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The Ireland yDNA Project welcomes males who have (i) done a y-chromosome DNA test (yDNA test) AND who also have (ii) Irish ancestry on their own paternal line. Transfers of yDNA results from the National Genographic Project (Geno 2.0) are welcome. Transfers of y-haplogroup results from any other DNA companies are not accepted as they are not transferable to FTDNA. Please note that this is a yDNA Project only, therefore members need to have done a yDNA test to be eligible for membership. We focus only on yDNA in this project.

Please use the "Join Projects" link, if you wish to join this project. You will need to send us a request to join and we hope you will take the opportunity to tell us about your paternal line and why you want to join. We them process your request.

Check that you have done a yDNA test and that you have Irish lineage on your own paternal line.

Don't worry if your surname is not listed, all men with Irish ancestry on their paternal line are welcome to join the project provided they do a yDNA test. We can add relevant surnames to the list. [updated September 2021]


Here is a link to Library Ireland's List of Irish Surnames and Clan Names as compiled by Rev. Patrick Woulfe in 1923.

The Smurfit Institute of Genetics did some research a few years ago and produced some interesting research papers under Professor Dan Bradley. has a list of publications.

The relevant papers include:

Genetic investigation of the patrilineal kinship structure of early medieval Ireland  (2008)
The scale and nature of Viking settlement in Ireland from Y-chromosome admixture analysis (2006)
A y-chromosome signature of hegemony in Gaelic ireland (2006)
The Longue Duree of Genetic Ancestry: Multiple Genetic Marker Systems and Celtic Origins on the Atlantic Facade of Europe (2004)


The Ireland  yDNA Project administrators are volunteers and receive no monetary or any other compensation for services or expenses involved with the administration of the Ireland yDNA Project.

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