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J2a-L26 Levant Matches

With Primary Focus on Subclades Downstream of J-L24
  • 1097 members

About us


Most members of this Y-DNA project are in the J2a branches under L-26, although there some sub-groups in closely related branches are included. Most members have tested at least 37, 67 and/or 111 markers.  A large percentage have also done the BigY700.  BigY or specific SNP testing is essential if you want to learn the detailed story of your paternal line heritage. 

We organized in 2005 to answer the question of when, where, why and how we all connect. And our common ancestral migration story is shaping up to be nothing short of complex and fascinating!

The group has grown to over 1000 folks and things are getting more interesting by the minute.  For example:

1) Several subclades within this project group are exclusively of Jewish heritage 
      (i.e. if your test results place you on these branches your paternal line ancestry is originally Jewish whether you know it or not!)

     There are special studies going on in these Jewish lineages, including:
  • J2a-FGC4992 (FGC4975 on the YFull DNA Tree) branch descending from a BCE cohanim ancestor in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.
  • J2a-L70's two branches BY268 & FGC39057 [we're also seeing fascinating linkage between L70 Italian, Turkish and ancient Jewish lineages.] 
  • J2a-Z6048--a newly identified Jewish cluster on a brother branch to L26, that is connected with a significant rabbinical lineage (Kukla-Joffe--DeVitry).
  • J2a-L243 Jewish clusters where some BigY upgrading is revealing new branching and connections--co-administrator Dr. Simcha Bohrer heads up this sub-group.
2) The Curious Case of the J-M317 subclade where a group of British and Scandinavian folks are trying to figure out the 1,000+ year story of how their lineages connect and then saunter back to the Levant. 

3) Significant surname lineages are emerging---such as the HOLT and McGOWAN subgroups.

The diverse mix of this project is very valuable as we work towards our goal of identifying our clan's migrations and divergences over the last 500-2500 years.   
Our current members range from all over the globe, including people with paternal origins in Italy, Spain, France, India, Turkey, Arabia, Tunisia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, England...to name just some of the places.  
We focus on religious-ethnic issues only for the purpose of revealing historical patterns and all are welcome here.

So if you are up for a wild ride into a diverse past via a genetic time machine...and your ydna haplogroup is one of the subclades under J2a [M172-M410], please join us!  And feel free to ask questions anytime.

Deb Katz
Volunteer Administrator