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The Ireland Y-DNA Project welcomes males ONLY who have done or who intend to do a y-chromosome DNA (yDNA) test through Family Tree DNA and who also have Irish ancestry on their own patrilineal line (your father, his father, his father's father). An autosomal DNA test is not a suitable DNA test. You need a yDNA test. A yDNA test is a prerequisite for membership. Documented evidence of a paternal Irish ancestry in a genealogical time frame (~500 years) or a paternal Irish surname which has an origin in Ireland within the past 1000 years (when many Irish surnames began) or close matches at 67 markers with people who have paternal Irish ancestry is a prerequisite for membership. Very many Irish Surnames now have their own surname project where you will find more details relating to a specific surname. We do ask you to check also to see if there is a surname project for your surname and if so, we ask you join it as well. Perhaps, you would consider setting up a surname project for your surname if none exists? We also suggest you join an appropriate y-haplogroup project. Link to Alex Williamson's Big Y chart: Big Y Tree (R-L21) [updated Sept. 2017]