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Kendall DNA Project

Kendall Y-DNA and atDNA Studies
  • 290 members

About us

Welcome to the Kendall DNA Project.

The Kendall DNA Project was started to help confirm or debunk research, long-standing narratives and family lore of family members, historians and genealogists.  

One researcher was Norman Festus Kendall (NFK).  Norman’s work was a doubled-edged sword, some of his information was helpful, but some is detrimental to the current and ongoing Kendall research. His claims (or theory) concerning Kendal origins and relationships back to 1421.

There have been many subsequent researchers and family historians who have copied and shared this research without validating or checking its accuracy.  Unfortunately, the unproven and inaccurate was shared with what was proven and accurate.

My hope is to weed out the bad leaving only what is proven and accurate.

If you are interested in our project or would like to learn more about the process, please review the FAQs or contact the volunteer administrator.  

We are extremely grateful to everyone willing to participate in our genetic and research project.

Thank you

Scott Kendall
Volunteer Administrator