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About us

Welcome to the Germany-YDNA = German Language Area DNA Research Project! The German-speaking area of Europe has always been a crossroad of various ethnic and cultural groups throughout history. This project would like to collect and analyze all of the different genetic contributions of all people whose native language was at some point in the past, or is in the present, German. Thus, everyone who knows, or his/her ancestor in the past, considers German to be his/her Native Language is cordially invited to join this project. Please do provide us below with details about your earliest known patrilinear (= direct male line of descent) ancestor, and, if available, please email the administrator a pedigree chart or documentation/description of your German ancestry after having joined the project. If known, please provide us below with the name, the date, & location of your earliest known patrilinear European ancestor. If you have already been tested, please click on the 'Join Projects' link on your personal page at FTDNA. Facebook group (English): Facebook group (German):