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About us

The Knowles DNA Surname Project in conjunction with the extensive genealogical research efforts of Robert B. Noles, et al will help determine (and prove) which of the many Knowles families in the U.S. & Great Britain are descendants of a common Great Britain (or other world location) Knowles ancestor.

Surname genetic testing is the newest tool available to genealogists. The genetic genealogy tests verify a man’s direct paternal ancestry in a quick and easy way. These tests save time, prevent mistakes and provide invaluable data for genealogists that can not be otherwise obtained.

The Knowles Surname DNA Project is open to all persons with the Knowles surname (all spellings) world-wide. This project is also open to anyone who believes they are (or could be) a direct male descendant of one of the Knowles families, even if their surname is not Knowles. This project is primarily a Y-Chromosome study (direct paternal line); however, those (men or women) interested the in mitochondrial DNA testing (direct maternal line) may join this project as well.

Many surnames were changed during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries due to adoptions, out-of-wedlock births, family disagreements, etc. Under these circumstances, the Y-DNA for many descendants may not match other descendants with the same surname. Therefore, this project will assist Knowles researchers on common or related families to work together to find their correct common ancestors, when that hasn’t been possible via the examination of the traditional paperwork trail

You are hereby cordially invited to participate in this historic project. Knowles family members requesting participation are requested to supply Robert B. Noles with their known Knowles genealogy.

Membership in the Knowles/Knoles/Noles Family Association is not required (but highly recommended).

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