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Richard McGregor Richard McGregor
June 19 @ 4:34pm
I have recently sent out an email asking participants in the project to please consider giving administrators full access if possible. I have discovered at least one thing that I now cannot do which means that I have had to send this email to a number of participants.
Richard McGregor
June 19 @ 4:34pm
I am the MacGregor group admin. Because of the EU regulations and having only Group Project access I can no longer put a holding earliest surname label into the results page for the project. Can I ask you please to put [the surname] in the blank box or the details of earliest known ancestor.
Richard McGregor
June 19 @ 4:36pm
I'm not sure what other functions I previously performed have been affected by this change. Please do review your access options - especially Group Project Access only which means administrators can do very little.
Arthur Miller Arthur Miller
June 14 @ 11:49am
I have just joined, on spec, as a Miller. I am wondering if my Scottish Joseph Miller ancestor to the Chester-Lancaster county line area of PA might have come from a converted earlier name from McGregor. My regular and Y-specific DNA hits include several Magruders and Bealls of early MD but my earliest known Miller in America was not, to my knowledge, anywhere near there. He was in Lancaster PA by 1751 and died there 1799. His wife's origin also was Scot/Scots-Irish, from Northern Ireland. He was a dissenting Presbyterian (Seceder/Associate), her parents were "establishment" Presbyterian in America. I don't yet know if my Joseph was the immigrant to America or whether he was second-generation or so. We don't yet have a birth date on him. He was old enough to be a storekeeper when he arrived in Lancaster in 1751, and he quickly became justice of the peace. He is listed, as well, in both Miller DNA projects, for comparison. I'm baffled that his Y-67 hasn't produced more Miller hits (just 4 of genetic distance of 3-4 in three pages. Seems like more Magruder/Beall combos, but also not real close. His autosomal also draws Magruder-Beall hits. So hmmm. What's up with this? Seemed time to compare here as well.
James McGregor
June 15 @ 2:11pm
It's my understanding that Magruders have been proven to not be genetically MacGregors. To know for sure that you are not MacGregor bloodline, SNP S690 and S697 can be tested.
Robert Buick Robert Buick
May 21 @ 12:07am
Is anyone else having difficulty upgrading for an existing
Robert Buick
May 21 @ 12:10am
Cont... existing STR test (Y-67) to the Big Y-500? I have tried to upgrade a number of times and get an inconsistent popup that states Y-111 is not allowed or unavailable... and sometime I don't get the popup. The upgrade lists the price as $499.00, however even if I remove the Y-111 the prices stays the same.
Patrick McGregor
May 21 @ 10:45am
Are you saying you're trying to order both Y111 and Big Y? Just order the Big Y. Y111 is included with it. I recently did the same upgrade to Big Y from Y67 and called in to FTDNA and they confirmed that markers 68 to to 111 will be done first, then the Big Y.
Robert Buick
May 22 @ 1:08pm
Patrick, thanks for the feedback. I called FTDNA and got it worked out BIG Y-500 is in the works.
Bryan Stewart Bryan Stewart
May 18 @ 2:34pm
I was made aware of which is a brilliant tool for helping to determine with your STRs, what your SNP might be. To use it, you will need to download your STR data (into a MS Excel file,) then copy and paste this data into the website.
Richard McGregor
May 18 @ 4:48pm
I managed it by simply copying the line of numbers for a single MacGregor who had done 67 marker test, and selected the appropriate group (R1b). It came back with S691 which is close but about 3 SNPs away from S690 which is the MacGregor identifier SNP. However it is downstream from L1065 so you would know straight away to test THAT panel.
Patrick McGregor Patrick McGregor has a question!
April 24 @ 4:02pm
Trying to find my McGregor roots is Scotland. It's tough since I'm pretty sure my ancestors were brought in chains (indentured servant) to the US colonies back in the 1700s. Kit #343537 in the "Distant McGregor" subgroup. Tested to the Y67 level. Should I do SNP testing next? If so, what pack should I buy? Thank you.
Richard McGregor
April 27 @ 1:14pm
You need to find out first if you are L21 positive or negative because that then indicates where DNA testing should begin but hang on and I’ll look at your results and see if they suggest anything
Patrick McGregor
May 10 @ 9:57am
Ordered Big Y on the last day of the sale. So that should cover all of the SNPs.
Yvonne Gammell Yvonne Gammell
October 29 @ 12:42pm
Hi: I am a new member. Not sure how to search previous posts in the activity feed, but I was able to find other people I should be related to in the y-chart (us claiming similar ancestors). I was hoping to find out if our branch of the McGregor tree has made a DNA link back to a Scottish ancestor and who that is. This is my lineage. It is a "William the Preacher" descendancy if that helps. :-) William J McGregor m. Mary Jane Stiles son Jehu m. Sarah Dodson son Jesse m. Ruth Elizabeth McDaniel son John Marshall m. Martha Higginbotham (confirmed) dau Amanda Victoria m. Samuel Henderson McGee (confirmed) dau Martha Lee McGee m. John Jefferson Curtis (confirmed) dau Dorothy Willene Curtis m. Edward Reaves Huskey (my grandparents) dau Carolyn Reaves Huskey m. Jack McCowan (my parents) Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks! :-)
Scott McGregor
March 3 @ 8:18pm
We are descendants of William the Preacher McGregor but his wife was Sarah Courtland. His son William Jr. (born in North Carolina) however was married to a Mary Jane Stiles. We are descended through 3 lines of William McGregors. There is a good tree on the Hennessee family website. Currently it’s not loading but I recommend checking it out later!
