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Bob Akin Bob Akin
April 11 @ 2:47pm
Just for everyone's interest, after the last FTDNA Big Y-500 - Big Y-700 upgrade sale, we had 37 upgrades for the Big Y-700 & one new Big Y-700 test.
Justin Hall
10 hours ago
I upgraded to the Y700 test because of the sale. Could someone explain what this test could reveal and how it might help in tracing my Hall line?
Bob Akin
4 hours ago
Your Hall Group is composed of 4 different SNP's that make up your Hall Family. So, the Big Y-700 will provide you with your most downstream SNP and thus position you with those that have also performed a Big Y. Using those SNP's, you can begin to construct the structure of your Hall Clan and determine the legs of it in terms of genealogy. So, since you have not performed a Big Y before, it will be interesting to see if you fall within the existing 4 SNP's or if you may be a completely different SNP. Based on your association with others in your Y-DNA matching, it is likely you will end up matching Z29556 but you never know.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
April 19 @ 8:49am
FTDNA "DNA DAY" Sale - Good until end of day, 25 April 2019. Please Note: To find the R1b-S3058 SNP Pack, go to your FTDNA Account Dashboard, click on Haplotree & SNP's, scroll all the way down the page after it loads & you will see the "Advanced SNP Order Form", Click it and use the FILTER to choose SNP Packs, enter to find: R1b - S3058 SNP Pack. You can order it there.
Charles Clark
April 19 @ 9:13am
I received a new DNA test kit to upgrade to the Y700 and have submitted it for testing.
Bob Akin
April 19 @ 7:49pm
Mine is in the mailbox headed back to FTDNA also.
David Turner
April 20 @ 4:57pm
Mine is in process at FTDNA
Bob Akin Bob Akin
March 27 @ 11:26am
New Information from FTDNA in regards to the Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 Upgrade. From now until March 31st, users can upgrade for only $179. After March 31st the standard upgrade price will be $249. ______________________________________________________________ If everyone remembers, when FTDNA first announced the Big Y-700, they said that they planned no upgrade path from the Big Y-500 to the Big Y-700 because it was a new, totally, separate test with new equipment. I think we are quite lucky to be able to grab this upgrade now & that they have decided to give us a better deal to upgrade at all.
Ralph Shaw
March 31 @ 8:59pm
Big Y-700 Upgrade ordered!
James Mooney
April 3 @ 1:27pm
Did not realize there was a deadline of March 31. I missed the opportunity and will have to stay at the Y500 level.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
March 25 @ 11:12am
I received an email from Alex Williamson today and thought it would be a good idea to post it here: Alex Williamson 3-25-2019 10:17 AM (48 minutes ago) to me (Bob) Hi Bob, The upgrade from Y500 to Y700 is now available for $179. I would recommend it to anyone who has taken a BigY or Big Y500. On average, they say it should add about 50% more SNPs. So that means 50% more SNPs to their own private line, and 50% more SNPs upstream on the tree which could identify further branching. Most importantly, it fixes the problem of comparing Big Y500 and Big Y700 kits. I think the sale runs to the end of the month. I don't recall if you need a coupon code or not. I do have some coupon codes at home and can send to you tonight. I'll be ordering at least 2 of these upgrades. Regards, Alex
Bob Akin
March 25 @ 11:14am
I ordered the upgrade...……...I might note that it appears no coupon is needed, to my knowledge, all you have to do is click on your FTDNA account and look for Upgrades and you will see it there. This upgrade is good until March 31st only.
Charles Clark
March 26 @ 10:30am
Thanks for the heads-up. I just ordered my upgrade from Y500 to Y700.
Clarence Land
March 26 @ 10:43am
Thanks. No coupon was necessary and it was $179
Bob Akin Bob Akin
March 27 @ 11:30am
NEW IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM FTDNA _______________________________________________________ ***Please note:*** The lab prefers fresher samples for the Big Y-700, so if the only sample available is a partial sample in the lab that is more than 2 years old, the lab is having us reach out to those kit managers to see if we are able to obtain fresh sample. We're looking into sample availability at the time of purchase, so if the person ordering the test receives an email about sending new sample, please respond directly to that email to let us know either your mailing address for the new collection kit or if the tester is no longer available and we need to use that partial sample. _______________________________________________________ From: Bob Akin I would highly recommend, if at all possible, that you submit a Y-DNA sample for the Big Y-700.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
March 27 @ 11:56am
For those of you who have not ordered a Big Y - See this special for the Big Y-700 Special Ends: March 31st, 2019 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Big Y-700 new kit: $449 (saves $200, code: GCC19BIGY) Y12 to Big Y700: $449 (saves $180, code: GCC19122BY) Y25 to Big Y700: $449 (saves $150, code: GCC19252BY) Y37 to Big Y700: $449 (saves $120, code: GCC19372BY) Y67 to Big Y700: $399 (saves $100, code: GCC19BYUP) Y111 to Big Y700: $349 (saves $100, code: GCC19BYUP)
Bob Akin Bob Akin
March 26 @ 2:43pm
For anyone interested in ordering a full Big Y-700, use this coupon code to get $200 off the normal pricing: Good through March 31st, 2019 $200 off Big Y-700 Use Code: GGC19BIGY
Roy Gilmore Roy Gilmore has a question!
