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John Dobbs
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Three Y-DNA matches presented with what continues to be an unsolved puzzle. We are hoping that some of you might recognize pieces of one of these families as ancestors of your own or cousin matches from autosomal DNA testing and supply additional clues. More info available. Y-DNA Match, North Carolina. The earliest known ancestor of this match, David Dopp/Dobbs, born c1746-1755 is first found with certainty in North Carolina in 1785, Surry Co, on Capt Kraus’ District tax list, near Maas and Anders, known collateral names. Here the name is spelled Tobb. In 1786 on this list it is spelled Dobbs and Kraus is spelled Krouse. David may have been there a little earlier as he occurs also on a list of “farm owners in Wachovia 1779 and later”. This David was a wheelwright. He appears in Allen, Kentucky by 1810. Y-DNA Match, Dutchess County, New York, Palatine. The Dutchess County, NY, Dop/Dobbs family is documented back to the 1660’s in Medard, Germany. They appear on the Palatine Hunter Lists, to New York 1709. One member of this family, Christian Dobbs, served in the Southern Campaign in the Revolutionary War. His family is well represented on both Patriot and Loyalist sides. We do not find records of him in Canada after the war or evidence of him returning to Dutchess County. We do find records in Louisa County, VA beginning in 1783 for a Christian Dobbs, who we believe is the same man. Y-DNA Match, Louisa County Virginia—Bunch surname. In June of 2018 we learned of a third Y-DNA match. This was significant as it was closely tied geographically to Christian Dobbs of Louisa County, VA. It was unusual in that it was not a Dobbs male, but rather a man of a completely different family surname. Louisa County, VA Dobbs Related Records Deeds Book: J, Page: 334, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas, Grantee: Ore, James, Date: 12-Apr-1802 Plat #: 29 Book: VALG 27:552 Grantee: Ore, James, Date: 13-Mar-1793 Book: F, Page: 247, Grantor: Perkins, Michael & Wineford, Grantee: Ore, James, Date: 10-Sep-1787 Louisa Circuit Court There is also a fragment record of a June 1786 Judgement in the Louisa County Court showing that Christian Dobb placed money for a bond for “Usley Dobs & Fanny Franes for an assault on Ann Guthrie”. We believe the bond to be for his wife Ursula and (her sister?) Fanny. Louisa County Tithables Christian Dobbs appears in the 1785 for Trinity & Fredericksville Parish along with many Bunch and Farris names Thomas Gutherie appears in the 1785 Fredericksville Parish William Gutherie and Joseph Lively appear in an undated list, which due to the “list taken by” noted is identified as one of the missing lists from 1776-1779. John Lively appears in Trinity Parish 1770. Louisa County, VA Dobbs Family Register Christian Dobbs, b 19 Nov, bp 27 Nov 1748, Dutchess Co, NY, son of Martin Dop and Maria Barbara (d/o Christian Bergh and Anna Maria Wollevan), mar Jan 1783, in Fluvanna Co VA, Ursuley Frances. Christian Dobbs and Ursula Francis Children: 1. David, born 1783, married 11 Jan 1807, Fluvanna Co, VA, Polly/Mary Lively. Blacksmith. Children: a. Son 1 b c1809, perhaps Johnson Dobbs, b1809, also a blacksmith b. Dau 1 b c1811 perhaps Elizabeth Louisa. c. Dau 2 b c1813 (mark is gone in 1840) d. Dau 3 b c1815 perhaps Melvina. e. Dau 4 b c1817 f. Dau 5 b c1820/21 g. Christian b c1823/4 Louisa Co VA, miller, enlisted US Army June 1846, d 28 Feb 1849 at the mouth of the Rio Grande h. Richard b c1827 i. Son 4 b 1830 dy j. Margaret b c1835 2. Rebecca, born c1788, married Aug 1820, VA, Washington Sprouse Bondsman, Sylvanus Meeks. Apparently related to James and Kezia (Lowery) Sprouse, Anderson Sprouse, Garland Sprouse and William Sprouse. 