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About us

This project was originated to study Kasbohm families and other families which may be related to them. Kasbohm is a globally rare surname. Some Kasbohm families are known to have lived in Mecklenburg in northern Germany for hundreds of years. These families may be related, and other families with no known connection to Mecklenburg may also be related. Family tradition, research in historical records, and early DNA test results suggest that Kasbohm families originated in Frisia and took their surname from the Frisian word for cherry tree, and so the surnames Casbohm, Kasbaum, Kasbohm, Kirsebom, Kersenboom and other similar names may all be variants of the same surname. DNA testing can help researchers from related lines establish connections without connecting paper trails. Connections established through testing may then be used to help researchers focus their paper trail research. In some cases testing may be used to prove descent from a particular ancestor in the absence of a continuous paper trail back to that ancestor. Testing of at least 37 Y chromosome markers is recommended for all male Kasbohm project members, but it is possible to start out by ordering testing of 12 markers and to order testing of additional markers later and in some cases this may be the best course of action. Males and females with Kasbohm ancestry may both contribute to our knowledge of Kasbohm families by ordering autosomal DNA testing. If you are interested in participating in this project it is recommended that you email Kirsten Saxe at the email address listed above for advice on test selection and for additional information about the project. In some cases, you may be able to order testing at a discount if you contact Kirsten or our other project administrator, who is able to communicate in German.

Request for assistance from persons able to communicate in both English and Dutch: The administrator of this project has no knowledge of the Dutch language, so if you would be able to help with translations between English and Dutch, your assistance would be very beneficial. Please email the project administrator if you are available to help.