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We're looking for family bibles from the 1800s to use as source documents and correlate family history info. Specifically looking for Everton and Joshua Kennerly of TX and James Kennerly of VA. Any info about the location of these bibles would be most helpful!

The Kennerly families in the US are most likely all descendants of the Kennerley families found predominantly in Cheshire England in the mid-1600s.  Kennerley's in England are found all over northwest England in broad area that stretches from Somerset north to Cheshire and then archs over to the Yorks.  The UK name variations in ancient times may include Kynnersley and Kinnersley and perhaps dates back to the Kynardseye family. We need more testing to determine this link but we have some documents that establishes this relationship.

The Kennerly DNA haplotype is E1b1b1a2 (old E3b). This DNA haplogroup is predominantly found today just north of present day Greece. In ancient times, this area was known as Thrace. Recent archaeological evidence uncovered in Cheshire indicates that Thracian soldiers, who accompanied and served in the Roman Legions, received discharge "papers" (bronze tablets) that allowed them to remain and live in the Cheshire area as Roman citizens and also entitled their wives and children Roman citizenship, as well. So, this could be how our ancestors migrated into England from that distant land in Greece in early times. While there are certainly other possibilities, this is backed up with some scientific evidence. For more info on the E1b1b1a2 geolocation study as well as the Cheshire "dig" and Thracian soldiers connection, email me and I'll send you the documents.

Based on participants and definitive markers, ALL the Kennerlys in the US all share a common ancestor. Tracing back lineages, we find that almost all Kennerly, Kenerly, Kenerley families are descendants of ancestors who arrived in America in the early 1600s to the late 1700s. However, there were some later Kennerly immigrants who are much easier to trace back to England. All indications are that they originated in that NW area of England.

Many of the US families share not one but two very unique "null" values! This confirms a definite and very close relationship.

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