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About us

The German-speaking area of Europe has always been a crossroad of various ethnic and cultural groups throughout history. This project would like to collect and analyze all of the different genetic contributions of all people whose native language was at some point in the past, or is in the present, German.

Thus, everyone who now, or his/her ancestor in the past, considers German to be his/her Native Language is cordially invited to join this project.


Die deutschsprachigen Gebiete Europas waren schon immer an der Schnittstelle verschiedener ethnischer und kultureller Gruppen. Dieses Projekt möchte die genetischen Beiträge aller Gruppen und Menschen sammeln und analysieren welche die deutsche Sprache in der Vergangenheit zur Muttersprache hatten oder jetzt haben.

Deshalb sind alle recht herzlich eingeladen diesem Projekt beizutreten, welche jetzt Deutsch zur Muttersprache haben, oder ihre väterliche oder mütterliche Abstammungslinie in den deutschen Sprachraum zurückverfolgen können oder dies vermuten.


Please enter the geographical origin of your earliest known direct paternal ancestor. 

To be able to group into regions inside Germany (Deutschland) various haplotypes, haplogroups and surnames in order to compare results within a certain area in Germany using ONLY ancestral German DNA.

To see patterns of similar haplotypes and haplogroups and surnames within Germany.

To be able to recognize when project has many members some typical haplotype values for German regions.

To be able to learn which very early groups
migrated into Germany from which our German DNA comes from.

Note: Initially the project will begin using FTDNA's automated results pages and later more customized results pages are being planned which will provide additional information and content.