mtDNA L2a1

Africa, the Mediterranean, Iberia, the Caribbean, the Americas and Beyond
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About us

NOTE:  Like with all projects at FTDNA, there is NO FEE or DONATION required to join this group!

This group has been organized to answer the question:

"When, where, why and how does our diverse community of people---
whose maternal line heritage ranges from Afro-American, African, Jewish, Arabic, Caribbean, Native American, Hispanic, Gypsy and beyond
---all connect?" 

It has became clear our common ancestral migration story is going to be vast, complex and utterly fascinating. 

We are on the job of uncovering that story, by analyzing a combination of our various genetic results and family histories.  We have instigated varous research projects to take advantage of the constantly emerging insights from various genetic studies.  The art of determining the time to common ancestors using mtdna is constantly being refined and we are on our way to creating a robust phlylogeny for the group.  (Phylogeny is just fancy genetics-speak for a real cool ancestry tree!)

Along the way, if we can find nearer-term relationships and connections between individual group members, so much the better...  

If you have tested your mtdna at the HVR2 level or higher and been identified with the L2a1 haplogroup, please join us! 

(We do not reject HVR1-level testers, but we have found that the genetic information at that level isn't sufficient to be very useful in group studies.)
Many of the members of this group have tested their full genome sequence, as it is only at that level that we truly can tell who is closest to whom and when/where/why that connection is likely to have happened.

This group has existed for over a decade privately but then in recent years has migrated to this FTDNA project.  Many group members are not members of this "official" project and much of our correspondence takes place by email.  

Questions? Feel free to email me anytime at:  

Debra Katz