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About us

The Knowles Surname DNA Project was initiated in early 2003 by Robert B. Noles, the Historian (now Director) for the Knowles/Knoles/Noles Family Association (KKNFA). The Knowles Surname Project was established for males with any spelling of the Knowles surname including, but not limited to: Knoales, Knoll, Knolles, Knollys, Knowels, KNOWLES, Knowlman, KNOLES, Noels, NOLES, Nolles, Nowels.

The availability of inexpensive DNA testing for genealogical and ancestry investigation purposes will help unravel some of the mysteries of our origins that can not be accomplished with traditional genealogical research.

Robert B. Noles, the FTDNA Group Administrator for this project has established a genealogy database for persons with the surname Knowles (world-wide) and other surnames for families closely aligned over the years with a Knowles family. The Knowles Database currently contains over 100,000 people with the surname of Knowles (all spellings) and their descendants. The Knowles Database has been constructed using all known Knowles genealogical and family history publications as well as via basic research using census data, vital records, land records, wills, etc.   In addition, the database includes thousands of Knowles who have been identified by other Knowles researchers, where the researcher has not formally published their work.  The Knowles Database has not and will not be published, but will be used as a research tool by the KKNFA for the Knowles DNA Project.

The results of the DNA testing for Knowles men and the Knowles Database are being used to maximize the knowledge of Knowles genealogy for all Knowles progenitors (the number of unrelated Knowles progenitors is estimated to be in the hundreds).

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Robert B. Noles
Director, KKNFA