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About us

Why test? What will you learn?

You may be able to identify your family lineage further back in time than you ever thought possible and identify your connection and relationships with other "famous" Kennerly - Kenerley families.

DNA testing opens a window to YOUR past and also provides the probability of your ancestor's genetic distance and relationship with other Kennerly DNA project participants.

DNA Testing can greatly assist your genealogical research by indicating which geographical locations your ancestors most likely came from. Solve your genealogy questions with regard to your ancestor's country of origin, immigration, and migration.

Finally, DNA testing can validate your deductions on your family lineage in the absence of original source documents and proof (marriage, birth, death, land, court records, bible, etc) and eliminate any questions! Most importantly -- DNA testing can also confirm source document info.

For those who participate in the Kenerley - Kennerly DNA project and need research help, several individuals are willing to assist by finding source documents and tracing your family history.

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DNA Project Coordinator: D. R. Kenerley; EMAIL: