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About us

Lately, the news has been breaking faster than it can be absorbed...

Thanks to the fact that so many members have done advanced marker testing, Walk on the Y, Geno 2.O, Big Y and FGC Y-testing, not to mention lots of individual SNP explorations!  We have established additional subclades of our main J2a4h subclade and are contributing to genetic history...I will be posting more graphs, charts relevant links and narrative blurbs in 2015 as I get back in the genetic genealogy saddle. (see CAVEAT below)

This page may not be regularly updated but all group members hear from me directly about developments.  So, if you want to know more, join up!  (How's that for a bribe?)

CAVEAT---rumors of the demise of the primary administrator, Debra Katz, are greatly exaggerated but she must admit to having been swamped by her "day job" and thus having less time for genetic genealogy in the last few years.  This has caused her great pain and will be rectified in the months ahead, but meanwhile, if you join and don't hear back right away, please feel free to email her directly to get the connection ball rolling, so to speak: dkbk@sbcglobal.net