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The GUTHRIE surname has been in existence for at least 700 years since Squire Guthrie was sent to France to bring William Wallace back to Scotland. The charter for the BARONY of GUTHRIE has been in existence since the time of King David II of Scotland (1324-1371). Burke's 'Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry' indicates that the origins of the Guthrie surname extend back to a time where its earliest writs are unattainable, and thus untraceable before the reign of James II of Scotland.

DNA testing has proven the existence of several different GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS, meaning that they have ancestors of different genetic origins. Some may have descended from the 'Landed Gentry' of historical note. Others may have assumed the GUTHRIE name at a time that surnames came into use during the 10th-12th centuries because they were in some way associated with the family or the location.

Discovering your GUTHRIE DNA will help you to identify if your ancestors belonged to one of the known Colonial American lines, or to a group that can already trace some of its ancestry back to Scotland or Ireland.
Join us as we discover more about our diverse history using the science of DNA to strengthen our genealogical pursuits. Each Guthrie DNA Project participant brings new information. Your DNA could help provide new clues and break down some of those proverbial brick walls in our traditional family research.

Our goal is to gather DNA from each of the known Colonial American Guthrie lineages and those from other immigration destinations around the world in order to properly place them into GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS. This data will be used by Guthrie DNA Project participants to identify their ancestral origins.

We also invite participation from our Guthrie cousins in Great Britain & Ireland to participate in our project. Your close geographic ties to our ancestral homeland could help us learn more about our origins while also letting you discover how far your family genes have traveled.