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Bob Akin Bob Akin
February 13 @ 7:37pm
We have 5 Big Y-700 Results coming in any day now up to April 1st. Those kits are: 138030, 545564, 130171, 390255, & 92306.
Leslie Miller Leslie Miller has a question!
January 26 @ 12:37pm
Hi Bob, my y-111 results are in, how do I download them to the group?
Bob Akin
January 27 @ 12:00am
Hey Leslie, they are automatically downloaded to the project. However, unfortunately, it appears your Haplogroup designation is DF-41 rather than DF21. In addition, your STR's do not match the parameters of this project, sorry. I have forwarded an email to you in this regard, Best of Luck to you.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
December 31 @ 7:25pm
Happy New Year Everyone!
James Stewart James Stewart has a question!
December 3 @ 4:03am
How do I post my farthest known ancestor, and also am I supposed to list a match outpost my farthest known ancestor I've reserved? Thank you
Bob Akin
December 3 @ 9:16am
Hello James, I don't quite understand the 2nd question, but as for the 1st question, you can list your Most Distant Known Ancestor on your FTDNA Dashboard by going to your Name & Kit# in the top-right portion of the page, drop down to Account Settings, Genealogy, & there you can post both Paternal & Maternal Earliest Known Ancestors or who you would like to use as your patriarch. You can let me know about the 2nd question if you still have a question.
James Stewart
December 6 @ 9:56am
It was supposed to say researched, none of my DNA matches really help.
Bob Akin
December 6 @ 5:12pm
Hey James, will contact you via email.
James Stewart
December 7 @ 4:20am
Jimmy Ray Miller c/o Lara Jimmy Ray Miller c/o Lara
December 6 @ 3:01pm
I just saw a YouTube video. The North Carolina Genealogy Scociety "NCGS" (video shot at the NCGS conference recently in October 2018) it's on Genealogy TV channel, I just subcribed & gave a thumbs up ANYWAY...THEY ARE NEEDING BIBLE RECORDS THAT TIE TO NORTH CAROLINA TO PUBLISH A NEW BOOK (2nd book) even if you are in another state, as long as it ties you to NC. Info & email to send your records on their website here:. *make sure the scanned copies are excellent & spread the word! https://www.ncgenealogy.org/news/new-bible-record-book/
Bob Akin Bob Akin
November 24 @ 12:44am
Special for Big Y Testers who purchased a Big Y before April 20, 2018. PLEASE NOTE! Until further notice, any project member who has an STR product (Y-12, 25, 37, or 67) AND ordered a Big Y before 4/20/18, but has not yet upgraded to the Y-111, you can contact FTDNA and have that order placed for you by IT. That means: if someone bought a Y-67 and a Big Y before April 20, 2018 and now wants the 67 - 111 upgrade to fill in those missing STRs, they must contact FTDNA - either through the Contact Form - or - email: groups@familytreedna.com. The cost for the upgrade is only $29. Note: You won't find this special offer on your account dashboard.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
November 22 @ 7:46am
Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...……….
Jimmy Ray Miller c/o Lara Jimmy Ray Miller c/o Lara has a question!
November 18 @ 12:33pm
Hi, Jimmy has a match named Hugh Thomas Miller who is also in this project. He hasn't responded to me. His tree is private too. Hugh did the Family Finder & Big-Y test. We match at the 67 marker level (Jimmy's Y-67 test) with GD 3 but Hugh is not matching with Family Finder? Does this mean our last common ancestor was more than 8 generations ago? Or maybe their last common ancestors were half siblings maybe? Jimmy's other Miller match forwarded Hugh's email & genealogy files from when they first contacted in 2012, thank God! It turns out Hugh's John Miller was in Rutherford, NC same time as our Robert Miller. Robert moved from NC to Indiana Territory in 1812 & shortly after that John went to Kentucky, but only for a few years then John moved about 1816 to THE SAME COUNTY AS ROBERT MILLER (Jefferson, IN) & Hugh also said in his email that John went to church by modern day Deputy, IN. which is literally 2-3 miles from our Robert's home. So, I believe our Robert & Hugh's John to be closely related (father/son, siblings, 1/2 siblings or maybe 1st cousins) just can't figure out why Hugh is not matching on FF.
