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Little Scottish Cluster

R1b - CTS2187 / S190
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About us

The Little Scottish Cluster is a group of R-L21 men who share a recent common ancestor. Age estimates for this group generally range from 1800 to 2000 years before present--well before the adoption of surnames. As a result, we find a wide variety of surnames in this project. Most men in this group trace their ancestry to central Scotland, where their common ancestor is believed to have lived. The defining Y-chromosome mutation for the Little Scottish Cluster is R-S190, which is also named R-CTS2187. This mutation was passed down from fathers to sons for dozens of generations, eventually to appear in the DNA test results of all men in this project who have been confirmed as being a part of the LSC. The presence of this mutation can be detected as part of Big Y testing or through individual SNP testing. The Little Scottish Cluster project is run by volunteer administrators who provide support to members through interpretation of test results, organizing results into groups, and responding to project member questions in the project's Activity Feed. See the Results tab above for a detailed explanation of the current understanding of the history and current state of the Little Scottish Cluster. Please Note: You must qualify in order to join or be accepted into the "Little Scottish Cluster. Qualifying: 1. We accept only Y-DNA67 & above testing 2. You must also meet our Modal Parameters 3. You must "Opt In" to Sharing your Profile in the Group Project Profile area of your Account Settings. Please keep in mind, the "Little Scottish Cluster" only allows "Project Members" to view Y-DNA results. We "do not" allow the general public to come in & view our project. In addition, we only display the Last Name of the Project Member. We feel this system is fair & equitable to everyone in the Project.