3. A son born c1791, appears as a mark with dau Nancy in 1830, no further record 4. Sarah born c1793, married Sylvanus Meeks 29 Dec 1817, Fluvanna Co, VA. Marriage records notes Christian Dobbs as Sarah’s father. Children (Meeks): a. John C b c1821. Bricklayer. b. Eliza born 1824. Appears to have married a Ross and had one daughter Sarah c. Mary born 1826. Still unm in 1870. d. Son 2, born 1828-1830. perhaps the Hercini Meeks or Henry M Meeks we find living with John C Meeks in 1850, also bricklayers. 5. A son born c1796, one of the marks in Nancy’s 1830 home. No further record. 6. Nancy born c1799, married Richard Johnson c1830. She died 8 May 1861, Louisa, Louisa, VA, age 62. Children (Johnson): a. Colin b1831 b. Lewis b 1834 c. George W b 1836 d. Benjamin b 1838 Bunch DNA Match Going back to the earliest documented ancestor of the Y-DNA Bunch match, George G. Bunch, the most likely possibility appears to be that he was the son of Elizabeth Bunch, who was the daughter of David Bunch II and Judith Bunch. David and Judith were first cousins. If this theory is correct, then George G. Bunch was born about a decade before his mother Elizabeth's marriage (1825) to David Eastham; George would be the "male under 10" enumerated in the 1820 census with his mother (presumably) and Bunch grandparents in Louisa County, and would likely also be the male age 10-15 listed in David Eastham's Louisa County household in 1830. That year the David Eastham household is enumerated two doors away from David Dobbs’ (presumed son of Christian Dobbs) home. Bunch Family Research Looking only at this narrow piece of the Bunch family, we were able to quickly see a close geographical relationship. In the Louisa County 1790’s poll lists near Christian Dobbs we find the following, all surname Bunch (the number of hits are noted after each name.): Anderson 2, Ch’s 1, Charles 3, David 2, Geo 3, George 1, Nath.l 1, Nathl 1, Paul 4, Saml 2, Tho 2, Tho.s 1, Thomas 1. On these poll lists there are two entries for a William Farris, another surname that is also Bunch-related. In the Louisa County Will book there is a Febea/Feebea Bunch witnessing will of Gilbert Gibson, proved 1764. Elizabeth Bunch, dau of David & Judith Bunch Elizabeth was born c1793, Louisa County, VA and died 17 Jun 1860, Louisa, Louisa, VA. She married David Eastham 17 Nov 1825, Louisa County, VA. David was the son of John Eastham, born c1801 and died 3 May 1871, Fluvanna County, VA. After she died, David married second Lucy ( ). Elizabeth (Bunch) Eastham had the following children: 1. George G Bunch, b c1815 (the target of this joint family study, but his link to Elizabeth is not yet conclusively documented). Born Feb 1814, died 30 Jul 1880 and is buried with wife and son Willie at Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, VA. He married Frances A. Lawrence 2 Sep 1841, Augusta County VA. Children (Bunch): a. George H b 1843 Augusta Co VA b. Mary M b 1847 Augusta Co VA c. Millard F b 1857 Augusta Co VA d. Willie Lee b 1863 Augusta Co VA 2. John B Eastham, born 1828, died July 1869, Southern District, Louisa, VA. He was a doctor. He married 4 Oct 1858, Anna E Pettus. No known children. 3. Julia (or Judith) Ann Eastham, born c1830, married Sep 1859 Edward Eastham, son of James and Rachael Eastham. He was born c1827, Albemarle Co, VA. Children (Eastham): a. Bettie A born c1864 b. Willie born c1867 c. George born 1870.
Gus Pfeiffer Gus Pfeiffer
October 20 @ 11:30am
My name is Gus Henry Pfeiffer III. My g-g-grandfather was Henry Charles (or Heinrich Carl) Pfeiffer whose birthplace in several U.S. censuses was Germany or Prussia. He was born on 28 Jan 1839. He was a tinsmith and later became a rancher. In his will (died in San Antonio TX on 7 Aug 1921), he left $1,000 to his brother in Muhlhausen and $500 to his sister Mary Mueller in St. Louis, MO. HIs brother's name was Christel. On his death certificate, one of his sons listed his father's name as H.R. Pfeiffer and his mother's name as Eva or Ena Weiss. Does anyone know of this Pfeiffer family in Muhlhausen?
