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All main line (Argyllshire) MacGregors currently have S690+ and also S697+ If your terminal SNP is S695+ or before then the connection is genetic but, we believe, pre-surnames. Please see my blog for further information about SNPs [] In 1603 the name MacGregor was banned by law in Scotland on penalty of death for men and branding for women and children. As a result many people with other surnames believe they were once MacGregors. This project aims to find out what the DNA says. We invite new participants who are called MacGregor or who have any name associated with the clan. We are also interested to share with other project managers concerned with Scottish Highland genealogy.
The 2017 update is available at Note that not all the names in the project are traditionally associated with MacGregor. There are various sept names (such as White, Black, Skinner) which appear in the list, as well as accepted variants of the name (such as Gregg, Grierson etc), patyronymics (e.g. Peterson, McPeters etc), descriptive surnames (e.g. Dhu, Orr etc), as well as some names which were adopted as aliases by MacGregors during the time of troubles following the battle of Glenfruin in 1602/3. The aliases which are represented in the DNA results include: Bain, Drummond, Hardy, Stirling etc. Other participants have been associated with the project because of their similarity to already existing participants.