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J2a-L26 Levant Matches

Especially Subclades Downstream of L24
  • 328 members

About us

The new developments in genetics are proceeding at a rapid clip!

Thanks to the fact that so many members have done advanced marker testing, Walk on the Y, Geno 2.O, Big Y and FGC Y-testing, not to mention lots of individual SNP explorations!  We have established additional subclades of our main J2a-L24 branch and are contributing to genetic history...I will be posting more graphs, charts relevant links and narrative blurbs later in 2018. (see CAVEAT below)

This page may not be regularly updated but all group members hear from me directly about developments.  So, if you want to know more, join up!  (How's that for a bribe?)

CAVEAT---rumors of the demise of the primary administrator, Debra Katz, are greatly exaggerated!  I am a volunteer administrator, so I must admit that daily life (moving to a new city, handling issues with two college kids etc.) often impinges into my research and analysis time!  I am working on several projects and expect to be able to turn my attention back to this one more fully by mid-2018.

BIG Y FOCUS:  One part of our project I am trying to tackle sooner rather than later is working with folks in the J-L24 Project to see what insights we can extract from the many Big Y tests that are flooding in.  My first focus will be on 10 folks at or downstream of the mutation (SNP) PF4992---that's pretty far down the tree and we may be able to draw some interesting conclusions about recent (last 100-1000 year) migrations between members as well as possible links to ancient ancestors in the Levant ca 500 BCE to 500 CE.   If the process proves useful, we can apply it to other clusters of Big Y takers in the group. 

Meanwhile, I am available for consultation, discussion or shipment of chocolate at any time: d

Deb Katz 
Pacific Beach CA USA