Robert Dazet
13 hours ago
Hello Gus, you have a some good information to start your German research -- the name of the town, Muhlhausen, Thuringen, and possible name of your ancestors mother and father. If you know your great great grandfather's faith, you can search for church records. You might need to find the correct parish for the general area of Muhlhausen and write an inquiry. Many records are online so check When you search try various spellings. For example, I think your surname is typically spelled Pfeifer in Germany and Carl often is spelled Karl. Looking at Geogen, I see that Pfeifer is quite a common surname in Germany. I actually have the Pfeifer name in my tree,. They lived in Thalfang, Rhineland Pfalz. Have you done Y-DNA or autosomal DNA testing here at FTDNA or one of the other testing companies? That would be helpful in finding clues and information about your family. Look for a surname project for Pfeiffer. Hopefully someone here can add information that will be of help to your research.
Wade Kotter
10 hours ago
Here's information on places named Mühlhausen from Meyer's gazetteer: Notice that there were 34 places named Mühlhausen in Germany in 1912 when this edition of the gazetteer was published. Assuming that Robert is correct that the Mühlhausen you're referring to is the city in Thüringen, here is the appropriate entry: At that time, Mühlhausen had 2 Catholic and 9 Evangelical (aka Protestant/Lutheran) churches. So searching for church records might not be so easy unless you know whether they were Catholic or Protestant. Also, the fact that in 1921 his brother was living in Mühlhausen doesn't mean that's where their family originated but it certainly is a possibility. One important thing to note is that in 1839. Mühlhausen was located in the Prussian Province of Saxony (Sachsen). In 1871 the Province of Saxony became part of the German Empire. The modern Free State of Thuringia was not established until 1921 after this region was for a short time part of the Weimar Republic. It's important to understand these complications when doing genealogical research in this area. Here are a couple of Wiki links that might be helpful:
Robert Flachs Robert Flachs
Yesterday at 1:45pm
Just came across something that is anecdotal but interesting. The oldest ancient skeleton I match is a Roman soldier from Munich dated to 300 AD. My ancestry traces to a town named Mudau in Germany which still has remains from the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes. Apparently this was an area where goods would be transported up the Neckar river and then taken over land to Main river as a shortcut. Now the coincidental part, this is the flag of Scheidental which is part of this German town, a Roman soldier!
Jay Kemp
Yesterday at 3:16pm
Robert, do you have a link to the ancient skeleton that I can read about ? I'm following a pathway similar to your post. Thanks, Jay
Robert Flachs
24 hours ago
The link to the paper is in this forum post the sample is labeled FN_2 and also in yfull as G-Z40854.
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Cynthia Pickett
Yesterday at 10:58pm
Hello cousin!
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
October 18 @ 9:48pm
Šabanović Surname; IN66967 Sabanovic Montenegro I-P109 IN66967 Sabanovic Stubo(Stubla)-Bijelo Polje Montenegro I-P109,16.8374434,5.02z/ Sabanovic Surname. Approximately 995 people bear this surname MOST PREVALENT IN: United States HIGHEST DENSITY IN: Sweden Question is; Could the surname 'Sabanovic', and the I-P106 surname, come from Sweden to Montnegro, to become the surname 'Šabanović'? The answer is; it could easily be so. He can not be any worst than those Debatable Lands, 'Little', of the Liddel Water which move onto County Fermanagh, Ulster Plantation, Ireland, before 1630, which are in his I-L205 group. Group 5: I-L205+ and I-A5572+ 11330 Little England I-A14140 41714 Little England I-A5572 Judge's name in my case of Star Valley, AZ, USA was Dorothy Little; (Star Valley, AZ, USA, no longer has photo radar). Never mine those Border Elliott with that 'Proto-Germanic' R-U106 in them. added later; 10-19-2019 Would not measure without knowledge of accuracy, and precision. Would not triangulate off an angel and give measurement to the nearest hundredth of a foot; Would rely on measurement off a Base and Meridian land survey to the nearest hundredths of a foot, and documentation from the Family History Library about a block towards the west for information on my family's history; Many 'Elliot', 'Glendinning' of the Glendinning Water, and 'Little' of the Liddel Water, on the Scottish Borders carry a R-L193
Mark Elliott
October 20 @ 9:52am
Metko Sabanovic, DNA, and name likely came from Sweden. DNA and surnames can also be used to show viking Leif Erickson came to America. DNK i ime vjerojatno su došli iz Švedske. DNK prezimena također se može koristiti kako bi se pokazalo da je viking Leif Erickson došao u Ameriku.
