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Debra Katz Debra Katz
January 6, 2016 @ 10:26am
UPDATES (March 2019): 1) GROUP CHART-- I will in the coming months be sending out an updated group chart and a word document with analysis on times to common ancestors and best "theories" for common ancestral migration stories...i.e. how we all fit together! Have further corrections? Let me know and they'll appear in the next update. 2) YOUR SETTINGS---If you haven't already done so, please go to Manage Personal Preferences on your home dashboard page and under "Project Preferences" , scroll down to the "Coding Region" section and click on the box for "Opt in to sharing" so I can view your full results. Also, if your setting for me as administrator is at "Minimum", please change it to "Limited Access" so I can view and compare your matches. (Under no conditions can I get your password or change your account in any way, I assure you!) Questions? I'm here to answer: dnadeb@gmail.com
William Marshall
June 16, 2018 @ 4:57pm
Hi Debra! Please send me an undated version. I checked my spam file and updated my Privacy & Sharing opt. a few weeks ago. Thank you for everything you and your colleagues do for L2a1 group.
Armando Matamoros
March 21 @ 10:42pm
Hi there, I did the mother ADN test, and it dais that my test it Is pendding?? It Is harder to get all the result in this type of test???
Debra Katz
March 24 @ 7:50pm
My records show only that you have a Family Finder test pending... it says results are delayed until April. Delays typically mean that there was some unclear parts in your results so they want run the test again. A good thing as it means the info will be as accurate as possible. If you are saying you also did a test for your mom and that is also pending I can’t tell you more as her kit is not in this project.
Armando Matamoros
March 27 @ 8:14pm
Thanks, I just ask the test I did requering info about my mom's side.
Armando Matamoros Armando Matamoros
June 12 @ 10:30am
Hi there. My Mom side haplogroup is L2a1. This is my Grandmother Amelia Riosshe was borned in Bagaces, Costa Rica, she had 3 Boys and my Mom. Still waiting for matches.
Armando Matamoros Armando Matamoros has a question!
May 5 @ 10:44pm
I got my results from my mom's side, and I am very diissapoibted because it doesn't have only one match, I can't get my origen hallogroup mapa, or any information, the only thing that I learn it Is that by my mom' side we lived in North África then went to England and Spain. Please Let me know more information, it does give me a clue that our ancestors came from North África, lived in the middle east and then leave to Spain where we lived for around two thousand years as Sephardic Jews and then expelled from Spain in 1492 and arrived to the Américas???? Sincerely yours, Armando (David) Matamoros Aragón.
Marjorie Freeman
May 28 @ 3:09pm
Armando - you will eventually find more matches. Not many people have been mtDNA tested to date. As more people are tested matches will show up. And everyone who has been full sequence tested needs to get the results into genbank.
Armando Matamoros
June 12 @ 10:20am
Thank you.
Serena Brunson Serena Brunson has a question!
May 17 @ 2:48am
Hi. joined the group about two weeks ago. Do not see any updates or recent activity. I am L2a1a1. My oldest maternal ancestor is Marinda Rogers or Johnson from Georgia. Anyone with the same haplogroup or same ancestor? Been searching for info on her parents.
Marjorie Freeman
May 28 @ 3:02pm
Yes, L2a1a1a* is my designation at Yfull. If a match ever shows up we may define a new subclade. If you haven't uploaded your results file there you may want to. It costs $25 if you don't have Y test on file.
Armando Matamoros Armando Matamoros
March 27 @ 8:53pm
Hi people who share L2a1f, she is my Mom, Elba Aragón Ríos, dessendant from the Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. I am waiting results from the search of this Halpgroup. She passed away 2 years ago at 95 years old.
Linda Ruff
April 6 @ 11:32am
Beautiful lady. I am also L2a1f
teneshia Baker-Lane
April 15 @ 12:47am
Very interesting! I too am L2a1f
Syble Leyanna Syble Leyanna has a question!
December 29, 2017 @ 4:27pm
So what does it mean when the genetic distance is a 2 or 3? How many generations back for each?
Debra Katz
January 3, 2018 @ 4:06pm
Unfortunately, it is not so simple...there isn't a perfect correlation between numbers of mutations and genetic distance. One big factor is exactly which mutation(s) are involved as some spots mutate much more easily/rapidly than others. A person with a GD 3 from you might be more closely related than one with a GD 2! Plus, different experts disagree on what rates of mutation to use under what circumstances. That's why it's taking me awhile to get back to everyone with estimates of likely times to common ancestors, because many factors need to be weighed. A very general rule of thumb is that two people who are exact matches have a common ancestor within about 300 years or LESS....a mutation might add on to that 300 years....but it easily could have happened in the last generation or two. (i.e. we have several folks in our group where there is a GD of 1 between a parent and child!)
