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About us

The MacGregor DNA Project exists to ascertain who the MacGregors are and where they come from, particularly in the context of Proscription where the very name was forbidden for 171 years. It also exists to help MacGregors and those who believe they are MacGregors, compare bloodlines and ancestry, for family research purposes. As the project has developed we have welcomed members from the various sept names. In many cases we find that those bearing these names are related to each other (a particular example is the Orr subgroup - this name is supposed to be Gaelic ''our'' meaning dark). At the moment most of the sept names are separate groups who would therefore be associated with MacGregors as ''part-takers''. However since many of our members are in America it is hard to say whether these surname results are just coming from one or two original founders in North America and are therefore not necessarily typical for the names in all their various British/Irish original locations.