2 daughters; Elizabeth Jane & Helen. He also had a famous step son, George Finlay b. 21 Dec 1799 who was a close friend of Lord Bryon & settled in Greece. Alexander MacGregor the younger (09 Dec 1806 - 26 Apr 1842) was a Physician who committed suicide. Single. James MacGregor (01 Aug 1808 - 05 Sep 1858). Started in banking, Became Chairman & Director of the South Eastern Railway Company (Bet. 1845 – 1854) MP for Sandwich in Kent (Bet. 1852 – 1857) – participant’s line. William MacGregor (09 Aug 1810 - 07 Jan 1842). Merchant. Single. Walter Fergus MacGregor (19 Sep 1812 - 11 Jun 1863). Engineer. Main director of George Forester & Co. Liverpool. Another renowned MacGregors in this family were: Rev. William Macgregor; (16 May 1848 - 26 Feb 1937) Walter Fergus’s second son. Generous benefactor of Tamworth & famous amateur British Egyptologist. Jane Baillie Welsh b. 14 Jul 1801 married the famous author Thomas Carlyle in on 17th Oct 1826 in Templand, Thornhill, and Dumfries, Scotland. She is also famous in her own right for the numerous letters she wrote. In them, she mentions her cousin, Walter Fergus MacGregor of Liverpool whom she secretly loved. When he married, her letters did not hide her jealousy. In trying to find our how they are cousins the only thing the participant can find in common is the place Thornhill, Perthshire (near Port of Mentieth), Scotland where Walter’s father Alexander MacGregor was apparently born 26 Jun 1772, and his father John MacGregor 19 Mar 1730. [Project co-ordinator: this genealogy is very likely correct]

Kit 60181 According to Thomas B. McGregor, assistant attorney general of the State of Kentucky, in his article published (1922) in the History of Kentucky, Vol. 5, states: 439 The McGregors have been in Kentucky for several generations. Prior to that they were a Colonial family in the Carolinas. Mr. McGregor traces his ancestry in direct line to members of the famous Highland Scotch clan of McGregor. One of his direct ancestors, Duncan McGregor, was a son of the famous Rob Roy. A son of Duncan was John McGregor, who with his son Samuel participated in the battle of Preston Pans, where Prince Charles defeated the English...p.438 [Note from RM – there is no documentary evidence that Rob Roy had a son Duncan – Walter Scott reading a trial document of Rob Roy’s sons assumed that the Duncan McGregor indicted was a son of Rob Roy, but this is thought to be an error on Scott’s part]. Samuel McGregor, great-great-grandfather of the Frankfort lawyer, and a son of John, immigranted to South Carolina and became a planter in that colony. William McGregor, a son of Samuel, was born in South Carolina, and was the founder of the family in Kentucky, first settleing on Tradewater River and afterward moving to Jackson's Purchase in what is now Marshall County, where he lived out his life. He was a pioneer Baptist preacher in Kentucky. William Casey McGregor, grandfather of thomas B. McGregor, was born in South Carolina in 1828. He had a brother who was named Preston McGregor, the same being conferred by his grandfather in commemoration of the battle of Preston Pans. This Preston McGregor, a great-uncle of the Frankfort lawyer, died in Southern Missouri in 1910. William Casey McGregor was only a child when his parents came to Kentucky and settled on Tradewater River in what is now Hopkins County.....p.438 This is the maternal male family line of the female particiapnt, documented back to William McGregor who settled in Hopkins Co. KY. Our line is through the son James, brother to the Baptist preacher, referred to as Elder William McGregor who settled in Marshall Co., KY.

Kit 153352 descends as follows: --William Albert McG, Jr. --William Albert McG 1899-1980 AL/NY/GA --George King McG 1876-1933 AL --Albert Alexander McG b. 1835-c1910 AL --William McG b. 1803 NC, d. AL --William McG b. 1773 VA --William McG b. 1765 or before d. 1815 NC The senior WILLIAM MCGREGOR D. 1815 NC was in Warrick Co. VA 1767-84 (1) before moving his family to Northampton Co. NC prior to the 1790 Federal Census. (2) This Wm McG writes his will Apr 1809 with a codicil added in 1810. He died before 15 Jan 1815 when his children agreed that their brother Wm is authorized to sell property of the father; this is land on Jack Swamp . The property is sold to John Sandifer 11 Dec 1816. In 1809, when the will is drawn, the senior Wm names his wife Nancy (to be an executor with son Wm); the children named are: William, Anthony, Nancy, Alexander and Frances. An unnamed daughter (probably deceased), is one of the three oldest children thought to have been born in Warrick Co. VA. This daughter appears to have married a John Little, as a grandson Willis Little is named in an 1810 codicil to the will. The son WILLIAM MCGREGOR B. 1773 VA is next found witnessing a deed 16 Jan 1800 in Nash Co. NC. In that counties 1800, 1810 and 1820 census Wm is a head of household. Nash county land transactions by Wm take place in 1805 and 1807, with the property being sold in 1824. The family is noted to have moved to Lawrence Co. AL in 1826. This Wm is in that county for the 1830, 1840 and 1850 census. Since he does not show up in the census for 1860, it is assumed that he dies before then. (3) Besides Wm, his wife Penelope, only one child is in the household for 1850; that child is named Temperance. A male child that could be one born 1803 appears in the 1810 and 1820 Nash Co. NC census for Wm McG b. 1773 VA. We do not see one for the 1830 census in Lawrence Co. (4) WILLIAM MCGREGOR B. 1803 NC has been considered to be the son of Wm McG b. 1773 VA because they are the only two McG heads of household for the 1840 Lawrence Co. census. (5)