March 5 @ 9:41pm
Does anyone know why FTDNA thinks that I'm R-FGC3215 and "The Big Tree" seems to think that I'm the sole R-FGC3216* man? It's exactly the same data, how can there be a discrepancy? With two different interpretations, which one is *right*? Obviously, if I'm R-FGC3216*, I'm also R-FGC3215, but why does FTDNA think I'm "only" R-FGC3215 and why does "The Big Tree" think I'm R-FGC3216*? Is DNA testing an art or a science? I'm really not trying to be sarcastic, I'm trying to learn, and I'm just curious how there can be two different interpretations of the same data.
Bob Akin
March 6 @ 10:48am
I would recommend calling FTDNA and poise that question to them.
Roy Gilmore
March 10 @ 9:47am
Well, in *my* experience, FTDNA's customer service is less than useless. FTDNA's customer service has ***NEVER*** answered ***ANY*** of *my* questions satisfactorily. What's worse, most of the time, FTDNA's customer service doesn't bother to respond to *my* questions at ***ALL***. Maybe it's just *me* that they treat like crap. Maybe they treat everyone else just fine. That's why I asked the members.
Bob Akin
March 12 @ 12:15pm
I would then poise your question to Alex Williamson.
Roy Gilmore
March 27 @ 2:08pm
UPDATE: Alex Williamson was able to get my haplogroup updated to R-FGC3216 on FTDNA, so my haplogroup on FTDNA and on "The Big Tree" now match. Thank you Alex!
Frederick Smith Frederick Smith has a question!
February 26 @ 12:21pm
Hi, I joined this group tentatively, understanding that further testing might show me to be very closely related, but not actually LSC. It seems like I have enough evidence now to ask for some advice on how best to proceed from here. I just got confirmation from snp testing that I am S-3058 and I have the following characteristic STR markers: DYS464a=13 and DYS590=9 (Y64 test taken so far). I also have DYS391=10, DYS449 =30 and GATAH4=10. I differ it seems with DYS458=20 and DYS413=21-23. Out of the 67 markers inferred for LSC I have 57 or 58. I realize that almost everyone misses on some due to particular mutations in their line. So I'm wondering what you think based upon the above. Ultimately I want to take the Big Y, but maybe the snp pack for S3058 would be good way to go short term? I'm open to any suggestions. This Scottish connection was all a surprise to me. As you can see my surname Smith is extremely common and we only know that they were in colonial Maryland in the 1700's. The assumption was that Smith was from England.
Bob Akin
February 28 @ 8:57am
Hello Frederick, I believe I have already addressed your question or concerns prior to seeing your Activity Feed comment. As you mention, missing on two of the parameters is common. We do have a few who have met the parameters perfectly, but that is not the norm. Thanks for joining & looking forward to your S3058 SNP Pack Results.
Frederick Smith
February 28 @ 11:04am
Bob, thanks a lot for getting back to me so promptly. I ordered the S3058 pack yesterday so I'll anxiously await those results. Also I'll make another attempt to contact my one Y-67 match. It could be that my group broke off pretty early on and ultimately will have it's own terminal snp assigned when I can do the Big Y.
Frederick Smith
March 21 @ 10:18pm
I just got my S3058 SNP Pack results. I'm FGC3215 - so definitely in this Little Scottish Cluster. After that I must be down my own unique line. Maybe the Big Y-700 would identity new downstream SNPs. Not sure exactly how that works.
Bob Akin
March 22 @ 8:02am
Hey Frederick, thanks for alerting me that your results had come in. I have repositioned you to the SNP FGC3215 Group. To answer your question about the Big Y-700, you will notice that you can see the SNP's that the S3058 SNP Pack checked you against, you can see the positive and negative results. The Big Y-700 could possibly find a new SNP, it can't be guaranteed, but possible. The best part of the Big Y-700 is that it does produce a Raw Data File for you and an extensive BAM File, that can be utilized by advanced genetic software to further provide additional information about your results. Most of us in the project have not only allowed Alex Williamson, the creator of this project to research our Raw Data & BAM File to be posted in his Big Tree but many of us have also utilized Y-Full which provides helpful age estimates & other valuable information as well.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
February 13 @ 7:37pm
We have 5 Big Y-700 Results coming in any day now up to April 1st. Those kits are: 138030, 545564, 130171, 390255, & 92306.