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gerald gregg Kim Skinner John Macgregor Skinner
Enrique MacGregor Enrique MacGregor
August 4 @ 9:46am
Is anyone here connected to the MacGregor family from Mexico who are descendants of Juan Luis/John Lewis MacGregor (1785 - 1841)? His father was Alexander MacGregor (abt. 1740 - bef. 1790), from St. James Santee in South Carolina, USA. Alexander served as a Captain in the American Revolution and held elected office in the General Assembly of SC. I'm very interested in finding the connector to Scotland.
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Carlos Carpizo
September 3 @ 3:57pm
I am through my father Carlos Carpizo MacGregor. Let's hope that more relatives come forward ....
Enrique MacGregor
September 14 @ 10:11am
My Y37 results are identical to 347327. What does that mean, and can I get in touch with him?
Enrique MacGregor
September 14 @ 10:13am
Carlos --I don't see your tree on FTDNA. Is it set to private? We should link our trees since we know we are related!
14 hours ago
Hi Enrique,You come up as a close relation to Stuart McGregor and Eric McGregor .We would like to know some family history.Particularly your Scottish relations.Regards Stuart
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February 18 @ 9:19am
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Carlos Carpizo MacGregor
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February 14 @ 8:36pm
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Jessica Franklin Amy Mackie
James Miller
February 14 @ 10:21pm
Getting closer, my 3c1r is now up from a 37 marker match to a 67 marker at GD 0. May have him for a Big Y match soon, he took Big Y / Y111 during the sale. Do not know his batch number. My kit is 356313. I have taken Big Y / Y 111 haplo R-S5512.
Dodd Greer Dodd Greer has a question!
February 10 @ 1:50pm
Is there an SNP test for the Pictish SNP?
Richard McGregor
February 12 @ 8:10pm
Scotland’s DNA now defunct would say its S530 but it depends what time in the past we are talking about - Picts were first recorded quite late so were they Picts before they were called that or is a Pict simply indigenous to Scotland as distinct from Dalriadic (and Irish connected) Scot. And is there any difference between them? I don’t think anyone can say for sure
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February 11 @ 8:16am
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Scott Duncan walter mcghee Riley Grigsby David Orr Edna Campbell Amber McAdams
Edna Campbell
February 10 @ 2:50pm
Hi, I was told my G G Grandfather came from South Carolina he was born abt. 1818 his name is James Gregory that is the name on my G grandfather death Cerf. have no more info. on him my grandpa died before I was born an my Dad died when I was 9yrs. old. I'm hoping to get any info. or match. Thanks for letting me join.
Kelly Ritter Kelly Ritter
January 30 @ 7:20pm
Hello. I am a descendant of the Monroe family. I joined this group because of Monroe being an associated surname with MacGregor as stated in the summary about this group. I have just as many MacGregor genetic matches as I do from my Monroe line. Did these two clans associate with each other at some point in time ? I am very new at learning about my Scottish lineage.
Richard McGregor
February 6 @ 6:46pm
It's possible Munro was used as an alias when the name MacGregor was proscribed
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February 4 @ 6:28pm
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James Miller James Miller
January 30 @ 9:42am
Some have asked how I made this tree so I am posting the process for those of you that wish to build your own. I opened my tree, took a print screen of each SNP that I tested positive or presumed positive for with the variants drop down open saving them to a given folder on pc, trimmed each up in paint (a little larger than required), saved as jpeg, inserted as pictures in excel, cropped to fit the cell's width and making the lines between SNP's line up. Enlarge the cells to fit the height of the picture. Inserted the objects (rectangles) changing the color to grey with no boarder for the boxes that contain the typing (changed to color red). Inserted the lines changing color to red. Inserted more objects changing the color to grey with no boarder to cover the names and other parts that you don't want seen. I inserted one final grey rectangle and made it the size of all pictures, set it over the pictures and sent it to the back to cover the excess lines of excel. This rectangle is sized only to the width of the pictures, the cells to the left and right with the typing and the cells of the unnamed variants are shaded grey. Made an area of cells large enough to contain my unnamed variants, went to Big Y results and copied and pasted them in place. I went to my YDNA 37 matches took a print screen, trimmed, inserted and cropped same. Inserted the rectangles in grey with red boarders and the lines changed to red and another large rectangle for background. I have no Big Y matches so I have not added that picture as yet but am looking forward to the day I have to do so. Hope this helps you with making your own (Personal Big Y Tree). After all above is done, I set the print area, printed in adobe pdf then print screened the pdf and trimmed in paint saving as jpeg for posting to web pages that you cannot post a file to.
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January 28 @ 4:30pm
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