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About us

By specifically studying the L24 subclade of the J2a y-dna haplogroup, we (the co-administrators Kamel Al-Gazzah, Debra Katz, Tim Janzen, and myself (Al Aburto)) hope to make significant progress in understanding our Y-DNA L24 genetic properties, our origins, dispersal, ages, histories, and common genealogy.

We will maintain an active Y-STR phylogenetic tree of J-L24 which we will update periodically. It will be based on 57 & 111 marker haplotypes however as studies have shown that the 67 and above marker haplotypes provide the best resolution and accuracy. 

The best resolution, of course, comes from the BigY-700 which we encourage all members to consider.  If you have done the BigY-500 you can upgrade to the 700 for $249 and it is worth it! Here's a white paper detailing the advantages of the Big Y-700: https://blog.familytreedna.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/big-y-700-white-paper_compressed.pdf

We have other goals too that are very important to us:

  • We value our members privacy which we will protect to the best of our abilities!

  • There are absolutely no political or religious motivations or intentions in what we are doing!

  • Understanding the genetic characteristics and history of our J-L24 clade is our primary scientific goal.

  • We are open to all who are J-L24/L25 candidates or already confirmed as L24/L25.

  • We will not show bias to one group over another!

  • We will treat everyone equally and fairly!

  • We ask however, as a minimum, to enter your most distant known paternal ancestor's country in your and the latitude and longitude of the capitol of that country, in your section. We welcome more information too of course, but country as a minimum is requested.