J2a-L26 Levant Matches

Especially Subclades Downstream of L24
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About us

For the Y-DNA numbers info, just go to the tab "DNA RESULTS" on the left-hand column of this website.  However, we have more members than belong to this official FTDNA group and more information than the raw data offers, so I will be posting more information soon to capture our group's full story.

We're in the process of doing our analysis and evaluation, including looking at family histories, geographical influences etc. to assess time back to common ancestors of various branches (and who/where those guys might have been!)...so later in 2017, members will get the gantze megillah (big update) from me directly and/or as link to this website.

Meanwhile, you can always email me at dnadeb@gmail.com  for more information about what we know so far and what we're learning.

MEMBERSHIP: We have biographies on almost all our members and have conducted much additional research to get each family's history as far back as we can...in most cases to the early 1800s or late 1700s.  As of  mid-2017, we have over 200 members, of whom many still match at the 67 and higher marker levels.  Not all members of our clan are joined to this website, but I distribute info to the group directly by email that includes everyone.

May the ancestral force be with us!

Deb Katz