Linda Ruff
April 28, 2018 @ 7:14am
My mom tested with 23andme and her haplogroup is L2a1. I test with 23andme and ftDNA and my haplogroup group is L2a1f.Should I test my mom with ftDNA also to be sure that she is not L2a1f?
Debra Katz
May 9, 2018 @ 2:38pm
Your mom basically HAS to be L2a1f, or else she is not your biological mother....23andMe doesn't do the full mtdna sequence, so their haplogroup designation isn't always as specific. Are you saying that you WERE called out as L2a1f at 23andMe but your mom wasn't? In that case, you might contact 23andMe on your mom's account and ask... the mutation (SNP) 5581G is the one that marks the "f" subgroup...so they can probably verify if your mom has that SNP.
Linda Ruff
April 6 @ 11:45am
Thank you for your comment. I will check.
Katherine Dawkins Katherine Dawkins has a question!
February 22, 2017 @ 6:58pm
Hi Debra I'm still trying to research my family tree. I'm particularly interested to know about Sephardic ancestors with Jamaican connections. One of my ancestral surnames is Carvalho which is considered a Sephardic/Jwewish name. I can't find any information about this ancestor. Where should I look?
Jeanne Croutcher (c/o Ronnie French)
February 25, 2017 @ 11:33pm
I could be wrong but I think Carvalho might be Portuguese. Have you looked at Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Mainland Portugal. Also, I'd trace the immigration pattern, ie ship manifests, years of migration from and to what Port of entry. Just thinking out loud. Hope it helps.
Debra Katz
March 15, 2017 @ 12:42pm
One place you may or may not be aware of focuses on Sephardic Jewry and may give some valuable info, at least generically re surname etc. http://www.sephardicgen.com/
Debra Katz
March 15, 2017 @ 12:47pm
Your ancestress Mary Gillet herself might have Portuguese ancestry (is the Carvalho surname on her line or on another?) in that prior to coming to Jamaica, her ancestress might have been from a fleeing Iberian family who ended up in England. (Many North Africans settled in Iberia and some came after intermarriage with Jews or else intermarried with them in Spain/Portugal.)
Armando Matamoros
March 27 @ 8:35pm
Hello there, probably that Is my case. I came from Sephardic background, lived in Spain and expelled from there because we are Jews in 1492.
Alyse Radenovic Alyse Radenovic
November 10, 2017 @ 8:13am
Sarah, Minnie, and Flora Parmer, born to Ada Hinda Singer and Moshe Leib Morris Louis Parmer. Ada and Morris lived in England with origins in Eastern Europe, their daughter Sarah was born in Brooklyn but other siblings may have been born in England. They had brothers named Arthur and Harold and at least one other. The Parmers lived in Brooklyn, NY and had property in Morristown, NJ. Sarah Parmer (married Friedman) is my maternal grandmother's mother.
Armando Matamoros
March 27 @ 8:25pm
Hi there, the lady at the left, looks pretty much to my Mom.
Eneida Headley Eneida Headley
September 23 @ 7:29pm
Are you my relative? Tired but still searching...
Armando Matamoros
March 27 @ 8:20pm
Hello there. I am also expexting my relatives from my Mom's side. It has been rare that this hallogroup L2a1f doesn't have enough knowledge about it.
Christine Abogo Christine Abogo
February 1 @ 1:31pm
Hi there ! I am L2a from Cameroon. And in 1885, my great-grandmother was in Roma in Lesotho.
Christine Abogo
March 20 @ 1:20pm
Dona Gray (White) Dona Gray (White) has a question!
February 7 @ 3:39pm
Debra Katz, I had a recent match to Hazzan David Propis(4th cousin). You have previously helped me with my Doménech, Pascual, Plaza, Rodriguez and Rubio lines. How would you suggest I go about tracing this line?? Thank you for any help you provide!
Debra Katz
February 13 @ 2:20am
Are you saying that Hazzan is a 4th cousin match from the Family Finder test? Or that you know he is a 4th cousin already and then he matched you on some other genetic test? Email me as I'll see your reply right away (I don't check this feed daily) dnadeb@gmail.com
Dona Gray (White)
February 14 @ 8:56pm
Hi Debra,
Dona Gray (White)
February 14 @ 8:57pm
I sent you an email.