Bob Akin
November 19 @ 4:31pm
Hey Lara, you hit on the answer I believe when you stated, "Does this mean our last common ancestor was more than 8 generations ago?" The problem with Autosomal Testing is that it is not so great going out beyond 4-5 generations, plus the problem is you don't get an equal sharing from each parent, grandparent, g-grandparent, etc. as you go further out. It is just not guaranteed. I am going to send you an email which might be able to help you.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
November 2 @ 3:22pm
Hello Everyone, You probably received a FTDNA generated email today from me, concerning an Account # for your YFULL Account, if you have one. This email is directed at Big Y / Big Y-500 Testers "ONLY", who happen to have a YFULL Account. I listed the Kit#'s of the Big Y Testers in the email and want to explain that those are the Kit#'s that I don't already have a YFULL Account # for, okay. So, if you don't see your Kit# and you are a Big Y Tester, I ALREADY HAVE YOUR YFULL ACCT #. YFULL is not affiliated with FTDNA. They are a Moscow based BAM File Interpretation Company. I am not endorsing or promoting this company. We would just like to have your Acct #, so we can reference it on their YFULL YTree, for research purposes only. Any questions regarding my request, just email me please. I might mention, if you do have an account with them, you can update your BAM File to Hg38, in your account settings under MY ORDERS. Very simple process. It will require your "BAM FILE SHARE LINK".
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Alex Williamson
November 4 @ 8:29pm
Hi Ralph. I don't do the same sort of analysis with the BAM files that YFull does. The majority of the data for the Big Tree comes from the VCF/BED files that are uploaded to the Y-DNA Data Warehouse. I use the BAM files to check various mutations that don't show up well in the VCF files. YFull on the other hand does a complete analysis of the BAM files like FTDNA does and they also maintain a tree of their results.No one is under any obligation to send their data to them.
Bob Akin
November 6 @ 8:08am
It's interesting, Ralph, that YFULL doesn't necessarily always show the same SNP designations that FTDNA does. For instance, in my Akin group, on FTDNA we have a few members who have BY4583 ( "BY" designation indicating that FTDNA discovered the particular SNP), however, at YFULL the same Akin group is named Y22187. So, I suppose the question becomes, is BY4583 actually new or is it actually the already discovered Y22187. Most people, I believe that utilize YFULL, such as me, like the Age estimations of all of our SNP's. If you are mapping out a time line of the legs of your family, that feature is extremely useful, plus I & others have found it to be very accurate also.
Ralph Shaw
November 13 @ 7:37pm
Would you recommend that I send my BAM to YFull for analysis for the purposes of facilitating further study of the Big Tree?
Bob Akin
November 14 @ 8:30am
It's not necessary.
Bob Akin Bob Akin
September 30 @ 8:23pm
Back in May, this year, I made a 2 week trip to Scotland, traveling with my wife, by car all over the place. Had a wonderful time, but while I was there, I snapped this picture looking from the back of Stirling Castle towards the William Wallace monument. It was just beautiful looking from the high perch of the castle across the valley to the hills. Thought you might like this picture better than the old drab pic one we had. - Bob Akin
Ralph Shaw
September 30 @ 9:16pm
Much improved! Thanks, Bob.
Jimmy Ray Miller c/o Lara
October 1 @ 12:25am
Very nice!
Doug Odom
October 11 @ 9:51am
Gorgeous picture! makes a great cover shot for the page
Daniel Bogle
November 2 @ 8:30pm
Thanks for sharing this, Bob--beautiful! -Craig T. (Daniel's 2nd Cousin)