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Gary Murrell Gary Murrell has a question!
September 22, 2019 @ 9:51pm
How can two males have different surnames and be a distance of one as found in the FTDNA project list? It seems to me, that you would only find a distance of one associated with two males sharing the same surname. A William Eric Knowles and I, Gary A. Murrell have a distance of one in our Y-DNA markers.
P.B. Davis
November 29 @ 4:41pm
Hi Ron, sorry *I* took so long to get back this time!! If you check the Baldwin surname group you can see the STR results there. Only one of Paul's Baldwin matches has joined the group (V. Baldwin) but at least there's that. I actually took over management of the Baldwin group a few weeks ago. The previous administrator had passed away and no one was looking after it so I volunteered. Now I can control the groupings there. Ann H.
P.B. Davis
November 29 @ 5:28pm
Forgot to say, Paul and the Baldwin are in Cluster 6D. None of the other group members match them.
Ronald Knowles
December 5 @ 3:44pm
Anne, I just looked at Cluster 6D in the Baldwin surname group and I see your STR results, but I don't see any results for V. Baldwin there or anywhere else in the group. Have they been removed?
P.B. Davis
December 6 @ 3:45pm
Ron, He's the only other person in 6D. The kit manager elected not to enter his name so I left it as is. He and Paul are the only ones in the spreadsheet in haplogroup R-Y92715
April B April B
October 16, 2019 @ 2:57pm
I am a direct descendant of James Knowles (born 1757 Delaware-died 1839 Indiana). I would love to learn more about this line as I am having a bit of a struggle in research. He would either be my 5th or 6th great grandfather. How can I use DNA to prove any of this? I did my test through ancestry and uploaded it here, Thanks for any help.
Ronald Knowles
October 22, 2019 @ 2:09pm
Hi, April Being that your James Knowles ancestor was born in Delaware I would wager he and you are descendants of Edmund "OSH" Knowles (1685-1762). There are a number of Edmund's descendants who have done Y-DNA testing, and their results are listed on this site's DNA Results page. Y-DNA testing is for males only so if you have Y-DNA testing from a direct line male descendant of your James then you can compare the results to see if you also descend from Edmund. If the testing you did through Ancestry is not for Y-DNA I'm not sure what you could do.
Elnora Mayfield Elnora Mayfield
September 29, 2019 @ 1:30pm
Harry Morley is my 1st cousin. Elnora Louise Mayfield Kit 115878 x2b4 is the female line. Richard Knowles b 1641 is our great grandfather. I have gifted other kits to Andrew Odell, Christabell Westcott and Patti Marchant. I have been matching families and I and I downloaded to Albert and Elnora Mayfield. Albert has Mayfield family tree.I have Morley-Barth tree.
Jamie Fry Jamie Fry
September 13, 2019 @ 8:51pm
After information on Richard Prettyman Knowles (1764-1866) plantation in Drew Arkansas. He is son of Edmund Knowles (1747-1835)from Sussex Delaware!
James (Jim) Argo James (Jim) Argo
September 4, 2019 @ 8:48pm
Frances E Knowles 1838-1922 was my 2nd great grandmother married to John Watson. Her father was Brittain C Knowles 1803-1840 GA, USA married to Rebecca Ransom. My kit is N146200.
Teresa Harding Teresa Harding
July 27, 2019 @ 12:56pm
Mary Ann Noles (@) *DNA MATCHED 1866–1957 BIRTH 7 AUG 1866 • Heard County, Georgia, USA DEATH 9 MAR 1957 • Tift, Georgia, United States great-grandmother is my closest Noles.
Pamela Douglas Pamela Douglas
November 23, 2017 @ 8:24pm
My grandfather was Richard Knowles born 16 Feb 1889 Petone, Wellington New Zealand. It would be interesting to discover which branch the family originated from a long time ago in the past.
Ronald Knowles
November 26, 2017 @ 11:21am
Hello, Pamela Has a male descendant of your grandfather done any YDNA testing that could be compared to other Knowles test results? I didn't see him listed on the DNA Results page. If you don't have a paper trail connecting him to any of the project's other Knowles lines then DNA testing could be a invaluable aide toward identifying links. Even with a paper trail YDNA testing is invaluable to confirm the connection. If he is listed on the DNA results page, let me know and I'll offer my thoughts on possible connections I see if you'd like.
