Kendall One-Name Study

Kendall DNA Project
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About us

Goals of the Kendall DNA Project:

STOP the proliferation of genealogies that are not proven with documentation and based on sound research principles. 

Supplement, prove or correct earlier Kendall genealogies and family histories based on the project research and genetic findings

Identify and confirm variant spellings of the Kendall surname

Explore relationships and migration patterns to determine new avenues for further investigation

Locate the origins of the Kendall patriarchs

 We will strive to work with our membership to find their common ancestors through sharing of information and DNA testing.  We will try to adhere to the “BGS Standards Manual” and the National Genealogical Society Guidelines, "Mastering Genealogical Proof" by Jones and using “Evidence" and “Evidence Explained” by Mills or “Chicago Manual of Style”, we will hope to standardize our sources and citations.