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There are many possible variations to the surname including Joines, Joins, Joynes, Joynes, Jines, possibly Gynes, and other variations.

The surname is believed to have originated in Western England or Wales.

In the 1881 Census of England there were 81 people withthe surname spelled Joines. The majority of those living in the counties of Staffordshire and Oxfordshire. Also in the 1881 Census of England there were 522 people with the surname spelled Joynes. The majority of those living in the counties of Gloucestershire and Nottinghamshire.

There is a passenger list from 1635 showing that John Joines was a passenger aboard the Hopewell bound for New England. In 1638 Randell Crewe (Crewes?) received a land grant in Virginia for providing passage and/or support for John Joines along with twelve others. The next known record of a Joines/Joynes is of Edmund Joynes who lived on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the late 1600's and early 1700's. Some of his descendants still live there. Most Joines/Joynes/Jines men in America are believed to be descendants of Edmund Joynes. The results of the DNA Project seem to confirm this belief. The DNA Project has proven that all of the men from America that have been tested have a male ancestor in common. That male ancestor is believed to be Edmund Joynes.

There are several different branches of the Joines/Joynes/Jines family in America. Ezekiel Joines settled in Northwest North Carolina in the 1770’s. Documents have been discovered that indicate Ezekiel came from Delaware or the Eastern Shore of Maryland. There were men with the Joines surname living in Georgia in the late 1700's. Noah and Joseph Joines settled in Kentucky. Some descendants of this family use the name Jines. Records indicate they came from Georgia. Thomas Joines settled in Tennessee records indicate he came from Maryland. Other Joines Families settled in Tennessee and we don't know where they may have come from. There is a large Joines Family in Texas. There are Joines/Joynes/Jines families all over America. There are Joines/Joynes Families in New Zealand and Australia. There are families in England that use the name Joineson/Joyneson. Are we related? Let's find out.

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