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James McGregor James McGregor has a question!
March 26 @ 4:55pm
My father (I administer his account as he is in his 80's and not capable....not sure I am either) ..has just taken the Y-DNA67 test as he wanted to know what branch of the McGregors he descended from. His results are now in and I see he is in the 'ungrouped' section. What does this mean? I know he will be concerned that this means he is not a McGregor. I am currently thinking up stories to tell him rather than the truth!! Can anyine explain it to me? He is kit no. 632568 James Alfred McGregor. I notice someone just posted a similar question.....what other tests would now be needed? Thanks Elaine (McGregor) Griffin
Stewart Buchanan
March 27 @ 9:13am
Elaine - I'm probably overstepping my mark here but all results are placed into "ungrouped" until an administrator sorts through them. Even if his results don't match in with Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor it is worth remembering that Scottish clans were loose affiliations and a direct male descent from a common ancestor was not the only thing that influenced the adoption of a particular surname. This article helps elaborate -
James McGregor
Yesterday at 10:39pm
Thank you Stewart. Richard has now put us in the 'Distant' group. Enjoyed reading the article and will print it out for him. Thanks again.
Bryan Stewart Bryan Stewart
March 26 @ 1:00pm
Are there any updates to SNP's downstream of R1b-690? I note on the web in several places, recent tests have uncovered some new SNPs in proximity to S690 and I have not had the time to research all of these. On a somewhat related note, I learned that a MacGregor of Glengyle briefly conquered part of Spanish Florida and declared a Republic of Florida in 1817. Though he moved on very quickly, the force Gregor MacGregor left behind held Amelia Island until the US forces under Andrew Jackson took over the province from Spain. Thus, if you see any Green Cross of Florida flags, this too may be a sign of a MacGregor alias!
Stewart Buchanan
March 27 @ 9:18am
I think Richard has a chart on his blog documenting the developing SNP lineages? There are also a few NGS results on the Big Tree ( I'm sure Richard is worth emailing direct for information.
Keith MacGregor
March 27 @ 1:42pm
Hi Bryan-There are new SNP tests coming out fairly soon in 2017, so you may want to hold on for a minute. The chap you're looking for in relation to Amelia Island near St Augustine is Gregor McGregor, Cachique of Poyais, and was I believe part of the Roro family. He did in fact take the Spanish island in 1817 but managed to get in trouble in his later years for selling useless land grants in London and Paris for beachfront on the Mosquito coast in Panama. We actually have some of the certificates. - Try google for more info. Keith
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March 27 @ 10:27am
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Andrew Borrowman Andrew Borrowman has a question!
March 25 @ 9:50am
I just got the results back for my Y DNA 37 marker kit. It says my haplogroup is R-M269. There does not seem to be any instructions on the MacGregor website or this website on what steps I need to do next to see if I am a MacGregor. Would someone mind sharing what I need to do?
Peter MacDonald
March 26 @ 1:13am
Andrew, I think Richard implied that you should order the L21 test first and if positive then order the L1335 test. This process takes more time however you will not be wasting money on the downstream tests if you not not L21+.
Richard McGregor
March 26 @ 4:45am
Thanks Peter - that is correct do L21+ first: I had a look at your results and I'm very sure that S690 will be negative so what you need to do is find out where you lie on the SNP tree. Therefore start with L21 and find out if it's positive or negative if it IS positive then the L21+ "panel" will get you more detail relating to more recent past. Doing SNP tests with a scattergun approach can work but you waste a lot of ammunition (i.e. money!)
Richard McGregor
March 26 @ 4:52am
If you go to my DNA blog and the entry for this year [] you'll find I spend quite a lot of time on SNPs and their testing including the following
Richard McGregor
March 26 @ 4:52am
Some project administrators make suggestions as to which more comprehensive test to take, or, they highlight specific SNPs that an individual might choose, but, these usually build on previous testing rather than being aimed at people starting to look at SNP testing for the first time. A good starting point is to observe what SNPs others in a group have already tested (FtDNA show these as ‘confirmed SNPs’ in green). Individuals who don’t know here to start with SNP testing do need to look for help from a project administrator regarding which SNP(s) to choose. If we take M269 (for group R1b) for example, in many projects in FtDNA this will show in red, meaning the SNP is predicted but unconfirmed. Normally the prediction is correct. If starting from this point probably the best thing to do, short of going straight to one of the two big tests mentioned above, is to have SNP L21 tested for positive or negative. If a person is L21 positive and doesn’t want to go down the line of Big Y or FGC testing then the next step, having looked at any confirmed green entries for SNPs in the sheets of excel data for people lying nearby in the grid, is to go for an L21 SNP Panel either with FtDNA or with (but using the latter will require a new registration and a new sample, although their pricing is competitive). If SNP testing is done with FtDNA, their results program will usually suggest what the next SNP tests might be. At a certain point in testing it is definitely worth (if only financially) trying an appropriate SNP Panel. For instance, results in the STR Y chromosome tables for a surname project which lean towards L1335 suggest that that would be a good STR Panel to test. Both FtDNA and YSEQ offer L1335 panels as well as individual SNPs (but doing one SNP at a time can get expensive).
Patrick White Patrick White has a question!
March 16 @ 3:18pm
How do you submit DNA test to the group?
Melanie Kilsby
March 16 @ 9:13pm
I believe your DNA test, when you are accepted into the group is apart of it, no submitting required. But, I am not 100 percent sure. Maybe send a direct message to Richard or Keith :D
Patrick White
March 17 @ 7:13am
Thank you Melanie
Richard McGregor
March 25 @ 6:49pm
That's correct or you have the option to choose groups to associate with from your personal DNA pages
Lindsay S. Rico Lindsay S. Rico
March 10 @ 2:29am
This is the other one. It is labeled as Marjorie McGregor.
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Lindsay S. Rico
March 21 @ 4:06pm
Thank you
Lisa Ellsworth(Kimball)
March 22 @ 1:47pm
your pics are awesome!!! i have mcgregors in my line
Lindsay S. Rico
March 23 @ 12:57am
Thanks, any from Michigan?
Lisa Ellsworth(Kimball)
March 25 @ 6:36pm
they are from all over in fact, we believe my bio dad may have been born in michagan and then moved to ny after his adoption
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Stewart Buchanan
September 9 @ 3:16pm
Test SNPs to find out if it is true or not!
Richard McGregor
September 14 @ 6:25pm
Couldn't have put it better!
Charles Dorn
March 11 @ 1:08pm
Which SNPs?
Bryan Stewart
March 16 @ 11:15pm
R1b-S690, among others.
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March 12 @ 10:26pm
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