Pamela Douglas
January 27, 2018 @ 1:28pm
Thank you No unfortunately I have dropped a few hints but no takers. They all seem to only have wives that are computer literate and the only two that were interested died last year, still fingers crossed it might happen if I keep on about it for long enough.
Thomas Knowles
April 27, 2019 @ 10:59am
Have you suggested that you will pay and manage their DNA results. This is what I have had to do to get family to do the DNA tests.
P.B. Davis P.B. Davis has a question!
July 27, 2018 @ 12:45pm
Does anyone know if there is a connection between Henry Knowles (b.1609-- patriarch of a Knowles line in Rhode Island, USA) and Richard Knowles (b. 1614, patriarch of a line in Barnstable, Massachusetts USA)? The STR results of their descendants on the database are not identical, but are similar. I am asking because this kit (my husband's) has its best Big_Y match to a descendant of Henry Knowles---- however he has a several FF autosomal matches to descendants of both Richard and Henry. It could be coincidence (autosomal DNA gets quite dilute over that time frame),, but I wondered if Richard and Henry might have been brothers or cousins. Richard was supposed to have come from Lancashire and Henry from Yorkshire, which are adjacent. (No descendants of Richard show up as having had Big-Y done.) Thanks for any clues--- Ann H.
March 10, 2019 @ 4:04pm
There are books on the Barnstable MA Knowles perhaps that would help in checking to find the info you see.
Cheryl Vislay Cheryl Vislay
January 26, 2018 @ 3:40pm
5th generation Descendent of Sarah Rebecca Knowles of Falmouth, St. John's Canada-daughter of henry Edwin Knowles & Grace Church (a Mayflower descendants of Richard Warren.)
P.B. Davis P.B. Davis
August 14, 2017 @ 8:01am
Hello, I manage PB (Paul) Davis' profile. I'm his wife, Ann. I've been researching his Davis paternal line for a long time. I thought I had it nailed down until I got his Y-DNA done and found he does not match other male descendants of the Davis line pre- 1760 and possibly pre-1840. In other words, I think there was an NPE between 1760 and 1840. During that time period the Davis family lived in Simsbury, Hartford County Connecticut; New Marlborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and possibly in adjacent Columbia County New York (All in the USA. ) His Big Y data's best match is to a Knowles descended from Henry Knowles born 1609 . Paul's haplogroup is R-BY21186, which is a subgroup of R-BY198, which in turn is a subgroup of the Irish haplogroup R-M222. There were several Knowles families living in Berkshire County Mass and adjacent areas (Columbia and Dutchess Counties, NY, and Litchfield County Connecticut) at the time of the suspected NPE. I would like to know if anyone has any Y-DNA data on those Knowles families to see if it is a match to PB Davis (kit 480245). THanks for any help. Ann H.
Ronald Knowles
August 15, 2017 @ 11:27am
Hi Ann, I am the Knowles you are referring to (Kit #127470). I read your posts on the R-M222 site but just haven't had time to reply. I too believe your husband, Paul, and I share a common male ancestor, but it was most likely sometime between 6 and 7 hundred years ago. I've run the McGee TMRCA Y-DNA Comparison utility calculator with our 111 marker STR data. I also included Egan, Kit #49625 since he shares BY11726 with us. The results gavev a 75% probability your husband and I shared a most recent common ancestor not more 600 years ago; and. that our TMRCA with Egan was between 750 and 780 years ago. Based on this I think your husband and I are linked to a most recent common ancestor several hundred years before the period you suspect an NPE in his line. Without a paper trail it is anyone's guess what the surnames were of those of our shared ancestors.
P.B. Davis
August 15, 2017 @ 6:23pm
Ronald, Thanks for your reply. I think you are right that Henry Knowles is not a common ancestor-- still I was wondering if *perhaps* this situation was a statistical outlier and that maybe he was anyway... or that maybe he was a cousin to a common ancestor (another Knowles immigrant). So I did a little checking and found that Willard Knowles of Barnstable, Mass purchased land in Sandisfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts and that he was a descendant of Richard Knowles who emigrated to the Barnstable area in the 1630's. The point being that Richard Knowles (not Henry) appears to be the progenitor of one of the Knowles family groups I'm looking at for the possible NPE. Do you-- or anyone-- know if there was a family connection between Richard Knowles of Massachusetts and Henry Knowles of Rhode Island? I se e at least one descendant of Richard on the database here but all he has is a 12 marker STR test. Thank you