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Group 1--- England Lake District. Virginia Northern Neck (VNN)

Big-Y SNP testing needed to determine terminal. Common patriarch has not been identified for Group 1

John Kendall fl 1578 Aldingham, Lancashire, England

Group 01a – 

Samuel Kendall 1781-c1849 Lancashire, England. Dallas AL

William Kendall 1737-aft 1768 Ulverston, Cumbria, England

John Kendall 1864-1925 England. Quebec, Canada

Edward Kendall 1817-1852 Ulverston, Lancashire, England

Group 01b – Defined by SNP R-L21

Thomas Kendall c1645-c1720 m Martha Gough/Goff

Group 01c – Defined by SNP L-144/L-195/CTS1751

William Kendall c 1688- c1764 m Elizabeth Combs

Group 01d—Defined by STRs DYS385c, YCAIIa & YCAIIb

William Kendall c1717-c1777 m Jemima Kirk

Group 02 -- Massachusetts, Middlesex, Woburn

Francis Kendall c1620-c1708 m Mary Tidd

Group 02a –Non-paternal event (NPE) Misattributed paternity

Kendall family may have adopted Swallow cousins

Group 03 -- England, Northamptonshire. Maryland (1)

John Kendall c1755-1831 MD, Shelby, KY

John Kendall 6 July 1743 Baltimore, MD

William Kindel c1787-1828 Loudoun, VA

William Kendle d 1786 Washington, MD

William Kendall 1802-1873 Northamptonshire, England

Group 04-- England, Leicestershire, Twycross & Smithsby. Maryland(2) Common 
patriarch has not been identified

James Kendall c1725-1798 Prince George’s, MD; Fayette, PA

FNU Kendall ca1710 m Margaret Fleming; Loudoun, VA & PA

Bartholomew Kendall fl.1301 Twycross & Smithsby, England

Group 05 -- Maryland (3) Kent

William Kendall m Elinor Roach of Kent, Maryland

Group 06 --To Be Determined (TBD) Further Testing Needed Common patriarch has not been identified

John Kindle c1770-1852 Fauquier, VA & Perry, OH

John Kendall c1788-1863 NC, Clay, IN & IA

Group 07 -- England, Cornwall, Pelyn

Kendalls of Pelyn, Cornwall, England

Group 08 -- England, Yorkshire. Common patriarch has not been identified

Thomas Kendall of Settle, West Riding, Yorkshire, England Mark Kendall of Grinton, Yorkshire, England

Group 09 -- England, Hampshire, Ringwood Common patriarch has not been identified

Thomas Kindle 1761-1847 Ringwood

George Kendall -1797; Christchurch

William Kendall 1794-1879 Ringwood

Group 10 -- England, Gloucester. Further Testing Needed


Group 11 -- New Jersey (1). Further Testing Needed


Group 12 -- New Jersey (2). Further Testing Needed


Group 13 --TBD. Further Testing Needed


Group 14 --TBD Further Testing Needed


Group 15 --TBD Further Testing Needed


Group 16 – England, Norfolk. Virginia, Northampton (VES)

William Kendall c1621-c1662 Northampton, VA

Group 17 --TBD Further Testing Needed


Group 18 --TBD Further Testing Needed


Haplogroup E -- No paternal relationships determined/intended


Haplogroup G -- No paternal relationships determined/intended


Haplogroup I -- No paternal relationships determined/intended


Haplogroup N -- No paternal relationships determined/intended


Haplogroup R -- No paternal relationships determined/intended