3133, 9567, and 12683 are probably descended from the same individual. It is said that 3 brothers went to America about 1740 and lost track of each other. Tradition says they were military members of the Scottish ‘Black Watch’ regiment sent to the Orangethroup Colony in Georgia, or they came to the US from Ireland. Earliest known ancestor of 9567 and 12683 was Thomas McAdam born c1735 and lived in Washington Co. Tennessee, US and earliest known ancestor of 3133 is James McAdam born 1748 in Virginia, USA, but this family went there from Washington County. Member 23214 of the McAdams project is probably of this family.

8857 is descended from a McAdams ancestor who emigrated to Texas from Armagh Ireland c1779. This individual and members 20224 and 21318 of the McAdams project appear to come from the same family group

5276 is descended from John McAdams born c1735 and married Sarah Sloss in 1754 in Pennsylvania, US

11255, and 11256 are descended from Robert McAdams who went to the US in 1774 – the documentation suggests that the family descend from the Craigengillan McAdams family of S.W. Scotland. 16568 is probably related to this family through another branch who came to Orange Co. from Lunenburg Co. (in the U.S.) in the 1770s. Also related to this family group are 20244, 20245 and 20225 in the McAdams project.

3714 and 5223 descend from Thomas McAdams born before 1737 (d..c1766) in County Down, Ireland – the family emigrated first to Charleston, US in 1767.

For more information on other results and family information see (Administrators:;

All but one of the Orrs so far tested, with one who still lives in Ireland, appear to originate from the family of that name in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

71238 descends from Daniel Orr, born 26 October 1806 at Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland. It is believed that his father George Orr (farmer) and mother Ann McIntyre were from Scotland, and he had a brother John Orr who was a mine manager in Glasgow (d. 1860). Daniel was a Sgt of the Royal Irish Constabulary. He married Mary Blakeley (sometimes given as Bleakley) on 4 August 1845 at Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland. Late in his life he emigrated with his wife to Australia to join his family and died in Glebe NSW on 9 October 1886, aged 80. The family is related to Daniel''s son, Reverend John Flanaghan Orr, who emigrated earlier to Australia in the 1860s.

23729 descends from John Orr (b.1805 Donaghadee, County Down, N Ireland) and Eliza Nevin. John Orr and Eliza Nevin are likely descendants of Ulster Plantation settlers. Their son, George Orr, immigrated to the United States c1872.

Sept or like names
3152 Shankland. An extensive genealogy for this family can be found at

13678 - John Anderson Stirling, earliest known ancestor David Skirling, b. ca 1745, married Janet Wallace 01 Aug 1773, Dunnichen, d. 15 Mar 1798, Dunnichen. Family still living in Scotland, though branches did emigrate to New Zealand and the United States.

16710 - Wayne L. Stirling, earliest known ancestor John Skirling, b. ca 1730, probably in Barry, Scotland, died aft. 1784, Barry or Panbride, Scotland. Descended through John Skirling''s grandson, James (bapt. 17 Jul 1792, Panbride) who emigrated in to Upper Canada 1840 with his wife, Elizabeth Lawrence, and their children, Three of his brothers (George, Alexander and William), their wives and children emigrated at the same time.

13635 - Feltus Barrow Stirling, Jr., earliest known ancestor Andrew Skirling, b. Kinnettles, ca 1714, married Jean Nevay ca 1735, d. Nov. 1780, interred Kirkton of Kinnettles. Descended through Andrew''s son Alexander Stirling (bapt. 07 Jul 1751, Kinnettles), who emigrated prior to the American Revolution and eventually settled at West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

30468 White/Whyte John White.b.1662 at Clackmannan.Married at Clackmannan about 1680 to Janet Dodds who was born there in 1664.Their son Robert was born in Alloa.(It states about 1695 and christened 28 Jan.1688. It must be a mistake) He,(Robert) married Catherine Short born 1695. in 22.6.1714. and their sons,John,Chris.14 6.1717. Robert, Chris.15 9.1721.James likewise 2.6.1728. Helen, baptised 6.2.1726.Their son, James married Margaret or Ann Winton b.31.8.1744 and they had a big family.

