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April 19 @ 8:44pm
Beginning April 20th, our National DNA Day sale begins! The promotion ends at 11:59 pm Central Time on Thursday, April 27.
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Bob Akin
April 20 @ 8:16am
I might point out that this brings down the cost of the 130 SNP's tested by the S3058 SNP Pack to about $.68 per SNP, a great price to expand your Haplogroup, especially if you are a R-M269.
Bob Akin
April 27 @ 12:00pm
This message is to anyone in the R-M269 Group of the R-S424 Project. You have until midnight tonight if you want to take advantage of the sale of $89 for the S3058 SNP Pack which would provide you with a near or final terminating Haplogroup. It tests you against 130 Known SNP's in the area downstream of S3058, which at $89 reduces the testing price per SNP to $.68 each. Compare this to the standard single SNP Price of $39 each and you will see what a great opportunity to get a great price really is.
Bob Akin
May 4 @ 12:56pm
For the information of the R-S424 Project Members, we had at least 7 members place orders for the Big Y and at least 6 members place orders for the S3058 SNP Pack. So, speaking for the project, I would say the recent FTDNA sale, with it's reduced costs, were very helpful for our project members. I believe we all look forward to seeing the new results. Thanks for your participation.
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May 1 @ 2:25am
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A Okamoto
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April 26 @ 7:38am
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M Hibbitt M Hibbitt
April 6 @ 5:04pm
My dad has already tested positive for S190/CTS2187. Now we are considering drilling deeper. The R1b-DF21 Panel at YSEQ (https://www.yseq.net/product_info.php?products_id=6143) is cheaper than the S-3058 Pack at FTDNA. However, I am unsure how the two tests compare with regards to getting closer to the terminal SNP. I would like to know which test would give us the best information. Any help would be gratefully received.
M Hibbitt
April 8 @ 2:22pm
Thank you Frank. I will speak to my dad and see how he wants to proceed.
Bob Akin
April 12 @ 7:53am
To any project members considering the above mentioned Panel test, I have only to comment that for $88 that test only tests 22 SNP's in the area of the YTree that members of the R-S424 reside. In contrast, the S3058 SNP Pack offered by FTDNA tests 130 SNP's exactly in the area of the YTree we reside for only $119. The comparison is that the above $88 test will cost you $4 per SNP to test for the 22 SNP's in the R-S424 area, while the FTDNA test only costs you $.92 per SNP to test 130 SNP's, which is 88 more SNP's tested than the above mentioned test. The S3058 SNP is clearly the best test, when comparing these two panel tests, and is specialized for the best results in the area of the YTree where R-S424 resides.
Daniel Bogle
April 19 @ 10:07pm
. . . note that all the items mentioned above (SNP packs, Big Y) are on sale for the next week or so. All-time low prices, as far as I recall.
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April 8 @ 5:04pm
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March 26 @ 4:29am
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