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  • If you place your mouse pointer within the area of the tree then you can click on the left mouse button to see an expanded and clear view of the tree, but you'll need to scroll, using the frame scroll bars, to see different positions. The boxes in yellow show SNPs discovered with Geno 2.0 testing at the . The boxes in green show SNPs discovered by testing with Full Genomes Corporation. The boxes in white show SNPs known before 2006 or discovered by FTDNA during their, currently no longer active, Walk Through the Y (WTY) project.

    This graphic J-L24 Y-DNA phylogenetic tree is provided by project member Ludmila Ryabchenko.

  • 07 June 2013: We have learned a great deal since March 2009! Will add graphics as soon as possible!
  • 17 April 2009: We are in a primary data accumulation mode at this time.