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About us

Welcome to the Joines/Joynes/Jines DNA Project. The purpose of this project is to use DNA testing for genealogical research, family history research, to trace the migration of our ancestors, to discover family relations, and to explore our deep ancestral origins. The Y project is open to men that bear the surnames, Joines/Joynes/Jines and all variants and to men whose DNA test prove that they have a common male ancestor with the other men in the project. A Surname Project traces members of a family that share a common surname. This project is for males taking a Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) test. Thus, the individual who tests must be a male who wants to check his direct paternal line (father's father's father's...) with a Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, or Y-DNA111 test. Females do not carry their father's Y-DNA. Females who would like to check their father's direct paternal line can have a male relative with his surname order a Y-DNA test. Females and Males can also order an mtDNA test for themselves such as the mtDNAPlus test or the mtFullSequence test and participate in the mtDNA project. Both men and women may take our autosomal Family Finder test to discover recent relationships across all family lines. Women or men that wish to submit their mtDNA results to the DNA project may do so. The mtDNA results could help determine migration patterns and deep origins as the mtDNA of the females would have traveled alongside the Y-DNA of the males. The mtDNA results submitted should be from a women that is a descendant of a man that would qualify for this project or have been married to a man that would qualify for this project and would have had children born of that marriage. You must request authorization to join the project. Please fill out the join authorization form and submit it to join the project.