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Leland Gilmore
Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin
July 15 @ 12:29am
As I am pretty clueless as to how all of this DNA stuff works, can someone please explain to me what the different letters mean in front of our GEDmatch numbers? For instance, my GEDmatch is Z361386, what does the 'Z' imply or relate to, if anything at all? :)
James Miller
July 15 @ 8:54am
The letter represents the company you tested with, I'm not sure what the Z is for. Mine are all T's and were F's for Family Tree DNA, until sometime ago.
Rosemary Leal
July 15 @ 1:47pm
Mine begins with "A" and I tested with Ancestry. It is overwhelming and I am right there with you.
James Miller
July 18 @ 1:33pm
Gedmatch has some very useful tools for finding cousins, especially if you have kits from members on both your paternal and maternal lines, best if you have father and mother, then you can "Phaze" your kit and have a maternal kit and a paternal kit for yourself. If you have kits from both sides you can use the People Who Match One or Both of 2 Kits tool to find cousins from that lineage. It is best to upload a Gedcom (electronic file of you family tree) along with your autosomal results upload. With the Gedcom you can compare your tree against others with a Gedcom uploaded to see if you have mutual names and dates within your trees by simply entering the two "Gedcom" numbers. It surprises me how many people have Gedmatch accounts and no Gedcom upload. I have ran across a few with a Gedcom uploaded and no autosomal results. Another thing that some folks do there that gets me is, they'll have say three autosomal uploads of people within the same tree, but instead of using one tree and attaching all three kits to it, they have 3 duplicate trees, ??????????
Julie Reynolds
July 19 @ 4:27am
AncestryDNA kit numbers start with 'A' 23andMe kit numbers start with 'M' Family Tree DNA kit numbers start with 'T' WeGene kit numbers start with 'W' GenetiConcept kit numbers start with 'E' Genes for Good kit numbers start with 'G' Undetermined or custom kits start with 'Z'
Alvin (Al) Stewart Alvin (Al) Stewart
June 3 @ 9:35pm
My Y test, up to the 67 level, along with the mtDna, and the family finder tests have been completed and my kit number is 647617.
James Miller
July 14 @ 8:37pm
Paul McGregor, as far as I know you can not upload YDNA to Gedmatch, only autosomal (Family Finder) results.
James Miller
July 14 @ 8:39pm
When you log in at Gedmatch, click on Generic Uploads Fast, it has a good explanation of how.
Paul McGregor
July 15 @ 3:01am
Thanks Al and James! I know how to load up to GedMatch and have done so with Ancestry DNA tests I manage, however it appeared from Al's 3rd comment in his post that he had uploaded a Y test. I am unsure if we could download our Y test to our own computer ... and if so where do I find the file and how do I do it? Cheers, Julie (manager of account)
Alvin (Al) Stewart
July 19 @ 12:43am
I deleted my GedMatch number as I am still having problems with the transfer of data. I will re-post when I am able to successfully transfer the data to GedMatch.
Arthur Donahue Arthur Donahue
July 18 @ 12:13pm
Hi! My dad's Y-DNA line immigrated from Ireland, specifically Co. Kerry as told to my dad from his dad, to the US. However, when we joined the O'Donoghue Society DNA project, we have no matches. We keep matching with Scottish people, particularly Magruders. Looks like the ones we match with in many cases have connections to Ireland. I have added my DNA to the project to research his connection, but I am not sure how to figure out anything from there :p - Erin Donahue
Arthur Donahue
July 18 @ 12:18pm
He's falling in "ungrouped" so does that mean he doesn't seem to match up with Magruder? Our most distant ancestor listed is James Donahue.
Russell McGregor Russell McGregor has a question!
July 14 @ 7:07pm
Hello, I have been researching my family for about twenty years but I am new to DNA testing. It appears I have much to learn. I received the Y37 test results this week and scanned the McGregor list and didn't find many with the same Haplogroup. My Haplogroup is Q-M242 and my kit number is 654645. My earliest known paternal ancestor was Mathew McGregor born about 1818, in Western Pennsylvania. I am not sure what I should do next as this system is not very intuitive.