27575 Is descended from Charles (Charlie) King b. 1750 Hanover, VA who migrated to the Alleghany Highlands in 1774 (Augusta County militia, Rev War Pension). We believe he was descended from James King b. abt. 1726, a Jacobite one of the 45 in the Duke of Perth's regiment. He was imprisoned at Carslile after Culloden and transported to Port Oxford, MD on the Johnson in 1747. He was a tenant of James Drummond, the Duke of Perth, however he is said to have been from Darrow(Darra or Darroch), Aberdeenshire.

168162 Magee according to family tradition descends from: William Macgayhe b. 1618, Scotland d. 1675, York Plantation, Henrico, Virginia, United States mar. Marian MacDonald b. 1623, Achtriochtan, , Glencoe, Scotland d. 8 Dec 1678, Glenstrae, Scotland. Their son Thomas Mackgehee b. 1653, York, Virigina d. 27 Jul 1727, St Johns, King William, Virginia mar. Ann Bastrop d. 1724, Virginia Colony, whose son William Mackgehee b. 1 Nov 1670, King William, , Virginia Colony d. 22 Jul 1771, Cumberland, , Virginia Colony mar. Mary Carr |b. 1677, Caroline, , Virginia Colony d. 1754, Caroline, , Virginia Colony. Their son William bo 1702 Hanover VA died 1796 Duplin NC mar Elizabeth McCullough and their son John MAGEE born 1742 d 1802 married Esther McCullar d1756, and their son Patrick born 1756 in "Island Magee, Co Antrim' d1816 Missouri, mar. Rosanna McCullar1760-1826 Kit number 51942 Megehee descends as follows: The earliest Megehee ancestor that can be proved by a paper trail is William MackGehee who was born about 1670, probably in York County, Virginia. This William MackGehee lived most of this life in what is now Hanover County, Virginia, and died there by about 1747, when his son, Samuel, was listed in the Quaker Records as taking care of his Mother, Mary. This William had a brother (not proven by a paper trail, but established by Y-DNA testing) named Thomas MackGehee, who was born about 1665, also probably in York County, Virginia. Thomas left his will in King William County, Virginia, dated in 1724, and probated in 1727. There is a William MackGahye, who was listed as a head right in William Hoccaday''s grant of 1,000 acres in 14 Apr 1653. This William MackGahye testified in Court in York County, Virginia, on 17 Nov 1658, when he said he was "about 40." There is no paper trail connecting this "MackGahye" to either of the later "MackGehee''s," but it is believed that he was most probably the father of both William and Thomas. Descent from William MackGehee (the Quaker) and from Thomas MackGehee (of the 1724 Will) have been documented in the three volume "McGehee Genealogy," by Ethel Grider (a descendent of Thomas MackGehee through his son, Edward).

30468 - the earliest known (presumed) ancestor is John White,born in Alloa in 1662.He was married to Janet Dodds,who was born in Alloa in 1664. They were married about 1680''s.Their son Robert was born there in 1695. He married Catherine Short who was born around that time.

23501 - William Stewart Stirling, earliest known ancestor James Stirling (or Skirling), b. ca 1740, married 26 Dec. 1773, Kinnettles, Margaret Whyte of Kinnettles, he was from Inverarity, d. before 1858. Family still living in Scotland, with some branches in the United States. Viking Group

12391 King, this family descends from William King who emigrated to the US as a boy in about 1854. His family lived in Paisley, where his father was a futerer (keeper of hounds). His (William''s) father was born in Londonderry

41054 descends from Samuel Thomas Maloch/Malloch in Montgomery County North Carolina, East side of the Peedee and Yadkin Rivers. Samuel Thomas was born about 1787 in North Carolina. Other

12189 is believed to descend from William Lowrie whose supposed son William married Isobel Craig in 1680 in Banff parish, (Scotland).

46397 descends from Duncan McIlchonnel , tenant farmer, Littleport, St. Fillans, Perthshire, (born probably circa 1700 but date, place and names of parents not presently known), through whose eldest son by his first wife Kathrin McNab , one Alexander McIlchonnel born at Littleport and baptised 25th. August 1726 (see O.P.Rs. Comrie 341/1). Duncan''s second wife was Katherine McGibbon by whom he had a second son John bapt. 29th. Dec. 1728 , and a daughter Jannet bapt. 3rd. August 1733 (see O.P.Rs. Comrie).

6376 descends from William Dowie born 1776 in Newburgh Fife (married Mary Smith). This family lives in England. 6747 descends from James Gruer who died in 1807 at Braemar aged 72 years. According to his tombstone, laid in 1859, the site had been the burial ground for the Gruers for 450 years. Members of thisd family were among the leading members of the Friendly Society that was to start the Braemar Highland Games as a way of raise money for those in need.

45407 descends from a MacLean in 1710, who was born MacLergan, which comes from the name Maclean.

MtDNA Kit no 100615, furthest ancestor was Jennet Arthur, b approx 1680 in Perth, Scotland, married to James Wright of Bendochy Perth in 1709.