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NEW!   G-L497v2 SNP Pack test: to be released  MARCH 2019 (date pending)

Includes 160 SNPs [many of which were NOT in the previous G-L497 SNP pack]

Many NEW SNP branches under G-L497  have been discovered in BigY testing over the last two years - this new SNP panel includes a majority of branches associated with previously-known and newly-discovered SNPs under G-L497 !

This test panel is targeted specifically to better categorize persons who are in the G-L497 project  

Top-level SNPs and smaller branches:

L43 branch:

Z16775 branch:

CTS4803 branch:

For additional information or testing guidance, contact:

Rolf Langland, Project Administrator


SNP Reference: http://isogg.org/tree/ISOGG_HapgrpG.html

March 2019


Dear Project Members (FTDNA G-L497 Project):

Procedure to orderthe G-L497v2 SNP Pack:

On your FTDNA home page, click the blue Upgrade box.

  1. Click on “BuyNow”, under Advanced Tests.

  2. Under TestType Marker, select SNP Pack.

  3. Click on to the right of “G-L497v2 SNP Pack”.

  4. Click the orange box, “Order Now”.

  5. If a message now appears that says your kit“does not meet prerequisites for G-L497v2 SNP Pack, ignore the message and click the blue box, “Order G-L497v2 SNP Pack.”  The warning message about “prerequisites” is not valid.

  6. Proceed to checkout.

We hope that many G-L49v2 project members will consider ordering the new G-L497v2 SNP pack, which evaluates about 160 SNPs specific to our project, including many new SNPs discovered from BigY testing in project members over the past two years.  If you have not done a BigY or are not planning to do a BigY, the G-L497v2 SNP pack is the most efficient method to find out if you are in one of the newly-discovered SNP branches of the G-L497project.

If you are interested in the G-L497v2 SNP Pack, but are not sure if it is the right test for you or have trouble with placing a test order, the project volunteer administrators are available for assistance and to answer any questions you may have.   

Best Regards,

Rolf Langland

G-L497 Volunteer Project Administrator