Metko Sabanovic Metko Sabanovic has a question!
October 18 @ 4:37pm
Metko Sabanovic Kit No. IN66967 My DNA results are sameone already removed from this projekt .I wonder why
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
October 18 @ 11:48am
Harold Hertlein Harold Hertlein
October 16 @ 11:10am
Hello, I am Harold Hertlein. I did the Y DNA test and you were a genetic match to me. I am looking for some help locating my ancestors who came from Germany. Although I was born and raised in the United States, I know that my 3rd great grandfather came from Germany, and we believe that he was born in 1817 in the area of Unterelsbach, Germany. His name was George Frederick Hertlein. His wife, who was also born in Germany in 1824, was Maria Katherine Biegler. Although our family has detailed information about George after he traveled to the area of Sandusky Ohio in the United States, we have not been successful in finding out about his life in Germany. We would like to locate where, exactly, George was born, and where he lived in Germany. If possible, we would like to find out about his parents also. Any genology help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. My email is
Mark Elliott
October 16 @ 12:24pm
Intelligence sheet and weekly scoreboard of the royal Bavarian city of Augsburg : 1843 Georg Friedrich Hertlein, Product Handler.
Robert Dazet
October 16 @ 11:26pm
Doing a search I find a Oberelsbach which is in Franken, a northern district of Bavaria. Several tips in researching your German family: Know their faith, it was important to most people back then. Also, in 1824, there was no Germany, only many smaller Herzogtums, Duchies, Kingdom. So you would need to know if Untereslbach was in Bavaria, Prussia Hessen, Baden, Alcase, Württemberg, etc. Church records are a good source of information so you ave to know his fatih. Northern Germany was likely mostly Lutheran, Bavaria Catholic, and Southwestern Germany mixed, Lutheran and Catholic. That is only a general rule there are exceptions of course. Then work back generation by generation staring with known ancestors/family. Do yo know what port he arrived in in North America and were he settled? Germans are very good record keepers. Many Lutheran records are available online at and Catholic records I'm not sure about, You may have to write to the Catholic Dioces for the are your family lived. Make sure when you search you try all sorts of spelling variations for Herlein. Do you know if your ancestor changed the spelling when he arrived. These are some things to consider for your research. I'm not sure who your addressing this post to, hopefully that person responds to you. Sometimes German immigrants brought church records with them which they provided to the priest at their new church. Check for that type of record. Hope this helps a little. Oh, also use geogen to see the distribution in German of the name Hertlein. Try different spellings
Wade Kotter
October 17 @ 10:15am
Here's the Geogen map for Hertlein: Robert, there is a small community named Unterelsbach just a few km south of Oberelsbach. Here are entries for these two places from Meyer's gazetteer: At the time Meyer's Gazetteer was published, Unterelsbach and Oberelsbach each had one church, a Catholic Parish. This suggests that looking for Catholic parish records would be your best bet. A good starting point would be this wiki page:,_Germany_Genealogy Details on search Church Records in Germany can be found here:,_German_Empire_Church_Records Edit: for the first and third "wiki" links above you will need to copy the entire link text and paste it into your browser. Clicking on the won't work.