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July 14 @ 1:50pm
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Cheryl Knoch Joshua McAdams
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July 9 @ 1:43pm
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Thomas  Greear d f Gary Greer
James Robertson James Robertson has a question!
April 23 @ 7:40am
Hi, If your Big Y test (Kit #B20167) does not show a result or match for SNP S690, how can you find out whether it is a Yes or No for your DNA lineage? Currently the SNPs related to MacGregor include: R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > Z39589 > L1335/S530 > L1065 > Z16325 > S744 > S691 > S695 and then the trail stops. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Patricia (James' daughter)
James McGregor
April 24 @ 11:47am
Do you have a result for S697?
Stewart Buchanan
April 28 @ 5:22pm
Have you put it on the big tree
Richard McGregor
May 3 @ 5:45pm
I think that S690 must be negative but I'm surprised it doesn't show that
Mark Stone
July 7 @ 11:36am
Hi James , are you saying that Z39589 is macgregor dna?
Andrew Borrowman Andrew Borrowman
May 9 @ 4:36pm
So I took the 3 SNP tests, L1335, L21, and S690 that you recommended to see if our family legend that we are MacGregors is indeed true. Unfortunately, all three are negative. Am I wrong in assuming that this is conclusive proof that the family legend is wrong?
John Murray
May 12 @ 1:11pm
There is a common misconception, which is often expressed on this page, that all R haplogroup McGregors are descended from the same basic sets of Y bloodlines. While it would help support your family legend if you were positive for those three SNPs, the fact that you are not does not disprove the legend. I have a Y which is outside the core McGregor Ys (R-L21+L1335+L1065+Z16329+Z16331-), but I have a bunch of low level McGregor STR matches (as well as matches to a dozen other common Scottish surnames - albeit almost no Murrays).
Mark Stone
July 7 @ 11:32am
Hi John , my name is Mark Stone and I am positive for L21, Df1e, L1335, L1065 with A suprise , a Z39589 del . I believe that I'm a hidden Macgregor on based that my surname came out of nowhere and I have 731 matches that is not my sir name, can you help please?
Mark Stone
July 7 @ 11:34am
Sorry John , I ment DF13.
James McGregor James McGregor
November 20 @ 9:59pm
I was brought here by Matt Mac, administrator of the excellent facebook page "History of Clan Gregor". I had my father take the Y37 test after finding our McGregor surname stopped in the 1600's with a family named McGilchrist in Glasgow. One of the McGilchrist children, Robert McGregor, was given or changed to the name McGregor in the 1670's. I suspected McGilchrist was just a cover name during the ban, and perhaps they named one child McGregor during a lapse in enforcement, but wasn't sure, so we ordered the test kit. The results have been very interesting to look at. One match that showed up is the following with a genetic distance of 3: Sir Malcolm MacGregor Of MacGregor whose most distant relative is "Gregor founder of the clan" R-L1335 L1335. I assume with that match, that we are legitimate McGregor's and not just later adopters of the name. Edited to add kit number 564106
Richard McGregor
July 4 @ 6:12pm
At the moment the SNP DNA will not identify family connections at that level and records are very sparse for that time period. I haven't seen anything in the available Register of Deeds for them but of course there are no indexes for 1715 to 1752. If you think she was monied it might be an idea to try getting more on her - what about a possible will or land transfer
July 5 @ 3:03am
Hi Richard,Thanks for answering.I am trying to look at this logically.If I am in the Iaan Cham group.Should mall the others claiming to be from Robert be in the same group.I*f they are all in another group maybe I am from a different group? Regards Stuart
James McGregor
July 5 @ 1:19pm
Hi Richard, I am aware of the Rob Roy marriage mistake to Jean Kego but am unfamiliar with the McGilchrist transcription error. Do you have more details on how they have many children named McGilchrist listed with one Robert McGregor. Should the other offspring have actually been named McGregor?
James McGregor
July 6 @ 5:26pm
Here is a source that confirms the existence of Donald McGilchrist in Glasgow: The National Archives of Scotland, Testament of Donald McGilcrist, Ref. #CC9/7/46, pp. 123-124; CC9/7/51, pp. 156-157