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About us

The goals of this project are:

To discover which Joines/Joynes/Jines Families are related.

Our goal is to encourage men with the surname Joines/Joynes/Jines/Joins and other variations to order Y-Chromosome DNA test. The more men that we can get to join the project the more we can learn about the different branches of the family.

To break through research roadblocks.

In some cases DNA testing is the only way to break through research roadblocks. We are now learning how valuable MtDNA testing and FamilyTreeDNA's Family Finder feature are to breaking through research roadblocks. We are now encouraging women and men to order MtDNA testing, to sign up for Family Finder, and to join the Joines/Joynes/Jines DNA Project.

To aid researchers by giving direction on where to focus research.

We are constantly on the watch for new DNA matches to show up, somewhere in the world, to the Joines/Joynes/Jines men. Hopefully new matches will help us discover more about our deep ancestral origins and the migration patterns those ancestors might have taken. Until then we must follow the direction that the evidence leads us. Right now the evidence is leading to the British Isles. We are currently searching for men from the UK with the surnames Joines and Joynes to join the DNA Project.