Peter MacDonald
March 4 @ 2:48pm
What were your Y DNA test results Scott McGregor?
Scott McGregor
April 25 @ 1:50am
@Peter, currently tested only for Y37 but looking to upgrade soon. You can find us under kit 667833 in the chart.
Yvonne Gammell
May 6 @ 6:35pm
Thanks, Scott. I use The Hennessee Family website quite a bit, and have known David for about 20 years now. The Hennessee website still says that Will Jr's wife is Mary Jane Stiles. It says the Preacher's wife is Sarah Flowers, which makes some sense considering all of the McGregors named Flowers since the 1750s. I have seen Sarah Courtland come up a few times in McGregor trees on Ancestry, but there are so many Williams between the Preacher, the Rebel, and the Warrick that it is super easy for researchers to mix them up. I am currently searching for Stiles and Flowers cousins. I'll add Courtland to the list to check for cousins, but if you have any documentation on their marriage that would be great too. Also since I wrote this, I have found Dodson and McDaniel cousins as well so I have DNA confirmed everything from the Jehu McGregor/Sarah Dodson marriage. A cousin popped up today who is a descendant of Elizabeth Webb, who is one of the WIlliams' wives. The Hennessee website says she may have been Will Jr's first wife. I just got a few William Bartlett McGregor descendants in my DNA cousins list so I was wondering if anyone else has crossed the lines between the Preacher and the Rebel. Or between the Preacher and the Warrick. I think they are likely all related at some point and I hoping our DNA tests prove that out at some point.
James Miller James Miller
April 28 @ 9:49am
Update on the Big Y 500 test of my confirmed 3c1r. I got to talk with my 3c1r who is waiting on his Big Y 500 results on the phone. He says they have changed his completion date several times and it is now set for May 5 - 12. The phone conversation came about being as the result of a family based Facebook Group started by a distant cousin after he found me through a spreadsheet of Gedmatch Kits given to him by his aunt that I had made some time in the past of other descendants of our MRCA. The previous sentence is proof that it is good to have some Family Finder tests (my uncle, my son and myself are tested and in the spreadsheet) to go with your YDNA and upload the results to Gedmatch, almost all of my cousins on the spreadsheet tested at Ancestry so if I had not uploaded to Gedmatch, this all would have never happened. With that said I have now have found another male Miller through the Facebook group who is interested in taking the Big Y 500. The Facebook group has doubled the number of Miller cousins I have contact with in less than 2 weeks. James L Miller
Michele Natale Michele Natale
April 27 @ 2:45pm
HI, I have only done FF.. from traditional history and published history (history of Kentucky) my connection to the clan would be via Ann MacGregor who married Henry Connelly in NC. There has been no mention of her having any brothers (thats not to say she didnt have any).. Her parents are said to be Archibald MacGregor and Edith MacAlpine. In searching the name MacGregor on my projects page I show 4 matches. One male , Three female. So I can only assume I have some matching MacGregor DNA to these people. IS there any way I can find out what group I might belong to if any?.. I do not see a listing of FF results, just YDNA and mtDNA.. Thanks
James McPherson James McPherson
April 25 @ 12:41pm
Just upgraded my brother James McPherson's Y111 to the Big Y! - Susan McPherson Brouwer
James McGregor James McGregor
November 20, 2016 @ 9:59pm
I was brought here by Matt Mac, administrator of the excellent facebook page "History of Clan Gregor". I had my father take the Y37 test after finding our McGregor surname stopped in the 1600's with a family named McGilchrist in Glasgow. One of the McGilchrist children, Robert McGregor, was given or changed to the name McGregor in the 1670's. I suspected McGilchrist was just a cover name during the ban, and perhaps they named one child McGregor during a lapse in enforcement, but wasn't sure, so we ordered the test kit. The results have been very interesting to look at. One match that showed up is the following with a genetic distance of 3: Sir Malcolm MacGregor Of MacGregor whose most distant relative is "Gregor founder of the clan" R-L1335 L1335. I assume with that match, that we are legitimate McGregor's and not just later adopters of the name. Edited to add kit number 564106
James McGregor
July 25, 2017 @ 7:49pm
After further discussion with Stuart and Richard, and for the benefit of anyone else who may read these posts and descend from Robert McGregor 1677 husband of Jean Kego. I now understand the McGilchrist reference issue. A particular document showing the McGilchrist family has a Robert born 1669. Upon initial inspection, this record does look like McGregor, but with close scrutiny it becomes obvious that it is McGilchrist and it is this record that must be the source of the error on so many trees on family history sites. I have removed McGilchrist from my trees and noted the error. It would seem likely that the Robert McGregor and Jean Kego family used the name McGregor throughout proscription times.
Stewart Buchanan
August 11, 2017 @ 10:52am
James did you put your kit up on
James McGregor
August 13, 2017 @ 6:20pm
Hi Stewart, yes, I did submit the raw data to ytree.
George McGregor
April 24 @ 9:22am
Robert 'McGregor' B:1669 used a different spelling of the Name - McGreggar. No doubt the spelling may have kept the family safe.