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Several members are testing with the new Family Finder test.

DNA confirms - Georgia and Maryland Kennerly's share a common ancestor with VA Kennerly's. Almost 90% of American "Kennerly" families share a common ancestor.

We've found documentary evidence of a connection to the Kinnersley and Kynnersley families in England.

We have references to scientific study evidence which proposes to link the family to ancient Thrace (just north of present day Greece).

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We're currently searching for living Kennerly's with connections to:

Tennessee Kenley's and Kennerly's all across the state.

Mississippi or Louisiana relatives of John Conrad Kennerly (mid-1800s) -- Solved John Conrad Kennerly was the son of Samuel Kennerly from SC.

Texas relatives of Everton Kennerly (early to mid-1800s) -- DNA testing confirms connection to either the VA/SC or MD Kennerlys!!!

Maryland Kennerly's -- further DNA testing required; looking for Kennerly's who definitely know their lineage back to Maryland to compare with those already in the test.

Cheshire England Kennerley's -- further DNA testing underway; looking for Kennerly and Kynnersley's who definitely know their lineage in or back to England to compare with those who have already tested and are known to be from Cheshire. We are seeking Kennerleys from across England. We believe Kennerley is a derived name from Kynnersley or Kynardseye.

Irish Kennerley's -- further DNA testing required;looking for Kennelly / Kennerly's who definitely know their lineage back to Ireland to compare with those who have already tested.

VA/SC Kennerly's -- If you are a descendant of the original immigrant, Samuel Kennerly -1735 VA), then you would have a uniquely identifying marker. Test to find out if you're related to this line! Further DNA testing underway; we have a good sample of participants already tested and some results still pending. Additional participants will help solve deeper relationship questions as to which branch and lines are associated.

DNA samples from people with known linages from Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Canada, Ireland and England are on file for comparison with other Kennerly / Kennerley / Kenerley / Kenerly branches of the family. This range of DNA samples provides a good baseline with variety for others to determine their family line of ancestry.

NC Kennerly's -- We're looking for Mecklenburg and Bumcombe County participants, as well as Kinley participants. We've discovered Kinley's in Al and SC are actually Kennerly's, with ancestors most probably from NC. To find out which line you belong to and which ancestors, take the test.

As a member of the project, you receive a substantial discount over individual participation with Family Tree.

DNA Project Coordinator: D. R. Kenerley; EMAIL:

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