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March 2019
New Discoveries connect several lines of Kenley/Kinley families to the Kennerly families.  However, Kennelly and Keannelly families (and variations) don't appear to have any connections.  The latter groups seem to originate in Ireland while 90% of the Kenley/Kinley/Kennerly families (and spelling variations) come from the mid western areas of England.  New Groupings will come soon.
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Oct 2017
We have many new discoveries based upon DNA results:  Kindley and Kinley participants are Y-DNA matches.  In addition, we have several Family Finder matches, too, that indicate the Kennerly surname somehow was really mispelled in the 1700's.  We've also figured out the connection of John Conrad Kennerly, who migrated to South America after the American Civil War, back to the South Carolina Kennerly's, who were descendants of the Virginia Kennerly's who date back to at least 1735.  Finally, we've discovered a significant number of Brown family members who are actually Kennerly's.  Contact me for additional info and please consider DNA testing if you haven't already tested.
Dec 2015 / Jan 2016
Our DNA project has grown to include allied families.  We are searching for "missing" links; perhaps you have one, too -- if so, consider testing to discover your Kennerly lineage and connections.
Jun 2014
We've helped numerous people discover their connections ... Kennerly to Kynersley and Kenley to Kinley!
Contact us to learn how (and if) your "Kennerley" line is related to everyone else!
In 2013, we discovered new connections between the various Kennerley / Kinnersly / Kynnersley etc families around the world!
UK Kennerley's are predominantly found to have links back to Cheshire. The family goes back beyond the 1500s; references found as far back as the 1200's.
We're researching Kenley's in western Tennessee, Kennerly's in Washington Co TN and in Wabash Co IL, as well as all across the USA and United Kingdom.
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Descendants of Thomas Erastus Kenerly of GA are an exact match with the VA and MD Kennerly's. More than 90% of all Kennerly's in the US are directly related to a common ancestor! These family lines can all be traced to England and definitely share a common ancestor ... who lived in the 1600s either in the US or England.
We began this DNA project to identify and establish connections between the various Kennerly, Kennerley, Kenerly, etc ... families in the US. However, after extensive genealogical research coupled with our DNA project's test results, we found "Kennerly's" all across the US (SC, TX, KY, FL, TN, AR, CA, IN, IL, MO, OR, SD/ND, MI, RI, NY, New England), Canada, Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany) Brazil... even in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand!

Spelling variations: Kennerly, Kennerley, Kenerly, Kenerley, Kinnerly, Kinnerley, Kinly, Kinley, Kenly, Kenley ... Kennelly, McKinly, Connelly, and even Kennedy, etc. Across the "pond": Kynnersley and Kinnersley. Obviously over the years, spelling errors by census takers/clerk's, but no matter how misspellings occurred, they've continued to present day and complicate tracking the different family lines. If your family history is at a dead end and you have a similar sounding name, you could belong to our family.

This project includes all possible spellings and geographical locations. We welcome the widest participation and invite all Kennerley - Kennerly - Kenerley - Kinley etc ... to include other nationalities, African American and Native Americans, too! Yes, our family already includes a global population "proved by" DNA testing.

We'll help you track your family history and distinquish participants into appropriate groups. The Kennerly name has a rich history with many possible origins. More historical details exist for you to discover!  For the name history, see:

For US and UK Kennerly info, visit my Kennerly website (be sure to click thru the Newsletters) at:

DNA Project Coordinator: D. R. Kenerley