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3/28/2007 Announcing the beginning of the Joines/Joynes/Jines DNA project.

4/2/07 We now have two members participating in the project. One is a descendant of Ezekiel Joines (died 1803 Wilkes Co., NC) from his son Thomas' line. The other is a descendant of Ezekiel from his son Edmund's line.

5/1/07 We now have a third participant in the project. He is a descendant of the George W. Joines family from Tennessee.

5/16/07 The first test results have been returned.

5/30/07 The second test results have been returned. We have a match.

6/3/07 Backbone SNP test has been ordered for the first sample.

6/6/07 SNP test has been ordered for the second sample.

6/8/07 The first SNP test is back. It is a M70 which confirms the prediction of the K2 haplogroup.

6/20/07 The results are in for the test on a descendant of George Joines, from Giles County, Tennessee. We have another match. This test matches the test done on the descendants of Ezekiel Joines.

6/27/07 We now have a 4th member to the DNA project. This member is a Jines and is a descendant of Joseph Joines/Jines and his son Noah. Joseph was born ca 1760-1770 possibly in NC and Noah was born ca 1796 in GA. Joseph settled in Kentucky in the early 1800's. He came from Georgia and is believed to have a connection with the Joines Family in NC.

7/3/07 The results have been returned for the second SNP test. It again confirms the predictions that we belong in the K2 haplogroup.

8/30/07 - The results have been returned for the first 12 markers for the test on the descendant of Joseph Joines/Jines. We have another match 12 for 12 with two other members and 11 for 12 with the other.

9/11/07 - We have a new member to the DNA project. This is the 5th member. This member does not use the Joines surname but as it turns out he is a DNA match with the other members of the Joines project. He was searching for the parents of Henry Bailey, who was possibly born in Giles County, TN in the early 1850's. The family had believed it was possible that Henry was adopted and that Bailey might not have been is father's surname. This descendant had submitted his DNA for testing and it came back that he matched the Joines DNA. There were Joines families in Giles County in the early 1850's. We welcome the Bailey Family to the project and hope that we can help figure out which branch of the family they connect with.

9/12/07 - The results of the 67 marker test have been posted on the first project member. These results are for the descendant of Henry Bailey.

2/19/08 - We have a new member in the project. This project member is a descendant of Edmund Joynes, from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

4/3/08 - Test results have been posted for the first 12 markers on the descendant of Edmund Joynes. This member is a match with every other member tested to date.

5/5/08 - Familytreedna adopted the 2008 Y-Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree. This changes our haplogroup designation for K2 to T. Nothing changes about what we have learned. K2 has just become T.

5/12/08 - Joyce Joines Newman is named has the co-administrator to the Joines/Joynes/Jines DNA Project.

7/10/08 - 7th member has joined the project. This member is a descendant of George W. Joines from Giles Co., TN.

12/17/08 - The 8th member has joined the project.

1/24/09 - The DNA test results are back for the newest member to the Joynes/Joines/Jines DNA project. It's another match.
This member is from the Jines Family. His grandfather settled in Illinois and they are descendants of Joseph from Kentucky.
This members results show only a one step mismatch in 37 markers from a descendant of Ezekiel and the Bailey descendant. It appears that all of the Joynes, Joines, Jines families are closely related. We will need to begin updating more of the test to the 67 markers if we are to better sort out the relationships and family branches. We welcome our newest member.

11/28/16 - We are approaching the ten year anniversary of the Joines/Joynes/Jines DNA Project. We now have 17 members in the project. With every new member and every new test ordered we learn more about the Joines/Joynes/Jines Family.

11/30/17 - The results of a Big Y test taken by a second member of the project are back. The results match that of the first member in that the terminal SNP is T-CTS2214. The SNP T-CTS2214 originated with a common ancestor in the Near East, present-day Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Northern Iraq, about 7900 years ago. Only advanced testing of more men will help us determine how our ancestors migrated from the Near East.