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J. De la Jara J. De la Jara
November 9 @ 7:45pm
Hi, I was assigned a new clade under 23155, Y156633, together with an unknown person, according to the block tree. It would be great to know about this unknown, at least country of origin. Regards
Randy Biddix
Yesterday at 8:20pm
Hi J. De la Jara, I also tested positive for S23155 but have not taken any further downstream SNP tests so not sure I match at Y156633. However, I would like to learn more about others under S23155. My ancestors came to America from the Cornwall/Devon area of England in the mid/late 1740's.
J. De la Jara
22 hours ago
Hi Randy, thanks for your comment. I took a big Y700 test some time ago. At the beginning I was assigned only to S23155, but after some time they assigned me to Y156633, a downstream of 23155, which is new. It would be great if you could take at least the Y156633 SNP test. My paternal ancestors are from central south Spain Castille/Murcia. My oldest family record is from 1400, although I can trace for sure my male line until captain, Francisco Martínez de la Jara y Villaseñor, born in Torrenueva, La Mancha, Castille on 1620. He was part of the 'Hidalgo' (gentleman), class and served on the Spanish Army for more than 35 years.
Randy Biddix
18 hours ago
Deb or Jacob, do you know when the Y156633 SNP test will be available to order? I don't see it as an option when searching for add-on's to order on the site. Also, is there a sense of when Y156633 first developed in Western Europe?
J. De la Jara
16 hours ago
Randy, regarding PF5456 our mother clade, there is an interesting finding on ancient DNA. On a paper, published by Science some days ago, about ancient Rome, 1 sample, R136, was positive to Z40772, a subclade of PF5456. It is dated between 300/500 AD. So it is proved that PF5456 was in Italy at least more than 1.500 years ago.
Mohamed Elnow Mohamed Elnow
May 10 @ 5:59am
Greeting to all Kit No. M13777 , J2-L24, tested J2-M172 SNP Pack, told me that they are running SNP backbone test but they remain changing the expected date for result four times stating that prediction date delayed Downstream showed z39558 and z44288 and likely the final Hg. to be Z44288 but there is no option to order this SNP test I sent many enquiries but their reply is copy and paste for phrase we are running backbone test ...etc. I apreciate you advice and correct grouping within your project
Mohamed Elnow
October 24 @ 6:13am
for benefit of researches YFull ID:YF66456 and subclade J-Y22662
Mohamed Elnow
October 27 @ 1:07pm
big 700 showed positive J1-L136, what this means? while somebody HG is J1-L136, how can we interpret this?
Jacob Metz
November 4 @ 4:53pm
It doesn't show that you are J1-L136; it only shows that you are L136 positive. Everyone can share a mutation with another paternal haplogroup--what defines if you are truly of a particular haplogroup are the defining mutations of the haplogroup and line. If you are only positive, for example, for L136 and not M267>Z2215>Z2217>L620>PF4816 under which L136 is found, then you are not a member of J1. I, personally, have several SNP's which are also J1, but I do not have any of the SNP's which defined the lines of those SNP's. Hence, I am J2, like you.
Mohamed Elnow
November 5 @ 12:45am
thank you
Robert Gilbert Robert Gilbert
November 3 @ 3:24pm
Sent in my Big Y-700 test today. Great sales going on. I'm currently J-F3369 and am eager to know more. Kit 521950.
David Martin David Martin
October 30 @ 11:16am
Hello, my name is Judy Martin and I am administering this for my brother. I have not been on here in years. I got an email today that there is a match but cannot see it. Also I found some matches from 2013. Could anyone give me any guidance. The kit # N42657. My email is Thank you
October 31 @ 10:39am
Go to myDNA => Y-DNA => Matches you will find your matches with their details
Tomás Pérez Carrillo Tomás Pérez Carrillo
October 28 @ 11:39am
Good day gentlemen. My name is Alejandra and I administer the big-Y test of the paternal side of my mother's family. We are from Murcia, in Spain. There are records of the Pérez family in the village of Fortuna from the late 1500s, when the village was formed. Kit n 902383, We belong to J-L243. Our end is J_FGC30355. Only match is at 12 level, with Another Pérez in Argentina, that could be direct family, and linked through great grand father.
Tomás Pérez Carrillo
October 30 @ 1:10pm
Since we don't have matches out of our own family, I looked online for J_FG30355. I have found the FTDNA Siepel family,in Germany. Comparing my STR results, we come up pretty close. This makes sense because they are very close subclaves (J-M172, J-FGC30355, and J-L243). Could somebody give me advice in this coincidence? I am familiar with autosomal DNA, but not so much with Y-DNA. Thank you
David Martin David Martin
October 30 @ 11:19am
Sorry, also at the top of this page is J2a-L24-Y-DNA
john reed john reed
October 30 @ 10:51am
Hello. There seems to be a person that shares the J-FCG30324 with me. does this connection mean anything? thank you very much all.
Umair Rana Umair Rana
October 12 @ 10:06pm
just looking for any info on J-Z7700 and its origin. I have been searching about its origin on the internet and found it to be common in Iran, however the results here show otherwise.
Hussain Jabbari
October 14 @ 7:50am
Z7700 in Arabia is concentrated in North and East, these two spots in the past had an overwhelming population of Jews, Chaldeans, and Syriacs
Jacob Metz
October 17 @ 12:35pm
The al-Ahs region is where Umar ibn al-Khattab sent the Jews of Khaibar after they were expelled from the Hijaz.
Jacob Metz
October 17 @ 12:45pm
Interestingly, the Jews of al-Ahsa thrived and eventually gained control over the trade routes and especially the pearl trade. This brought them great wealth and influence. They held so much sway over the region that just before the Balfour agreement, al-Ahsa was being considered as the new homeland of the Jews. The French ambassador wrote to the British government that al-Ahsa would make a great homeland and would be militarily very strategic. I will post a few pictures and links in a separate post
Hussain Jabbari
October 21 @ 9:49am
Some villages in Al-Ahsa till today hold Aramic names, and maybe Hebraic names, in Bahrain island there were a village named "Shabbat" which is Hebraic. Arabs are heavily influenced by Jews, till today the Hebraic name "Nora" is very popular and you would find many Arab girls named Nora.
Jacob Metz Jacob Metz
Harry Dunn Harry Dunn
October 16 @ 12:31pm
Just wanted to jump in and say Thank You to our Admins and Co-Admin for all the behind-the-scenes work that you do! It's appreciated by all but not always mentioned! Thanks!
Jacob Metz
October 17 @ 12:34pm
Thank you