Little Scottish Cluster
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About us

The Little Scottish Cluster is an "advanced" haplogroup of R-L21 men who share a common ancestor about 2300 years ago +or- 350 years. There are a wide variety of surnames in the project. The majority of men in this group (but not all) trace their ancestry to southern Scotland, where the common ancestor is believed to have lived. Thanks to recent NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technology, we now know that all of the men in the cluster belong to the Y-DNA haplogroup R-S424 but branch off of R-S426 at R-S190/R-CTS2187. This project was once called the Little Scottish Cluster project, but now also goes by Little Scottish Cluster aka R-S424 Project. With the exception of the Reddin men and those closely related to them, the rest of the men in this cluster belong to the downstream haplogroup R-S190/R-CTS2187. You do not need to be deep clade tested to join the project, but your predicted haplogroup should at least start with R1b & you must have performed the minimum of a Y-DNA67 marker test. Your haplotype should have DYS464a=13 (some exceptions permitted) and DYS590=9 (if tested, no exceptions). It should also have most of the following values: DYS391=10, DYS 458=18, DYS449=30, GATAH4=10, DYS413=22-23. Men in this group should test positive for the SNP R-S426 or one of its downstream SNPs such as R-S190 / R-CTS2187. Please see background section for more information. An Admin can admit a Y-DNA37 Test if he has proof of descendancy to a project member in the project.